How to Access Safe Mode in Windows 8, 7 and Vista

How To Access Safe Mode In Windows 8, 7 And Vista:

Safe Mode is a special mode in the windows which is used to fix the errors and fix the windows issue. When an virus or corrupted files injected the windows then you can use this Safe Mode in order to protect your windows.


He is some information which is very useful to you that is when you boot up your Windows in Safe mode then it only uses some main files and programs that is required to log in to the Windows. By using this Safe mode in your Windows you will only have access to few Windows programs and functions. The display drivers also doesn’t works while using the Safe mode and it only loads some basic video drivers from your windows. In Many Windows the Safe mode can be easily accessed by pressing the F8 key. But if this method does not work on your Windows PC, don’t worry because to day i am going to teach you that How you can access Safe mode in your Windows 8, 7 and Vista.

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Step By Step Procedure To Access Safe Mode In Windows 8, 7 And Vista:

The below procedure is for windows 7/8/xp. So if you are using windows 7/8/xp and want to use safe mode then follow the procedure.
  • First go to Start button and type msconfig in the start search and then hit enter.
  • Now a new system configuration will be opened in a dialog box.
  • Then in the system configuration window, select the Boot tab.
  • Now in the Boot tab, select the Boot Options section.
  • Now in the Boot Options section, put a check on the Safe Boot Option.
  • Now click on Apply and Ok button.
  • After that a new pop up will be opened in which you have to click on Restart in order to save the changes work.
  • Now Restart your Pc.
  • Then automatically windows will go directly to the Safe Mode.
  • That’s it you have done.

So in this format you can go to the safe mode of windows. So when you enter in to the safe mode you can easily remove the virus and corrupted file as i mentioned in the above lines.


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