50 Best Tinder Pick Up Lines To Break the Ice

Best Tinder Pick Up Lines: Today we will dive into one of the most used dating platforms in the world: Tinder. This social network can be very useful for meeting new people and dating if you know how to use it well.

And by this, we mean that you have to make a good first impression, which is usually won through a good icebreaker line with the other person.

best tinder pick up lines

If you are also confused about starting a conversation with your Tinder partner, then we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 50 Tinder pick up lines to start a conversation.

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Pick Up Lines To Start A Conversation On Tinder

So, we are going to know below a series of phrases that you can use to start a conversation on Tinder. Let’s see the top 50 best Tinder pick up lines you can use on Tinder.

Do You Like Bad Boys? I Am Bad At Everything. In Love, In Studies, At Work…

The key is to start a conversation with something that you know the girl might find at least funny in the first entry.

If We Like Each Other, Which Series Do We Get Hooked On? Will It Be Treason To See Chapters When We Are Not Together?

A good way to start a conversation is to ask about the hobbies you have in common, and adding a little joke never hurts.

I Really Like Your Eyes, Especially The Right One

Personal compliments can also come with a witty punchline, which will at least put a smile on the girl behind the screen.

I Will Carve Our Initials On A Tree On The First Date. It’s The Most Romantic Way To Let You Know That I Have A Knife.

Black humor may not be for everyone, but if the girl you find accepts these types of jokes, she could be the one.

I Like Your Photo, You Remind Me Of The Girl I Liked When I Was 12 Years Old. Shall We Meet To Ring Bells And Run Away?

Sometimes it just takes an innocent joke like this to start a nice conversation with that match you had on Tinder.

Luckily I Wear Sunglasses. Because In Your Photos You Are Dazzling

A compliment of the most classic adapted to these modern and technological times. That will surely break the ice between the two in this social network.

I Am Older, But Not Older Older. Which Means I Know How To Make Love, But I’m Not Entirely Sure How To Do My Tax Return.

A clever phrase that also speaks quite honestly. Surely at least you will get a smile of pity from the girl.

Pkashfaelkasdfkjhaew Aspdfap Ha`Osdfñklas Dfij. Sorry. I Wanted To Impress You By Telling You Something That No One Had Ever Told You.

Some silly jokes can be charming the more innocent they are. This is a perfect example to say through Tinder.

I Am Writing A Novel, If You Give Me Your Phone Number I Will Send It To You

An ingenious way to get the phone number of the girl with whom you have matched through Tinder.

Nobody Is Perfect. Sincerely: Nobody

Another quite innocent joke, but also useful to break the ice with the other person.

Are You Today? Because You Are A 10/10

We continue with the silly compliments, but at least they serve to get a smile.

You Have A Very Pretty Face… It Would Be Better Framed On My Wall

A clever phrase that also serves as a compliment for the girl in question, unless she takes it in a bad way.

Hello. I Am A Real Human Being And I Love Real Human Hobbies Like Breathing Or Walking With My Two Legs

Of course, with this phrase, no girl will believe that you are a dog in disguise who has learned how to use the phone and dating applications.

Good Morning, And Thanks For Matching With Juan

Press 1 for a compliment
Press 2 for a GIF
Press 3 for an original question

An answer that surely no girl you match will expect. Sure, unless you’ve seen this listing.

Today I Bought An Agenda And I Realized That Something Very Important Is Missing

The fact that?
Your phone number

Another ingenious way to get a girl’s phone number, which also corresponds to a well-known compliment.

We Are A Joint Offer. [Attached Pet Photo]

A very clear warning for that girl who wants to go out with you is that she must accept that your pet is also included in this package.

Eva, I Just Asked Siri What To Say To A Girl With A Pretty Smile On Tinder.

Lately, artificial intelligence tells us everything, but less how to flirt effectively is Tinder as we see it in this sentence.

What Would You Prefer?

A. A nice quiet date. In a restaurant and go see a movie.
B. A fun, interesting and meaningful conversation

Based on simple choices, they can determine some aspects of the personality of those girls with whom you match, beyond their profile picture and biography.

I Have Good News For You: I Do Not Take Photos Of Myself Without A Shirt In Front Of The Mirror.

An ingenious way to tell them that you do not think you are a narcissistic person who enjoys taking photos with few clothes.

You Obviously Seem Sophisticated, Artistically Sensitive, And Have Good Taste In Clothes. So The Best I Can Do Is Start By Asking Her Advice On How I Should Dress On Our First Date To Impress You.

To dedicate to a girl who seems to have a quite prominent style, from what you can see in her photos within the social network.

Help Me, I Left My Girlfriend A Week Ago And I Don’t Remember Where

Something clever and unexpected to say to a match on Tinder, but of course, you have to imply that the girl you are talking to is the girlfriend you lost.

Recommended By 9 Out Of 10 Women (The Other Is My Ex)

Honesty goes first and foremost when it comes to wanting to start a relationship of some kind. And saying it this way is pretty clever.

Wow, You Have The Most Traveler Profile I’ve Seen In Time. And After So Much Traveling… You Have Finally Found Me!

To express to a girl who is noticed by her Tinder profile that she likes to travel a lot is a great way to break the ice.

I Invite You To The Movies, At Least If You Don’t Like Me You Will Have Seen A Good Movie

Going to the movies takes a lot of advantage in a date, and that is reflected in this phrase that promises to make the girl in question smile at least.

To The Girls Over 30: I Am An Anesthesiologist Wanting To Start A New Family. To Girls Under 30: I Have Huge Genitals And I Raise Labrador Puppies

An ingenious phrase that surely breaks tensions, and that places you as a man who can be flexible in his aspirations.

