10 Best Romantic Poems of All Time That You Must Know

Romanticism was an artistic, cultural, and literary movement, we are going to concentrate on this last part. At the end of the 17th century, Romanticism managed to highlight the ideas of music, art, and literature, promoting the sensations provoked by wild spaces.

The main representatives of Romanticism used themes such as the incredible and the improbable for the realization of their works. It should be noted that the meaning of the word “romanticism” should not be confused with the term “romantic”, since the latter refers to romance itself.

10 best romantic poems

Below you will see a small collection of 10 Romantic poems by the greatest authors of this movement, who have left us a large number of works to enjoy in our time.

Best Romantic Poems of All Time 

We have compiled a list of the top 10 romantic poems of all time for you below. We are pretty sure that you are going to love these poems and if any one of these catches your eye, you can always recite it to your lover. Let’s see the 10 best romantic poems.

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Remember Me – Lord Byron

My lonely soul cries in silence,
except when my heart is
united to yours in heavenly alliance
of mutual sighing and mutual love.

It is the flame of my soul like a light,
that shines in the sepulchral enclosure:
almost extinct, invisible, but eternal…
not even death can annihilate it.

Remember me!… Near my grave
do not pass, no, without giving me a prayer;
for my soul, there will be no greater torture
than knowing that you forgot my pain.

Hear my last voice. It is not a crime
to pray for those who were. I never
asked you for anything: when I expire I demand
that you come to my grave to sob.

“Remember Me” is a poem written by the English author George Gordon Byron, better known today as Lord Byron. This poem contains the feeling of nostalgia and loneliness that the author expresses. As you read it, you realize that the author speaks of the idea of ​​forgetting as something he fears and refuses to accept.

The possibility of being forgotten after his death leads him to develop a desire to be remembered, even after leaving this world. His need is to remain in the hearts of those who loved him. This is one of the best romantic poems of all time.

Annabelle Lee – Edgar Allan Poe

Many, many years ago
in a kingdom by the sea
lived a maiden you may know
named Annabel Lee.
And this maiden lived with no other thought
than to love me and be loved by me.

We were both children
in this kingdom by the sea
but we loved with a love that was more than love
me and my Annabel Lee
with a love that the winged seraphs of heaven
envied her and me.

And for this reason, long ago,
in this kingdom by the sea
from a cloud, a wind blew
that froze my beloved Annabel Lee.
And her high-born relatives came
from her and carried her away from me
to shut her up in a sepulcher
in this kingdom by the sea.

The angels, discontented in heaven,
envied her and me.
Yes! For this reason (as everyone knows
in this kingdom by the sea)
the wind came out of the cloud at night
to freeze and kill my Annabel Lee.

But our love was much stronger
than that of those older
or wiser than us.
And neither the angels in the sky above
nor the demons under the sea
will ever be able to separate my soul from the soul
of the beautiful Annabel Lee.

For the moon never shines without bringing me dreams
of beautiful Annabel Lee
and the stars never shine without me feeling the radiant eyes
of beautiful Annabel Lee
and when the night tide comes I lie right next
to my love – my love – my life and my fiancée
in her grave there by the sea
in her grave by the noisy sea.

Normally when Poe is talked about he is related to the horror genre, because of the famous works for which he is remembered. Even so, this author also has a collection of poems about romanticism.

“Anabelle Lee” is the last poetic composition of this author. This poem recounts the death of a woman whom Edgar loved, and years after her death, he continued to love. In fact, in the poem, his love is so strong that it makes the angels jealous of him.

They Say That Plants Do Not Speak – Rosalía De Castro

They say that plants do not speak, nor fountains, nor birds,
Neither the wave with its rumors nor with its brightness the stars,
They say it, but it is not true, because always when I pass,
They murmur about me and exclaim:
There The crazy woman goes dreaming
Of the eternal spring of life and of the fields,
And very soon, very soon, she will have gray hair,
And she sees trembling, cold, covering the meadow with frost.

There are gray hairs on my head, there is frost on the meadows,
But I continue dreaming, poor, incurable sleepwalker,
With the eternal spring of life that fades
And the perennial freshness of fields and souls,
Although some wither and although others burn.

Stars and fountains and flowers, do not murmur about my dreams,
Without them, how to admire them or how to live without them?

This is another one of the best romantic poems. Rosalía de Castro shows her relationship with nature in this poem. Time has passed, and proof of this is her gray hair. And although she is aware of her age, this does not prevent her from continuing to dream and leaving reason behind a little.

Ask various members of their environment not to gossip or criticize their dreams, as this only hides the beauty of the dreamer. For this reason, Rosalía decides to live fully and without giving too much head to the negativity of society.

I Found It! – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

It was in a forest: absorbed he
thought he was walking
without even knowing what
he was looking for.

I saw a flower in the shade,
bright and beautiful, like
two blue eyes, like
a white star.

I’m going to pull it out, and sweetly
saying I find it:
you break my stem to see me withered?”

I dug around and took it
with vines and everything,
and in my house I put
it in the same way.

There I planted it again
quietly and alone,
and it flourishes and is not afraid of
looking withered.

Goethe was a German playwright, lawyer, poet, and writer. In addition, he was of great influence on the Romanticism movement. In this poem, the author is looking for something in a forest, although he did not know what. Once his eyes see a flower, so he decides to pluck it, but she advises him that it is better to pluck it from the root so that it does not wither.

