The Best Free Play Slots in the Apple Store.

 This was a great year for mobile casino players – not only did we see a huge shift towards app accessibility but the platforms themselves have become more open and prone to experimentation. The competition is of course brutal, so any innovation that can be squeezed from the established ground rules of mobile gaming is used to the absolute limit and it shows – more and more big casino brands are entering the mobile field and providing top notch experience.
It should come as no surprise then that slots yet again are leading the charge in this new, “mobile-focused” branch of the industry, just as they did in the era of brick and mortal casinos and the online casino scenes before. The majority of casino apps that are represented on Apple’s App Store are using slots as the prime hook for old and new players, with excellent graphics, many themes and excellent additions to keep your fingers from constantly clicking.
In our list, in no particular order, we have shortened the rather large offering of slots-themed apps on the App Store, to include only the best of the best which also happen to be totally free of charge. You can check more apps and mobile gaming news at
Double Down Casino:
A great app for all things that thrive in casino gaming, DoubleDown Casino is the full on experience when it comes to offering slots on your mobile device. We are talking about 80 different slots variants, which include some of the fan favorites like Double Diamond, Wheel of Fortune and many, many others. There is also an offer of video, table games and other type of games which you can play for fun. The graphics are crisp and the game play responsive and fluid so you will have no trouble getting used to this app on your iOS powered device.
Big Fish Casino:
One of the biggest casino apps on the App Store, Big Fish Casino stands as a testament to the fact that you can have a great slots experience even on a mobile device. With a huge assortment of slots, video and table games like roulette and blackjack, this app has some of the best social features implemented for better competitiveness like live cooperative play, and adds a new level of immersion thanks to the customization options and lots and lots of new stuff being added regularly. A must have for any slots fan.
Caesars Slots:
The grand king of brick and mortar casinos and a true representative of the glory that is Las Vegas, Caesars Slots is an app that offers fun on another level. We are talking a huge host of events that are open to mobile players like free slots contests, free daily and lobby bonuses, a great variety of slots games with different themes and a stream of content updates that only make the app better over time.
Slotsmania Casino:
For those of you who enjoy the competitive edge of mobile slots, Slotsmania casino has you completely covered with a free coins bonus that goes off every 3 hours, a special promotion introduced each day and a ton of mini games across all their available titles. Each game features a new variety of additions like jackpots, mega wins, free spins and re-spins, all enclosed in a simple and easy to navigate interface with excellent graphics that will shine your screen bright with endless fun.
myVegas Slots:
Described by many as the best casino app on the App Store, myVegas Slots is definitely one of the few apps that has earned this grand title with its sheer scale of available options to its players. It has the complete experience for players new to the platform and for veterans with a great selection of slots titles from the best casinos in the world and a ton of features that are being expanded upon each week.

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