Adsterra Review – One of the Best Pop under Ad Network

If you are an owner of a company or a brand and you are stuck while promoting your brand then you are following a wrong lane. Bad advertising and publishing are definitely going to affect ROI of your brand in long run. The things which can make earn you lot of profit are good advertising and publishing of your brand. But if you are lacking in that, you can refer to Adsterra Network. It is a digital advertising company which is going to help you in increasing ROI of your company with the help of our performance-based solutions. 


The best part of Adsterra affiliate network is its 24 hours support. You will get the assistance of the Personal account manager which will assist you every now and then for enhancing your performance. Let’s see how the affiliate program is good for advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers Program by Adsterra:

You have a wonderful brand but unfortunately, you are not able to connect with your audience effectively. If this is bothering you, then you can take help of Adsterra smart advertising solution which will help you in increasing your brand’s awareness and marketing ROI. With Adsterra’s advertising solution you will get access to about 4000+ Direct Publishers. Sales are likely to improve on the whole. You will be getting good performance and above which good payment model will be added on. The program will be integrated with the mobile system also. The visitors who will be visiting your site for the first time will definitely see your brand ads later on. Information about your products gets stored in the cache of the visitor’s browser. Becoming Adsterra Advertiser is definitely going to be plus point for your business.

Targeting and Retargeting: 

Smart targeting is one of Adsterra advertising solutions. It will target the audience on various parameters like Geo& Language, Browser, Advanced Mobile, and Operating System and through keywords. Re-targeting is a part and parcel of advertising. It will help you in converting visitors into your customers. As per one study, only 2% of first-time traffic is converted into profits. With the help of Adsterra, you will be ahead of your competitors. The process of visitor conversion to Customer with intermediate stages of Lead and Prospect will be a dream come true. Adsterra is going to place a small code on your website so that a cookie will get saved on viewer’s browser when he will be visiting your site the first time. He can then later see those ads and come back to your site.

Ads Formats: 

Adsterra provides best and effective ad format for providing best ROI. It will be compatible with both mobile as well as desktop. In the desktop, you will get various options for ads like display Banners, Popunders, Interstitials, direct links and video banners. Popunder ads f.e. will be hidden behind the main browser window and will come into picture when the customer will close all windows. In the mobile section, the added format is same as that of the desktop with some additional options like Sticky footer and Push-up ads.

Adsterra’s Program for Publishers :

All publishers can register with Adsterra and can place a simple code on their website and earn a lot of profit. You can get high CPM rates. With Adsterra’s solution, you will get safe ads. These will provide you security against bad malware and ads through the third party detection system. You can improve the profits by improving the ad format. Adsterra can help you by providing perfect ads format. You are definitely going to get your payment on time with the help of NEFT15 Policy.

Referral program:
You can invite your friends to join Adsterra Network as an Adsterra Publisher and in turn, you can get reward points. You can do it by just signing up with your email address and some details. You can get 5% of the revenue generated by Publishers on Adsterra which you had referred to lifelong. Isn’t it amazing? Provide one referral and get lifelong profits. Go for it and earn a lot while referrals.

Upcoming Events: 

You can meet the team of Adsterra on upcoming events. Some events are Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, USA on 7-9 January 2018 and Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok. So, don’t miss these events. These are definitely going to help you in long run.

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