How To Access Safe Mode In Windows xp.

How To Access Safe Mode In Windows XP:

As i mentioned that Safe mode is used to Fix the Errors and fix the issues of the windows. Safe mode in windows is also used to fix the corrupted files in windows in order to prevent the windows from the virus. So i have already written an article on “How to Access Safe Mode In Windows 7/8/vista“, But today i am going to teach you “How to Access Safe Mode in windows Xp“. 


So people who are using Windows 7/8/vista and want to use Safe mode then click here to access safe mode. People who are using windows xp and want to use the Safe mode in their windows xp go through the below procedure.

Step By Step Procedure To Access Safe Mode In Windows XP:

Here is the detail step by step procedure about “How to access Safe Mode in windows xp“.
  • First click on Start Menu and then click on Run Command.
  • Now in Run command, type msconfig and press enter.
  • After entering, a System Configuration Utility windows will appear.
  • In System Configuration Utility window, select the Boot.INI tab
  •  Then in the Boot Options, Put a check on the /SafeBoot Option.
  • Now a new pop up dialog box will appear, click on Restart in order to save the changes work.
  • That’s it you have Done.  




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