Awario Review – Track your Audience in an Easy Way

It often becomes difficult to find a certain piece information that might be hidden somewhere on the web. You might find it hard to find any relevant information about the least popular keywords on the internet. Do we have any tool that can help us in overcoming from this situation? Yes, we do. Awario is a newly launched tool that helps you in finding the latest mentions about a specific keyword anywhere on the web. Let us know more about this tool ahead.


About Awario:

Awario is awesome social media management software which lets you find the mentions on social media and around the web. It doesn’t rely on the solitary 3rd-Party providers to fetch you the latest mentions unlike most of the monitoring platforms. Awario crawls over 13 billion pages including the APIs every day to find the recent mentions about certain product/keyword. You can easily target the newer audience by mouth marketing and join new conversations following the mentions on the web. The businesses can utilize this software efficiently to increase their customer read and spread brand awareness. 


Ultimate Features of Awario:

Awario can turn out to be an efficient solution for the big brands as well as the individuals to find the mentions about their products or keywords and enhance their productivity. Some of the exaggerating features of this stunning social media tool are listed alongside.

Get Social insights in Real Time with Non-Stop Monitoring:

The people usually talk about your keywords/brands around the world. Awario comes handy in finding the mentions about your keywords/products in multiple languages across the world. It will search just every corner of the web and will notify you about the mentions of your keywords/products/brands. The notifications will be sent in real time. This makes sure that you are the first person to join the conversation mentioning about your business or products.

Be First to Check the Important Discussions:

It allows you to check the number of people involved in your discussions. The mentions can be sorted on the basis of ‘Reach’ for finding the most impactful debates and take necessary measures to target the bigger audience for branding and marketing.

Keyword Tracking in Any language:
Awario tracks the products/keywords in any language over the internet. No matter if you are a small company monitoring few of your products in the local streets or a big brand having a global reach, Awario comes with an incredible solution for all. 

See the Relevant Discussions Only:

You might have the indefinite search terms. But, you need not waste your important time in searching the mentions those are elfin for your business. One can easily set up the negative keywords and exclude the post containing those keywords/terms.


You can easily compare various alerts, track your growth by the number of mentions, track the reach of mentions, identify the top influencers, and easily analyze your progress through Awario’s Analytics. You can even share these reports with your clients or colleagues by providing them a shareable link.


Mobile Friendly:

The tool is built for mobile devices. You can use it from just anywhere anytime. Its dashboard is mobile responsive making it easy to manage the marketing tasks from your mobile device.

Email Alerts for New Discussions:

The email alerts can be set up for delivering the daily or weekly summaries of the new mentions about your products/keywords directly to your mail box. It makes sure that you are informed about every impactful conversation.

Pricing & Plans:

You can try its 14-days free trial pack and if you are happy with its services you can upgrade to the premium plans. It provides you some of the most powerful features you may find missing in most of the tools. 



  • No strings attached free plans (no need to tie your credit card to start the free 14 days trial)
  • Easily search the ‘Mentions’ on social media and web.
  • Mobile friendly dashboard.
  • Video Tutorials and FAQs are available for training purpose.
  • You can set email alerts for tracking the new ‘mentions’.
  • Reports can be viewed as the graphical representation and can be shared as well.


  • Export option is missing in the ‘Starter’ plan.
  • You can set the limited number of alerts in its ‘Enterprise’ plan.

The Bottom Line:

Awario has emerged as a powerful tool in no time. You can easily track the latest mentions over the web and social media and improve the efficiency of your business. This lets you target the wider audience without missing a single mention on the web. It is the ideal solution for the businesses as well as the individuals who are looking to reach larger audiences.

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