Best Free Forex Android App To Check Forex Signals

Forex is foreign exchange market in which trading happens between different currencies. Traders are increasing at an exponential rate in Forex. Trading which will lead to profits needs expertise and analysis of every trade occurring in Forex.


But sitting just opposite to idiot box or Phone is not possible. But don’t worry as Forex signals, analysis, and news app is really a low hanging fruit which can be harvested this app is there in the industry since 2006 and the app are both Android and IOS compatible. Let’s discuss in the latter part of the article we will be looking at the app in a better way.


Services offered by Forex app

It offers you many services like Reviews, Articles to groom you in trading field, News, and Foreign Learning Resources. Let’s look into detail of all the services provided to you and how they can be helping you in long run.

1. Forex Reviews: It provides you with all reliable brokers and their information. When you will be selecting broker by yourself it is going to take your major chunk of time. The app has even rated the brokers so that you can actually select the best one along with all others. Also along with that Minimum deposit, Leverage and rating are also displayed so that you can take a good decision.

2. Forex News:
They provide you with some quality Forex News. This news is written by some high-level professionals and traders. You can’t miss these tips on the news will be containing some good facts and figures which you need to keep in mind before doing next trading.


3. Forex Articles: It is for both novice and experienced people in which you can a better understanding of Forex. This information is written by expats and you should read these articles as you will get to know better trading strategies and risk management. Even beginners will know better about trading and can earn better in long run.

4. Recap of last week:
Even if you have skipped analyzing Forex you should not worry as you can get the recap of last week easily. With which you will get to know how you should invest in the coming month.

5. Weekly Forecast: Based on past analysis done by expats it will make a forecast for the coming week so that you can invest in a better way. It will tell you the exact time when you need to sell and when you have to purchase. When you are confused about investment just refer to the weekly forecast and you can invest better.

6. Videos and Alerts: Daily it publishes one video containing Forex conditions on a daily basis so that you can be updated every minute in Forex. Also, it provides you alert option that if there is an abrupt change in the value of the currency.


7. Forex Signals: This is the best part of the app in which you will get Forex Signals. This signal is basically an advice that where you should invest to earn maximize the profits. You can then trade in currencies in a better way to earn good bucks. You can also receive Forex Signals through SMS also. Major Currency pairs are EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, AUD/USD and others. 


Price of the app

Some things in the app are free but some are available to Premium users only. In case you want to avail Forex Signals and Analysis you need to become Premium User. Premium User packages come in three types. First one is Monthly Premium Package in which you will be getting News, Analysis and 3 Forex Signals every month. For this, you have to pay 5.95$ per month. It is a good package for those who don’t want to spend heftily on the analysis and signals.


Next Package is Yearly Premium Package in which you will be getting Analysis, News and 3 Forex Signals for every month. But in this case, you have to about 49.95$ yearly. After the subscription has ended you can renew your subscription. The last one is Monthly Signals Package in which you will be getting Analysis by expats, News and unlimited Forex Signals. This plan is quite expensive as you will be getting unlimited Forex Signals. For this, you have to pay 49.95$ monthly. So according to your budget, you have to decide the package which you want to get. If you are a beginner then you can avail Monthly Premium Package. If you are experienced then you can even go for unlimited Forex signal package.


In the article, we have seen the advantages and offerings of Forex Signal app. The app is good for both experienced and beginners. Just go for it and start trading in such a way that you earn the maximum you can. It is high time that you should use the app and do wonders in Forex with the help of analysis and News of Forex Signals app.

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