Best Torrent Downloader For Macs: Top List of 2021

Best Torrent Downloader For Macs? As we know with the help of torrent files, you can download the torrent files as fast as possible that are available online. Whereas if you would like to large files or videos like movies or software, torrent is helpful for you to download those files by quickly and managing them efficiently.

Directly from the host itself downloading the large file will lead to slow down, mostly when the people try to download the same file. But with the help of these free torrents, you can download the files quickly. You can download the pieces from the different people who had them already.

best torrent downloader for macs

Every torrent has its own features and provides you the benefits. So, in this article, we will discuss the features of the torrents which are the best torrent downloader for macs.

Are Torrents are Legal?

You may have doubt that is the torrents are legal? As we know Torrents are known for their piracy, they had a bad reputation. They aren’t illegal and used by several legitimate users, which is th large source for downloading large files and software.

It always depends on the content you have downloaded. It’s fine if you have downloaded the content from the copyright holder, who permits the file to be shared. Otherwise, you would have to pay for it illegally, for using the torrent to download the content.

Best Torrent Download For Mac

There are full of obstacles, in the world of torrenting. Often the torrent sites might be blocked by the government, Your ISP will be forced to cut off your connection on the web, getting caught torrenting.

Using the VPN when torrenting is the only way to keep yourself safe from third parties and no malware. No one cannot see what you are downloading or performing, as the VPN encrypts all your internet activity and passes it through a secure tunnel. Here is the list of the Best torrent download for Mac.


For the power users, qBittorent is one of the best torrents which is provided with plenty of features. The one who controls a large number of torrent files and wants complete control is the perfect use of this Software. Some of the torrents are imaginable while others are simple and easy to handle, whereas the qBittorrent is between the two “While using as little CPU and memory as possible, aiming to meet the needs of the users”.

best torrent download for mac

There is a standard toolbar located at the top, that brings the standard sets of control. Here you can organic a bunch of the torrents with the help of the standard toolbars. Finally, all kinds of advances operations can be performed by the bottom-placed toolbar.

  • What We Like: Effortless torrent creation; Open-source software; Comes without ads.
  • What We Don’t Like: Occasional bugs (nothing overly serious, though).
  • Price: Free of charge.
  • Visit: qBittorrent

Bittorrent Web

When we talk about torrents we must never forget the original torrent, which is the most popular torrent for Mac. From a straightforward interface, it brings everything. “Web edition” is the generation of the Bittorrent that is used by macOS users.

best torrenting client mac

If you try to use BitTorrent to download the files, then you will find that it is a web-based application. Though it runs through the web browsers, like another torrent client you have to install it. From these torrents, you can download the torrents, search files, stream media, and many more. With everything, it is one of the most capable P2P clients for the macOS.

  • What We Like: It is one of the most popular P2p clients for macOS, A log-standing application, provides excellent performance.
  • What We Don’t Like: In a different view, All-new Bittorrent is a big step.
  • Price: It is Free of charge.
  • Visit: : BitTorrent Web

uTorrent Web

uTorrent can also be named as µTorrent, which has been around 2005, outside, the uTorrent it is one of the most used free torrent client, which has been criticized over the years. It is not Ad-free and the users argued and reported about the new version is heavy and contains many ads with the bundle software front.

torrent downloads mac

The size of the app is smaller than the digital photo. Keeping it aside, µTorrent is useful, effective, and doesn’t use too many resources. It is managed by BitTorrent,  though it is not the official BitTorrent. But it is worth knowing that the µTorrent has a record of security problems and it potentially let the hacker operate the control keys functionality on the Client.

  • What We Like: Video streaming, light on the system resources, Very easy to use.
  • What We Don’t Like: It is supported by the Mac users
  • Price: It is Free of charge.
  • Visit:  uTorrent Web


It is doesn’t mean the kit is outdated, even it is the oldest application on its way, There are numerous changes in its updates that brought recently. If you could handle its old school UI, then it very simple to use the torrent that brings everything that ever needs.

best torrent downloader mac reddit

Delgue comes with the options like selective downloading, supports magnet URLs, and prioritization, aside from the set of the options. To download the torrents as you can, it supports the UPnP port and NAT-PMP port mapping. The IPV6 and Proxy server is even supported by it. YOu can even rely on the plugin for delgue if you are unable to find the tool that you want.

