The 50 best nicknames for Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network that exists in the whole world, where we have the possibility to share and create amazing content. Of course, you can put your name there so your friends and family can easily locate you. And another peculiarity is that you have the possibility to add a nickname to make things more fun.

We know that choosing a nickname that is suitable with your personality is not the easiest task to do. You could choose the nickname your friends have given you, or maybe go for something different. While it is true, nicknames can be a reflection of our personality, and that is why we must choose well.

best nicknames for Facebook

If you don’t know exactly what nickname you can give yourself on Facebook, don’t worry. For that I have brought you the best list with the 50 nicknames for Facebook from which you can choose. You can even make a combination between the nicknames in this list and create a totally new one.

Choose the best nickname for your Facebook profile

The great thing about nicknames is that they are the definition of some characteristic of someone’s personality. These are always used between people who trust each other, so if you put it on Facebook you also expose yourself to people you don’t know calling you that. But don’t worry, nicknames are fun as long as there is trust and respect.

One unique feature of nicknames is the ease they make it easier for other people to find your profile. If someone knows your nickname outside the networks, and it matches the one you have on your Facebook profile, then the search will be much easier.

Nicknames for Facebook

Nicknames define, in a certain way, who we are. When creating them, we can choose that they are related to our customs or hobbies. You can also identify yourself with a nickname from a fandom of a group of singers. Even if you are an athlete and you are called a nickname in your team, you can put it on Facebook. You can even use emojis to accompany your nicknames and they will look more animated.

And remember, imagination is a boundless sea. If you have any other ideas about nicknames you can leave them in the comment box below. With nothing more to say, check out this list of 50 nicknames for Facebook.


If you like to be like a king, this nickname is for you.

2. Queen

This nickname is for those who feel like queens

3. The flea

A perfect nickname for short and energetic people.

4. Army

The name with which BTS fans identify themselves.

5. Pooch

A nickname, although common, sounds affectionate.

6. Sk8r

It is a play on words, used for those who like to ride a skateboard.

7. The Skinny

Direct and precise, a nickname for guys who are skinny.

8. The skinny

Same thing with the previous nickname, only this time it’s for girls.

9. Toothpick

A funny nickname for those who are dentists.

10. Danny

If your name is Daniel, this nickname is perfect for you.

11. Muscular guys

a funny nickname for someone who spends his time in a gym.

12. Soldier

If you are one of those people who follows the rules to the letter.

13. Brown

Quite straightforward, this moniker is for those with brown skin.

14. Tattoo Boy

If you are one of those guys who is obsessed with tattoos.

15. The Unstoppable

If nothing stops you from achieving your goals, this nickname is perfect for you.

16. Mr. Romantic.

If you are someone who is very cheesy, you can choose this option for your Facebook profile.

17. Princess

For those girls who feel like royalty.

18. Prince

Same as the previous nickname, only it’s for guys in this case.

19. Captain

When you are a born leader, you can show it with a nickname.

20. Curls

If you have very curly hair, that is a characteristic that you can make known with this nickname.

21. Mr. Perfect

If you have a very high self-esteem, or you are a perfectionist.


For those called Angela, this nickname is the perfect diminutive.


A nickname for those who have recently had their hearts broken.

24. Mr Cool

If you are a person with good vibes in your group of friends.

25. Dreamer

For those people who always have their heads in the clouds.

26. Teddy

If you look like a teddy bear, this is your best option. Or if your name is Teodoro.

27. Knuckles

Perfect nickname for someone who is good at fist fights.


A suitable nickname for someone who is fast at everything.

29. Alpha

If you like to take control in your group of friends, this nickname suits you.

30. Astro

The perfect nickname for a fan of stars and planets.

31. Hawkeye

If keen eyesight is your thing, this nickname is too.

32. Laugh Box

There is never a lack of the person who always laughs at something.

33. Nugget

It is a nickname generally used for people who are short in stature.

34. Cupcake

If you want to wear something sweet, this is the right nickname.

35. Atlas

An exact nickname for those who have a lot of knowledge.


It works like the previous nickname, only in this case we take the name of the renowned scientist.

37. Atom

Another nickname that goes with those who like physics.

38. Little Bear / Little Bear

These are nicknames that can be used together by couples.

39. Puppy

This is quite a cute nickname.

40. Buddy

A perfect name for someone who is a good friend.

41. Coach

There is always someone who is good at giving advice and preparing others for different situations.


Either you are someone who is not allowed out or you have very long hair.

43. Giggles

For that person who can’t hide their desire to laugh.

44. Light feet

If agility is your thing, this nickname suits you.

45. Babushka

For that friend whose age is taking its toll.

46. ​​Boss

People can be a bit bossy from time to time.

47. Lifeguard

That friend who is always close when you need him most.

48. Ace

You are that surprise that always hides up your sleeve.

49. Doc

For smart people, or if you’re just a doctor.

50. Rusher

If you like adventures and adrenaline.

How to choose the best nickname for Facebook?

Remember that nicknames are used to highlight a feature of our appearance or personality. For this reason, when choosing a nickname, it should be one that really goes with who you are.

Also, it should be easy to remember and write. This way your friends will be able to find you faster in this social network with hundreds of millions of users. Nicknames should not be rude or offensive. After all, they are a way we identify ourselves.

Let your imagination run wild, and if you don’t like any of the nicknames you found here, you can choose them or create a new one. And since it is a nickname for a social network, choose carefully, lest you later regret choosing it.

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