10 Best Songs To Dedicate To a Man 2022

In known history, music has always been a tool used to conquer who you love. Great love songs have been composed to express what we carry inside. The best thing about these songs is that even though time passes, they still evoke the same feelings as when we heard them for the first time. Get Best Songs To Dedicate To a Man here.

Best Songs To Dedicate To a Man

Being a retailer is not only about material things. Dedicating a song to that special man is an unforgettable way to make him fall in love. By dedicating a song, every time that person listens to it he will remember you.

If you want to dedicate a song to your crush but you don’t know exactly which one, we are here to help you.

10 Best Songs To Dedicate To a Man

Next, you will have a list of 10 songs to dedicate to a man and you will surely find one that describes exactly how you feel about him.

1. I love you very, very much – Rio Roma

This song belongs to the album “You are the right person at the wrong time” performed by Río Roma. In the song, the artists say that the only thing they are looking for is that the person they are singing to knows that they like it “a lot, a lot, a lot”.

It is perfect to dedicate to that boy and let him know that it makes you happy to be with him, and how his light illuminates your world. If you’re in love but haven’t told him yet, this song is a good choice.

2. Can’t help falling in love – Elvis Presley

The king of rock, Elvis Presley, composed this song to express how he was falling uncontrollably in love. It is a tender love ballad perfect to dedicate to your boyfriend and express how he makes you feel, and how you can not contain the love you have.

The singer describes in his song with a metaphor how he lets himself be carried away by love “just as a river flows surely to the sea”. Then he tells whoever sings this song to take his hand, and with it, his whole life.

3. For the first time – Camilo Echeverry ft. Evaluate Montaner

If you like the urban genre, but with a softer touch, this song by Camilo and Evaluna is what you’re looking for. When these two sing together they can’t help but radiate the love they feel for each other.

The song expresses that desire to wake up next to the person you love, and at the same time talks about the fear that that person finds someone else. Show that guy everything you feel when you’re around him.

4. I love you – Franco de Vita

This song is a classic among the musical compositions of love. Franco de Vita captures in his lyrics what love at first sight is like. The Venezuelan singer-songwriter wrote this song after meeting a person on vacation in Madrid.

He stated that he felt every word he wrote while composing the song. And if you feel that way too, this song will help you conquer once and for all that heart you long for.

5. And you arrived – Sin Bandera

It could not be missing from this list of songs to dedicate, a song by the group Sin Bandera. And it is that the lyrics of these Mexicans are full of love, and this song is no exception.

“And you arrived” is a song that expresses a truly pure and deep love. This is one of the most iconic songs of this group. It is the right song for when that boy gave your life a chance, and when you consider that his love is really a blessing.

6. Walk with me – Julieta Venegas

Julieta left us this song for when you want to get to know that boy more, but you can’t find the words to say it. It is an invitation to get to know each other without haste. The singer managed to create a cute way to tell that boy that she is not going to judge him for his past and that she should not be afraid to tell him about it.

At the same time, she says that she is eager to tell him all about herself and that she is grateful that fate has crossed them. For this reason, he invites you to walk with her, walk together until fate decides to separate them.

7. I saw you coming – Leonel Garcia

Leonel García is one of the members of the Sin Bandera group, and as expected, his songs also talk about love. “I saw you coming” perfectly describes that feeling of knowing someone so little but coming to love them with everything.

If you want to give your all, this song is perfect to achieve that goal. Let that boy know that without him, love for you would no longer make any sense. And that if your love reciprocates, it would make you the happiest person in the world.

8. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran could not be missing from this list either, and deciding to dedicate a single song can be difficult. “Thinking out loud” is one of his best-known songs. The song describes how time will make him physically change.

He knows that in time he will grow older, weaker, and even his memory may fail. But if there is one thing he is sure of, it is that his love will not falter and that he will remain as strong as when he was younger. The song talks about the deep love you feel towards someone, and that same love is what you receive.

9. I found you – Leonel Garcia

This is a song for those who believe in coincidence and true love. Leonel describes how he was lost, and the act of searching made him even more lost. Until on a train, in the middle of a crowd, he found love.

This song teaches you that even if you lose faith, there can always be someone waiting for you somewhere, you just have to look. The idea of ​​falling in love in places like a bus or a train never gets old.

10. Until That Day – Lasso

With this last song by the Venezuelan composer and singer, Lasso, we culminate the list. The artist expresses at the beginning of the song how he believed that he would never fall in love again until that special person arrived.

It shows that you are not interested in what others say because you are sure of what you feel. His love will last as long as he is alive and until his pulse wants to go out, as he himself expresses it, “until that day” it will stay.

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