I Was In The Car, At A Traffic Light, Writing You The First Message When A Policeman On A Motorcycle Caught My Attention And Almost Fined Me. I Got Away Because I Showed Him Your Photo In The Hope That He Would Understand Me… And He Told Me That I Better At Least Get Your Number!

We continue with the ingenious ways to get a girl’s number and flatter at the same time through this social network.

If Seeing You Gives Me Death, And Not Seeing You Gives Me Life, I Prefer To Die And See You, Than Not See You And Have Life

For those girls who look more poetic in their Tinder bio photos. Surely something like this could enchant them or at least draw their attention.

I Am Vegan. I Love Animals

A very funny icebreaker, but be careful if you say it to a girl who happens to be vegan.

Isabel, Can We Skip The Preliminaries And Go Straight To The Important Stuff?… What Is Your Favorite Reggaeton?

Sometimes you have to put priorities above everything else. And this priority turns out to be very ingenious on its own.

If Your Body Were A Prison And Your Arms Were Chains, I Can’t Think Of A Better Place To Serve A Thousand Sentences

We continue with the deepest phrases for girls that look deeper because the words that break the ice can also become poetic.

I’m The Only Man On Tinder Who Doesn’t Climb, But I Do Amazing Lentils.

A phrase that shows that we all have something interesting in us. No matter how silly it may sound, someone is sure to appreciate it.

Veronica, I Don’t Have Any Pictures With Puppies. How Could I Have Liked It?

To show your surprise when a girl matches you on the app. Leaving a pretty funny phrase that can make her laugh.

I Would Like To Be Your Third Grade Teacher, To Pass You To The Fourth

A slightly more raunchy icebreaker, so a lot of girls might not like it if you approach them like that.

I Rescue Grandmothers And Help Cats To Cross The Street… Or Was It The Other Way Around?

A joke well done to break the ice between you and a girl, when they have found each other through the Tinder application.

Lorena, It Seems That We Are Compatible And Today The Technology Is SO Intelligent That I Will Not Be The One To Contradict It… When Do We Have Dinner?

To take for granted that technology has said that you and that girl should be together, at least for dinner.

I Would Like To Be A Squirrel To Eat You, Acorn

A rather silly joke, but one that will surely leave a smile, even out of pity, for that girl you have contacted through Tinder.

I Choke On My Toothbrush, So Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

As we noted earlier, the best way to start the conversation is with honesty. But sometimes you don’t need that much.

Ugh, I’m Exhausted. I’ve Been Playing With My Nephew And His New Puppy All Day While Picking Flowers For My Grandmother Who Helps Me Feed The Homeless. I’m Julián, And If You Reject Me You Know You Will Go Straight To Hell

A small threat, but one that should clearly be taken as an icebreaker game with that girl on Tinder before the typical question of “How are you?”.

Pizza With Pineapple, Yes Or No?

A question that can decide the future of a conversation and even a relationship. Unless you take this sort of thing not so seriously, it’s still a good phrase.

I Fall Asleep Every Night Crying And Hugging My Legs Like An Armadillo. I Live In My Father’s Garage. Please Give Me Match. I Need It

Nobody can deny that the pity factor is useful at times, but there are other forms of this factor that we can say are quite excessive.

You Are Everything I Thought I Would Never Look For In A Girl

A compliment with which you will completely leave that girl you have run into on Tinder speechless. But that later you can clarify if it was a compliment, or maybe not.

I Wasn’t Looking, But I Found You

Something short, small, but quiet romantic and with great potential to break the ice. That it would at least leave that girl a little intrigued.

80% Cook, 40% Musician, And 100% Clown

If you identify with this description, feel free to use it. We are not lying to you when we tell you that it is 100% effective.

Nuria, I Find You Natural, Sexy, And Positive. A Perfect Combination Of Ingredients. Like A Good Salad. Or A Fruit Salad. Or A Stew… Well, Forget The Similes And Stick With The First Thing That Had Turned Out Great For Me

Sometimes, when we extend ourselves the most, it is also when we get the most complicated. As in this example that is still funny.

Did You Know That Depending On The Color Of The Hen’s Earlobe, The Eggs Will Come Out One Color Or Another?

It’s always great to break the ice with a silly joke like this one. This can also be a curious fact for the girl in question.

​​I Like To Take Long Walks On The Beach With My Girlfriend Until The LSD Goes Down And I See That I Am Actually Dragging A Stolen Mannequin Through The Parking Lot Of A Shopping Center

Clearly, these types of phrases should be taken as a joke. We don’t want you to scare away all the girls on Tinder.

Do You Have Pet Insurance? … Too Bad, Because Tonight I’m Going To Destroy Your Rabbit

Another ingenious but quite obscene phrase, which we do not recommend you say to anyone without having their full trust.

I Just Gave 5 Likes But I Confess That You Are The Only One Of The Five That I Really Want To Meet. So If They Ask I Will Say That You Do Not Let Me Flirt With Others

Another proof that you have to be quite honest, even in a social network where everyone can pretend to be something they are not.

I Don’t Do Threesomes, Because To Disappoint Two People In The Same Room I Have Dinner With My Parents And That’s It.

If you like to make yourself bad publicity ironically, this type of phrase is for you.

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? I Believe In Love At First Match

Finally, a phrase that indirectly indicates that the girl you have chosen has been your love at the first match.


With all these examples of clever phrases, there is no doubt that you can succeed in getting a girlfriend on Tinder. Or at least start an interesting conversation with one of the girls who respond to you. Stay tuned to Basictricks for more information.

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