Amazon Refer and Earn Trick

Amazon Refer and Earn: My dear friend, today I am going to tell you again something new and the secret of earning money in front of you. Nowadays everyone gives online orders, everyone makes some income from Refer and earn, but that income remains a limited total of 100 or 200.

Like Rs.25 in Paytm refer and earn was available on opening a new account. But from what I am going to tell you today, you can earn Rs.150 at least once. You must have heard the name of Amazon, this name is everywhere these days. Nowadays it is also its own shop.

amazon refer and earn trick

Everyone keeps ordering something from Amazon but do you know if you buy something for Rs.200, you will get Rs.225 again, isn’t it funny. With Amazon Refer and earn, you can earn 300, 400, 600, and even more when there is Diwali, New Year, Holi, Durga Puja, and other Amazon Sale.

What is Amazon Refer & Earn

amazon pay refer and earn

1. Amazon Refer & Earn There are two words here, one is Refer and the other is Earn. Refer means to indicate or you can understand that to tell someone.
2. And in another way you can also understand that order from online and earn money.

How to earn money with Amazon Refer and Earn

1. First, go to on a web browser and click on the “Sign in” option on the homepage.

2. If you have already opened an account in Amazon, then there is no need to create a new account.

what is amazon refer and earn

3. Now login to, after that the entire bottom of the home page of Amazon will be written Refer and Earn Rs. 150, click on it.

what is amazon refer and earn

4. Now the page that will open will have Invitation and share your link.

5. Invitation and share your link will be “0” in earned, this means that till now you have not made any income.

6. Now in Invitation, enter the email id of the person whom you want to order by Invite (Refer).

7. Now click on invite.

8. Now a mail will have come on the mail id of the email id you have invited, open that mail, there will be Amazon’s mail, that mail will have Amazon’s sign-up link.

9. Now click on that link.

10. Now Amazon’s sign-up page will open, create a new account in it.

11. But keep in mind that in sign up, use the same mail id on which Amazon’s sign up link came.

12. Now it is time to place an order from the newly opened account and the order amount is more than 200 (order can be anything but should be more than 200).

13. 150 will arrive on your Amazon wallet within 30 days of placing the order.

14. And 75 on the newly opened account.

15. Income of 150+75=225 on 200.

Now, this was straight, without any light and logic. This is how you can earn from Amazon Refer and Earn. Now I will tell how you will earn 3000 to 4000

How to earn 3000 to 4000 quickly with Amazon Refer and Earn Trick

1. First of all create 10 to 15 email id so that you can place maximum order.

2. Now increase your name in your friend circle, college, relative at home, in the village by the name of online guru (brother not necessary to be known by any name, I meant to speak here that your identity is barriers) so that everyone is yours. Will speak to place an order online.

3. When you start getting orders, then place a new order from each mail id in the above way and earn 225 in order of 200.

4. In this way, people also have to make a lot of owls, trust as much as they have so that next time when they have to order, they will tell you, brother, have to order a new mobile, just have a look and tell them to order.

5. And there is such a way that you tell him that if I give the order, then you will get 75 miles on hearing this, your friend or anyone will be happy and will soon agree to give the order. There will be no loss for you, but your earnings will be reduced to 150 instead of 225, but it doesn’t matter if nothing else, 150 is right.

6. Friends, order a product with good features and good quality, to make the customer happy (cheap, beautiful, and strong).

7. Remember to place an order means not to snatch the order and don’t raise the matter of income at all when you get someone’s order, it reduces your demand.

8. In your friend circle, you have to look as if you are not getting any benefit, I only order like this, otherwise he is also a human being, greed is there in everyone.

9. Many times you will not get orders from your friends but your net pack and time will definitely be wasted, remember that the fruit of patience is sweet. (Sometimes we will meet you).

10. If you live in the village then you will become rich because villagers do not know much about online, mobile order comes more in the village, you are the only player of online then through Amazon refer and earn You can earn a lot of income.

11. If you do like this in three to four months, you can earn 10 to 15 Amazon refer and earn income, then you can earn up to 2250 to 3500.

12. Or make a partner who will bring you an order.


Whatever I have written today is my own experience, we all do some work to earn money and earn money and if you want to earn money without physical effort, then you have to strengthen your brain and logical power. You must have to invest it, you must have heard one thing that money is a game of brain.

That’s what I have written in the second part of this article. Follow some of my methods and send some of yours and earn money by Amazon Refer and earn. If you still have any doubts, then comment below. Follow us on Basictricks for more related posts.

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