5 Best free apps to hide your secret photos.

Top 5 Apps to Hide the Secret Images or Photos:

Now a days a lot of smartphones are coming in to the present world. So people are so fast forward to have fun with their photos. Some people may have their Girl Friends photos in their mobile. So to keep safe the photos these are the best and top apps. You will have a secured ID and Password to save all the data. So you can save all the data with secured data base.

Here are the Best 5 Apps to keep safe your Data:

1)Private Photo Vault:

Private Photo Vault allows you to import the photos into the albums and hide them with a PIN LOCKBeyond the basic password protection of the app,These application has two other bonus features called “break-in report” and “decoy password.” If someone tries to enter into the application, It will secretly take the photo of the person and log their GPS location so you can see who was trying to access your private photos. And in the second feature You also have the option to set up a decoy password that launches a different set of pictures.


Private Photo Vault is available for iOS devices.You can download for free.
Click to Download the app for Apple Phones and iOS devices.


2)Gallery Lock Lite:
Gallery Lock Lite is also the great app for Android phone.Gallery Lock Lite” manages pictures and videos by individually hiding them and it is an app that is absolutely needed for protection of personal privacy. This is one of the most popular apps in the world and one of the top 10 apps sold on Google Market. Here you can save the data safely.Gallery Lock Lite will also catch a photo of any Stranger with your phone’s front-facing camera after three failed password attempts.


The App has Many Features and it will ask some permissions. So to Know the Features and permissions click here
Download the App from here. For Android phones Only.

3)Keep Safe:
KeepSafe: keeps your personal photos and videos private by locking them behind an easy-to-use PIN pad(Password pin in normal), giving you a control over who sees what. Your friends, girl friends, family, and coworkers will be able to look at your public photo gallery, but NOT what is in your KeepSafe app. It will protect your data by multiple layers of security. 
This App is available for both Android and iOS.
For More information about the KeepSafe app.
For Android Users: Click Here.
For iOS Users: Click Here.
Download Keep Safe application. 

Android Users 



iOS Users 



Vaulty is a fast, simple, powerful, private image gallery. With a subtle interface, the focus is on your pictures. Vaulty also has amazing management and organization features such as:
Editing Photos
Private camera
Share hidden pictures & videos
Create & organize albums or folders
Fullscreen Zoom
Select multiple pictures & videos for easy management
Sort by date, name, size or type
Filter images or videos
Picture & video renaming
These are the great features of vaulty. It has recently completed 4years celebrations.
 Vaulty is available for only Android users. To known more information about vaulty Click here.

Download Vaulty app here  

Kyms is also an great app which keeps our data very safe. Kyms looks like an working and stylish calculator App but it hides an inviolable vault in which to hide and encrypt all your multimedia files, documents, passwords,photos and much more with military grade security. ie.(AES Encryption).
KYMS also allows you to import media,photos from your computer, camera roll, the web and many more. It also supports Wi-Fi, so you can easily sync your collections between devices.
KYMS is available for iOS only. To konow more about the device click here

Download the KYMS app here 

So these are the “Top 5 Best Free Apps to Hide your Secret Photos”. So i think you have got the right information for your search. If you think this post is useful then like it.
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