Top 3 Best Android Launchers

One of the easiest and best ways to customize your smartphone is to install a launcher. Android launcher apps are considered to be an integral part of the entire Android experience. If you are not happy with the way your home screens look or works you can simply download an app to change all of it and can enjoy the completely new look. Undoubtedly Android launcher apps have a huge list of the amazing set of features as compared to any other genre of application and you can really do some astonishing things with these apps. 



The Launchers allows us to get benefits n number of customized Android themes and icons, as well as it offers almost entire control over how your phone performs during switching screens, launching apps and much more. Below are the best and top 3 launchers for your Android devices.

The best and top 3 android launchers are as below.
1. Zen UI:

ZenUI is an android launcher which fills the gap between the bloatware. These are heavy, low-end launchers and filled with unwanted apps. It is the complex enthusiast launchers.
ZenUI not only has a list of amazing high-quality themes but it also contains advanced customization features for those who want to polish their Android experience.It is designed and developed by Asus, this Launcher provides features like trappings of spam, bloatware, avoids awkward search menu, accessed with an upward swipe, setup by default with trending search suggestions. If added to the home screen, this can easily be removed.
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2.Smart Launcher Pro 3:

Smart Launcher Pro 3 has its own different flavor and is totally different from the regular launcher It commences with a small setup procedure where you need to mention your choice of dialer app, music app, and photo app from the list which you have installed. 


Choose them, click on start and you will be consolidated into a single home screen. It will have 6 apps. You can swipe left and get organized app drawer but you will not be able to change the arrangement. You can also choose a widget by swiping to right. It has got all the 6 apps on a single screen. These app number can also be increased or removed as per your choice. But, you cannot add more home screens. It is available for$3.99 and its size varies with device.

3.Arrow Launcher:

Arrow is a Microsoft product and gives you a feel of work in progress. It is a fascinating launcher with multiple features. It doesn’t have bloatware app or boosters. It doesn’t focus on fancy looks or transitions like the regular launcher. It is designed for business type customers. We can clearly get an idea by seeing a plain wallpaper and home screen with contact lists and reminders. 
It is apt for those who plan and make a to-do list with apps. It is a simple but efficient launcher as compared with others but it has a major drawback that it doesn’t allow customization options like you will be not able to change app icon sizes or font style. It is typical Microsoft product without some flexibility. But, it is unique and would be loved by business type people. It is available for free with a size of 9.1 MB.
You can get some iPhone launchers for the android phone too. We are going to write that article in the upcoming days. So stay tuned to Basictricks for the latest article. 
These are best and top rated android launchers which many users use in the market. So we have collected the best launchers and make this awesome guide. Hope you would like this article. Like us ad share on social media networks. Visit Basictricks for more Awesome Tutorials and Guides.

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