Best Apps for Synching Between Samsung Galaxy and Apple Mac.

With so much content going and so many devices that slip through our fingers each day, it is no wonder that we tend to pick out the best of the bunch and stick with it. No matter if you are a fan of the iOS family of devices like iPhone, iPad or iMac and their huge marketplace filled with Apps or you prefer the customizable and quite diverse approach of Android’s many (many) devices, it matters not. What does matter however is sharing your content from one system to the other. This task often creates a ton of confusion and problems, since most apps do not natively run on both OS’s. 

You will need to use a third party app or software that will help you sync all your data for usage on your iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy and vice versa. Speaking of apps, you can check out the latest free casino bonuses, as well as no deposit bonuses, and if you are a high roller, the high roller bonuses are covered as well. Now then, let’s have a look at some of the top options that are available for you. 

This app is native to new Samsung devices – it covers three possible methods of transferring your data from your iOS device to your Samsung Galaxy. The first is using Smart Switch and a Micro USB connecter – the setup is fairly simple: you just connect the devices, power on the app and let the process take its course. The limitation is you can only transfer as much content from the iOS device to your Samsung Galaxy.
Next is the process involving Smart Switch and the iCloud backup – the app will sync with your iTunes account to pull music, videos and other content and transfer it seamlessly to your new Samsung Galaxy device. The speed of transfer depends on your internet connection.  
Lastly, you can use the desktop version of the app to hook up both the iOS device and your iTuns account in order to transfer all the data to your Samsung Galaxy. The process is however a bit longer since the setup can take its time to get going.


This is a very easy to use app for your PC which you utilize for transferring content from your iOS device to an Android powered, Samsung Galaxy. The great thing about this app is that you can actually move content back and forth using iTunes. You can change playlists and other content which then is applied instantly on your account. The problem is – this is mostly tied to iTunes so other content will not be usable. 
This is an app that does it all – you can sync contacts, all manner of data from your Mac to multiple devices like the Samsung Galaxy and back, with a high range of different sync options and a lot of optimization. The problem – these excellent features are hidden behind a pay wall. The Free edition will let you sync basic stuff – contacts and calendars, while other more, erm, “existential” data like iTunes, iPhotos, folders and more, are all in the paid version.
Google Drive sync:
If all else fails, you might consider giving Google Drive a shot. This is a fairly simple app that lets you synch all your content on one folder, which you can later use on whichever device the app is installed. This would require a gmail account to use as well as integration with most Google services, which aren’t exactly known to work perfectly on iOS. With that being said, if you are tech savvy enough you will get the content rolling in no time. 

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