30 Best TikTok Challenges, Memes, Challenges and Chains

TikTok is an application that is very famous today mainly among adolescents and young people around the world.

Best TikTok Challenges

Therefore, it is a very creative community with all kinds of content, especially the most diverse audiovisual material. But what predominates are the challenges and memes, like the ones you see below.

Best TikTok Challenges, Memes, to appear in “For You” – “For You”

Next, we are going to do a tour of the best-known memes and challenges of TikTokin case you dare to participate.

1. Random Dance Challenge

It is one of the most popular challenges and hashtags on TikTok and can be considered a classic of the application. It consists of performing several different dances depending on what the challenge template tells you.

2. Fortnite Dances

Based on the dances of the characteristic characters of the trending video game Fornite, it is a challenge in which you must imitate their iconic movements. Of course, all to the rhythm of the music.

3. Eat on the beat challenge

No TikTok challenge is really a challenge if it doesn’t have to do with some music. So for this challenge, you must eat to the rhythm of the song that the template of the challenge has. It may sound easy but… can you do it?

4. Emoji Challenge

This is quite entertaining and funny to do together with your friends. You must imitate the expressions of the emojis that appear across the screen in real-time. Can you copy them all?

5. LaLa Dance Challenge

Another iconic song from this app, includes the challenge of dancing to the music in the most original way possible. Many users use complicated hand dances or team up with their friends to do the challenge.

6. Pause for the Camera

The challenge is different with this song because now you have to stay frozen to the rhythm of the music. It might sound like a simple thing, but syncing your moves to the song can be more difficult than TikTok users make it out to be.

7. Cover girl challenge

It’s a trend among girls, but it doesn’t mean that boys can’t do it in parody form. It involves filming yourself wearing a towel and then revealing the outfit you’re wearing underneath.

8. Can you kick it challenge

A challenge that definitely requires good use of the application and great timing. Because you must change clothes or shoes with a jump to the rhythm of the music.

9. Don’t Judge Me Challenge

A challenge also popular among girls, in which you must first show yourself with terrible makeup, emulating pimples and facial hair. And then record what you already fixed. Of course, there are also guys who have joined this challenge.

10. Trust Fall Challenge

The typical trust test that you do with your friends, but this time you have to record it in sync with the background music doing the typical exercise of dropping on them. Do you trust them to catch you before you fall?

11. Bad Boy Challenge

You have to dance to the rhythm of this song, for more fun invite a couple or several friends and meet the challenge in a group. Or you can also see how creative the most popular users are on this social network.

12. Stair Challenge

Another challenge is which you have to dance to the rhythm of the music, but this time you have to do it by going up the stairs. It may not be as simple as it seems. Can you add this difficulty to your dance steps?

13. Hard Challenge

One more song that has the Tik Tok seal. This time you have to dance your best to the rhythm of “Dura” by Daddy Yankee. With this, you can see the different dance styles and creativity of the so-called TikTokers.

14. Frozen Time Challenge

As you may have guessed from the name, it’s another challenge with a tendency to freeze to the beat of the template’s music. But it is also about seeing how good the synchronization of the users of this social network is.

15. Try not to laugh challenge

It consists of watching a series of funny videos while filming yourself and trying not to laugh. You can do it with your friends to add much more difficulty. But you know, whoever laughs first loses the challenge.

16. Screaming Challenge

It is a series of audio templates in the application in which you must synchronize with the screams they have. Some users have brought out their creativity with these simple lip sync audios.

17. Fingers Challenge

A quite entertaining game of hands, which consists of imitating the movements in a sequence of the emojis that appear on the screen. Can you do them all in time?

18. Macarena Challenge

A more modern variant of the Macarena dance, which adds current steps to the typical dance that we all know. And it’s also perfect for teamwork.

19. The Royal Challenge

This is a different challenge because it consists of content creators telling their experiences with bullying to raise awareness about its consequences on people.

20. Loser Challenge

It is about standing with your back to the camera in a group and turning when the classic YMCA song tells you to. The template will randomly focus on someone who must serve a penance.

21. I’m Already Tracer

This is possibly one of the most parodied and recreated Tik Tok memes. It’s a lip-sync to a song that describes various characters from the Overwatch game.

22. Gummy Bear Adele

Sometimes the most innocent and simple things are the most fun. In this meme, a series of gummy bears are placed to mimic an Adele concert and her audience. The results are quite funny.

23. Hit or miss

Another meme also trending on this social network to which many girls have joined, some performing dances and wearing outfits that have become a trend. It’s also a lip-sync to I LOVE Friday’s song.

24. #PrankWars

It’s about executing the perfect prank in just 15 seconds. Using funny songs, creative video edits, or just scaring people, do you think 15 seconds is enough time for you?

25. Who do I look like?

A trend that is about simulating an internet search and finding the celebrity you look like. Some people have taken it with humor by posting cartoons or memes.

26. No Hands Challenge

A challenge that describes quite well the sense of humor that Tik Tokers have. In which you must film both hands in the way you find. You can observe the occurrences that many users have recorded.

27. Paper Disclosure

It is about placing several sheets of paper one after the other, with different messages that will be revealed as the background song progresses or you remove the sheet that is before the others.

28. Song How Many Shrimp?

Quite an adorable meme for cat fans. You simply have to caress yours to the rhythm of the song, and you can do it in a chain with other users. As you can see, Tik Tok is another social network that has been invaded by kittens.

29. #PretendInstruments

In this challenge, you must use any type of object to emulate a musical instrument and play to the rhythm of the Stand By Me song. You won’t believe everything users use to recreate music, along with the collaborations they do with others.

30. The Rosalia Challenge

Another fun challenge is about leaving what you were doing to do the characteristic pose of the singer Rosalía in the song Con Altura. Do it with your friends for more laughs and you will see the funny situations that you can record.

As you can see, most of the content on Tik Tok is based on these challenges and memes, which quickly become a trend if you manage to do something very original. But each of these chains is more entertaining if you do them in a group or together with other users of the application.

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