This short poem talks about how everything around us should be taken into account and how people are part of that. And it invites us to look beyond just the physical and aesthetics.

Rhyme XIII – Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

Your pupil is blue and, when you laugh,
its soft clarity reminds me of
the tremulous brilliance of the morning
that is reflected in the sea.

Your pupil is blue and, when you cry,
the transparent tears in it
appear to me like drops of dew
on a violet.

Your pupil is blue, and if in its depths
an idea radiates like a point of light,
it seems to me in the evening sky
a lost star.

Bécquer’s poems are characterized by the constant presence of love as the main theme, and this poem is no exception. In a short but beautiful composition, the author shows us the love he feels for her beloved by describing her eyes through different emotional situations.

He narrates in each verse how the look of the person he loves can cause such vivid feelings in the author. Each emotion expressed by the woman’s eyes is taken to a situation where landscapes are used to describe the feeling provoked.

When Two Souls Finally Meet- Victor Hugo

When at last two souls meet,
who have sought each other for so long in the crowd,
when they realize that they are partners,
that they understand and correspond,
in a word, that they are alike,
then a vehement and eternal union arises. pure as themselves,
a union that begins on earth and endures in heaven.
That union is love,
authentic love, as in truth very few men can conceive,
love that is a religion,
that defies the loved one whose life emanates
from fervor and passion and for whom the
greatest sacrifices are the sweetest joys.

Victor Hugo’s works began with themes such as religion, history, and the contemporary world. Later he would stop being so classic to become more romantic and is now known for writing romantic poems. This poem describes the meeting of two people who have been looking for each other without having met before.

Once they have met, love arises. A love that is based on the reciprocated feelings of each other. This union of love goes beyond what is known since it mentions in the poem that it transcends heaven.

A Dream Within A Dream – Edgar Allan Poe

Receive this kiss on the forehead. And now that
I am leaving you, allow me at least to confess this:
do not be offended, you who consider that my days
have been a dream. Meanwhile, if hope
is gone, in a night or a day,
in a vision or a dream, is it gone less
for that? All that we see or seem to us
is but a daydream within a daydream!

I stand in the midst of the roaring of
a surf-tormented shoreline,
holding grains of golden sand in my hand. How
little is it! And how they slip through my
fingers into the abyss, while I cry, while I
cry! My God, can’t I hold them in a
more secure knot? My God, can I not
save a single one from the cruel emptiness? Is everything we
see or seem to us nothing but a
daydream within a daydream?

In this poem, Poe questions whether what he lives is really real. For this reason, at the beginning of the story, he is saying goodbye to his beloved. He tells her to think that everything that has happened is nothing more than a dream, thinking that this way she will suffer less.

The idea of ​​unreality is a theme that has been seen in different disciplines, not only poetry. The true answer to the question of whether what surrounds us is real will depend on each one of us, and on how we interpret our world.

When The Soft Voices Die – Percy Bysshe Shelley

When the soft voices die,
their music still vibrates in memory;
when sweet violets sicken,
their fragrance lingers on the senses.

The leaves of the rosebush, when the rose dies,
are piled up for the lover’s bed;
and so in your thoughts, when you are gone,
love itself will sleep.

Shelley was a romantic writer and poet from England. This poem is considered one of the most representative of the Romanticism movement. It is a short work that talks about how even though things die, they can leave something beautiful behind.

It is very nice how in a few words he manages to portray the sensations that are not forgotten, even after a long time has passed. At the same time, it shows how they remain in the heart and memory regardless of the passing of the years.

When Figures And Figures By Georg Philipp Friedrich Von Hardenberg

When numbers and figures cease to be
the keys to every creature,
when those who sing or kiss
know more than the deepest sages,
when freedom returns to the world again,
the world becomes the world again,
when at last the lights and shadows merge
and together they become perfect clarity,
when in verses and stories
are the true stories of the world,
then a single secret word will
banish the disagreements of the entire earth.

Georg Philipp Friedrich von Hardenberg, better known by his pseudonym “Novalis”, was a representative of early German Romanticism. In this poem, Novalis expresses that logic, mathematics, numbers, and reason must cease to be the center of our thinking.

Urges that to live freely and emotions and feelings are authentic we must leave behind the aforementioned. He reflects on the return of humans to nature so that “the world becomes the world again”.

La Despedida – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Let me tell you goodbye with my eyes,
since my lips refuse to say it!
Farewell is a serious thing
even for a man, like me, tempered!

Sad in the trance it makes us, even
the sweetest and most tender test of love;
The kiss of your mouth seems cold to me,
your hand is loose, that mine is close.

The slightest caress, once
furtive and flying, delighted me!
It was something like the precocious violet,
which in March started in the gardens.

No more will I cut fragrant roses
to crown your forehead with them.
Frances, it’s spring, but
for me, unfortunately, it will always be autumn.

Another poem by Goethe, in this case, is a poem whose central theme is love. However, what you read is not a declaration of love, but rather how difficult it is to say goodbye to a person you have always loved. This is surely one of the most romantic poems of all time.

He points out that for him it will always be autumn as if the time his beloved left never ceases to be in his thoughts. We can perceive pain in the words of Goethe in this poem, who successfully managed to communicate an authentic feeling.


Those are the best 10 romantic poems that are written till now. These romantic poems are well-versed by great authors and hold deep and beautiful meaning in each line. We hope you liked these 10 romantic poems that we have listed in this article. Tell us which romantic poems are your favorite in the comments below. Stay tuned to Basictricks for more information.

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