Why Won’t My AirPods Charge? How to Fix Charging Issues!

Apple Airpods are the best pair for the ears, where it is not only the wireless earbuds but also through it you can control your entire life, which enables you to make the phone call, you can play your favorite playlist, and you can use the Siri. Whatever, you can troubleshoot some of the errors with this technology. And one of the most common issues is the Air pod case not charging.

Many of them are reported that we came across some sort of bug in the apple Airpods, where one of the issues might be battery drainage and Airpod case not charging, which is one of the issues many of the users are facing. As we don’t know the current numbers of the users affected, but this goes on the controversy, without the problem that was affecting the number of the users.

airpod case not charging

Due to the software glitches, the problem is unknown but it drains the battery percentage and in some cases, the battery is draining very quickly actually it should be. After the full charge, they are noticing that the battery drains to 50%-30% in just a few hours. So, in this article, we will try to resolve this by performing the troubleshooting methods.

How to fix Airpods Not Charging?

Apple Airpods are designed to charge themselves independently inside the Cases. But when you found that the case doesn’t perform the action actually that it would be, then you need to perform the below-given troubleshooting methods. Follow the given below steps to do so.

The case needs to be Charged

Before you are trying to buy the Airpods make sure that the wireless charging should be supported by the Case. You may sure if it is wireless charging, by seeing the LED light on the case, which can be charged wireless, and if the light is inside the Cases then it doesn’t support wireless charging.

Then for the wireless charging Airpods are charged inside the case, which comes with an in-built battery inside the case. You might need to charge the case if incase Airpods case not charging. Into the connector plug the Lightning cable and then plug the other ends into the wall charger or to the USB. Until it is fully charged wait for a couple of hours.

Reset the Airpod Case

If the AirPods case not charging or airpod pro case not charging, then the next troubleshooting method that you need to perform is Resetting your AirPods case. As the resetting, the Airpods case, will clear the Operating system and helps you to fix the issue airpod pro case not charging. It is not necessary all the time but it is the best thing to do. Follow the below-given steps to do so.

airpod pro case not charging

  • On the back of your case, press and hold the setup button.
  • Leave the button, when you found the light flashes the Amber, then it flashes the white light.
  • After resetting, the battery case should charge now.

Even after resetting the Airpods case, if still, the error exists, then you need to clean the Airpods and case which is the cause of the issue Reairpod pro case not charging

Clean the Airpods and Case

Clean of your Airpods and the Case is the First and foremost troubleshooting method, that you need to perform if you have my problem with Airpods. Then if your AirPods consist of dust, dirt, and things that cover the metal that causes the trouble. So, cleaning the dirt with the dry cotton swab into the AirPods may help you get rid of this problem.

why is my airpod case not charging

But you have to caution, that first, you need to unplug the power source or even avoid using the har pr the soft material as it may damage the metal surface when you are trying to clean it.  TO do so Follow the given steps.

  • Get the Toothpick or the Static brush.
  • Scrap the dirt slowly from the Case.
  • After cleaning, connect your lightning cable to the case, so that it can charge.

If the cleaning of the Airpods and the case doesn’t help you to fix the issue AirPod case not charging or AirPods Case Not Charging, then you need to perform the below-given steps.

Check the Cable and its Connection

You may also come across the issue airpod case not charging or airpod pro case not charging,  the problem also comes with the Cable, so, try to use the Airpods cable instead of the duplicate or the cable that is not the Apple cable. So, if you are using fake cables that you need to replace them with Apple. Still, you are encountering the error AirPods Case Not Charging even after using apple’s cable then you need to analyze that the problem comes with the Port.

AirPods Case Not Charging

You can unplug the cable and then plug it back in again when there is nothing happening. And another reason the may cause the error might be is from the power outlet. And then you need to check if the source is working properly, by testing it by plugging the other devices into the source. And if you found that the other devices are charging well that the source is working properly. Then you get to know the reason for this problem.

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Remove the cover of the Airpods

Cover on your Airpods might be preventing your case from charging, where many of the AirPods users use it to protect their AirPods from dirt.  Then cover might probably interfere with the power and prevent it from charge as the cover is bulk and thick.

airpods case not charging no light

Thus it is better to remove the cover when it is charging. And then check if the Airpods cases are charging properly after the removal of the cover.

Contact the Apple Support

If the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods don’t help you to fix the issue, then you need to contact Apple support and then tell the problem that you are facing. They will analyze your problem and contact you within a short period.

airpods case not charging but airpods are

Sometimes the damage may be caused due to the shipping or in the packing, if this the reason then they might replace your object with the new one, especially, when you are holding the warranty for the object.


The above troubleshooting methods will help you to resolve the issue Airpod case not charging. Just follow according to the steps given in the Guide & solve your airpod issue. Hope you find this article helpful. If you have any doubt feel free to text us and stay tuned to Basictricks for more updates.

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