How to Fix Airpods Mic Not Working Issue? Just 6 Steps to Fix!

Several reasons might cause the issue AirPods mic not working or troubling using the microphones on your AirPods, as there might be the dust in the holes of the earphones, or due to the incorrectly configured settings or even the glitches or minor errors are a few of the reasons.

As many of the users have been facing issues lately with the Aiprods that the mics are not working. While AirPods are handy tech gadgets that enable you to listen to music, callings and even you can sync your iPhone, iPad, and mac.

airpods mic not working

AirPods mic not working or it doesn’t seem to be reconnecting is one of the most common issues which have been faced by many Airpod users. If you are the one who faces the issue then you might be going through this article where we going to discuss fixing the issue by performing the troubleshooting methods.

How to Fix AirPods microphone not working?

As we have discussed above that, several reasons that encounter the issue might be the dust in the holes of the Airpods and incorrect configuration settings, and many more are the reasons that stop your microphone from not working.

If you have unclear sounds on your airpods and you don’t even pick it up at all. Here we have listed the tips or the troubleshooting methods that help you fix the issue with the wireless earbuds.

Replace the Airpods into the Case

If you have found that your Airpods are not working, then in such cases replace your AirPods into the Case. As the establishment of a fresh connection to your iPhone may help you to get rid of the error of AirPods microphone not working or airpods mic not working.

airpods mic not working on pc

As it helps many of the Airpods users to fix the issue of the airpods mic not working, All you have to do is to put your earbuds back into the charging case and after moments and then take them out again.

Clean the Dirt on your Airpods

The holes of the Airpods might be covered with dirt as you are using the Airpods for several years. Then you need to clean the dirt that is stored in the Airpods. To do so follow the steps that are listed below.

most common AirPods problems

  • Spray the Cotton swab with the rubbing alcohol(note: don’t get it too wet).
  • And gently rub on the microphone holes with the help of the cotton swab to the bottom of the AirPods to get rid of any junk.
  • With the help of the toothpicks or a pair of tweezers, take out the particles.

while you are cleaning the Airpods extreme care should be taken, not to damage the mesh grill of your microphones.

Check the settings of the Active Microphone

It is possible as it is down to your settings if you can use only the single AirPods or microphone. To determine if your settings are configured to use both the mics, so you need to check the active microphone settings of your Airpods. Follow the given below steps to check the settings of the Active Microphone.

  • Head to the settings.
  • Now, select Bluetooth, and then next to your Airpods, tap on the Info icon.

airpods mic not working zoom

  • After tapping on the Microphone, then enable the option “Automatically Switch Airpods”. Let your Airpods determine the most suitable microphone to be used.

airpods mic not working android

You will be only using the microphone on your left or the right AirPods, from either of the other two settings, if you put the wrong earbud into the charging case then that may cause trouble or in the problem or as the active microphone, then there might be the background noise from the same direction.

Update the Firmware of Airpods

The microphone may not work properly it may encounter issues as your Firmware is outdated as it tends to arise the issue airpods mic not working or AirPods microphone not working, then in such cases, you might need to update your Airpods Firmware. To do so follow the given below steps.

AirPods microphone not working

  • First, you need to head to the settings.
  • In settings, go to the General and then select About > Airpods.
  • In the Airpods option, look at your current version of the Firmware.

If you have found that your Airpods firmware is outdated then you need to update the firmware to the latest version. To do so, to the charging source connect your AirPods and then leave them next to your iPods which are connected to the Internet.  And then after 30 minutes check it again and it updates your AirPods.

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Restart your Airpods

If you still encountering the issue even after performing the above troubleshooting methods, then there is no need to worry. Then try restarting your AirPods. You can start the rest by placing the Airpods into the Charging case and in the smart case. On the charging case, press and hold the Status button or in choice both the noise control buttons and the digital crown on the Airpods max., then you have to reset them.

airpods mic not working windows 10

After resetting, then you have to take off the Airpods max from the Same case or open the charging case, next on your iPhone and then tap on the Connect > Then on the Done.

Repair your Airpods or Go for the Replacement

Even after performing the above troubleshooting methods and still found that your microphones of your AirPods not working properly, then you might need to replace or repair the Airpods. As you found that your Airpods have fallen to the ground, then it might end up damaging the microphones.

airpods mic not working on calls

If this is the case then you need to contact the Apple store to repair or replace the Airpods. So, you can go through the AirPods Service and Repair to get more information about this.


The above-discussed methods help you fix the issue most common AirPods problems or AirPods mic not working. Hope if you find this article helpful. If you have any doubts feel to text us in the comment section and stay tuned to Basictricks for more updates.

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