  • What We Like: customization is available on plenty, it supports the plugins, had a great performance, and even suitable for en users.
  • What We Don’t Like: Rudimentary UI
  • Price: It is Free of charge.
  • Visit: Deluge.


There had a great competition between the torrents. However the Vuze is not the like typical client, but instead, it provides you everything that you need to find the best torrents and download the files. As a new user, it may be complicated to use, but it feels easy to use this torrent for those who are experienced, torrent users.

best torrent downloader mac 2021

When we come out of this, Vuze is provided with the search options where you can find the torrents. You will find the long list of options, we enter the name, hash, or even a tag. When you download the torrent, it will be opened in the app and automatically starts downloading. You can count on all modern protocols when it comes to the download. Where these modern protocols include DHT, PEX, Magnet, URLs, and many more.

  • What We Like: Natively supports for the VPNs, a handful of advanced options, built-in search functionality.
  • What We Don’t Like: Takes time to learn more about it.
  • Price: It is Free of charge/Starts at $3.99 per month (Vuze Plus) premium version.
  • Visit:  Vuze


BitLord is designed for the P2P for macOS. As it is grown in a big way we have all the new-versions which come with the highly optimized application. With the type suggestions, RSS subscriptions, automatic configuration, and many more, you will get an inbuilt torrent search.

torrent download mac os high sierra

Alteast when it comes to the UI, BitLord’s is not the most polished torrents client. The advanced users are going to love it with many useful features. With these features, we still believe that BitLord is the best torrent for macOS.

  • What We Like: It supports the RRS Subscriptions, Can perform P2P file searches, in terms of performance it is Pretty stable and that is suitable for the end-users.
  • What We Don’t Like: Rudimentary UI.
  • Price: It is Free of charge.
  • Visit: Deluge

Recommended Guides:

WebTorrent Desktop

Web torrent is a Torrent application, where you can stream the torrent files instead of downloading them. In this streaming application, you can stream the movies, music, audiobooks and you don’t even need to wait for the torrent for the files until it fully downloaded. As it becomes active, it starts playing.

bittorrent download for mac os

Here we to prise the WebTirrents UI is the first you need to do. It perfectly fits with the macOS as it is very simple and minimalistic. You can simply drag and drop it into the applications, once you have found the streamable torrent. WebTorrent will perform the next tasks, where it finds the seeders to connect to them and then starts downloading the file. A few seconds later, with all of the needed controls, you will see the large media player.

  • What We Like: It fast and light-weight, having a pretty interface, while downloading them, it created for the media files
  • What We Don’t Like: Regular updates.
  • Price: It is Free of charge.
  • Visit: WebTorrent Desktop.


Folx is the one, that we found in the list of the best torrent for macOS. It handles the Torrent with ease and is one of the most interesting download managers. Folx comes with a highly polished interface, where you can start by using the built-in search tool.

bittorrent download for mac 64 bit

You can begin to download the instance of the file, as the applications display a long list of the results and you can also add the torrents. The Folx Pro comes with a few unique features, where you can split into two threads for faster download. Folx is used to download files from the web and even from the websites like youtube and so on.

  • What We Like: It is deeply integrated with the macOS, can split into thread for faster download, A highly modern UI, Handing Taggy system, built-in search engine.
  • What We Don’t Like: Advanced features are available in pro-version only
  • Price: It is Free of charge.
  • Visit:  Folx.


The above mentioned are the list of the best torrent downloader for mac or best torrent download for mac to download or stream large media files on macOS. Hope you find this article helpful. If you have any doubts feel free to text us in the comment section and stay tuned to Basictricks for more updates.

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