10 Best Torrent Search Engine (That REALLY Work)

If you well know about the torrent ecosystem, then you might found that there existing thousands of torrents site available online where you can search for torrent files. When you are in search of the torrent file, then you a specialized tool, like a Torrent search engine.

When you are in search of the search engine you find the number of torrent sites labeling themselves as the search engine for torrent and publishing that they are providing the way for the people to search the torrents. It comes to a category, that doesn’t host the torrent files but for the users, it provides the way to find the torrents on other sites.

Best torrent search engine

To find out the torrent that you need, you can add some of the torrent search engines to your list. So, in this article, we will discuss the best torrent search engines that help you to find out the torrent files.

Torrent Search Engine 2021

Many of the good torrents are vanishing, and some might be gone for good, some might be changed to the New URL, sometimes they might be hacked by the hackers or even blocked by the government.

To use the torrents make sure that torrents and I make a test that the recommended sites are still available and working properly. Here is the list of the instructions that you need to remember when you are using the torrent search engines.

Download Speeds: To keep the track of the averages to give an idea of what you can expect, I record my best and the worst speeds from each of the sites.

Security: While I’m using these sites I will make that are these sites are legit and don’t contain any malicious code in their search results or in their banner ads. If you are leaving your personal exposed, it is said that the torrent is not 100% safe. It not only about the hackers, As your ISP can see what you’re doing and may inform you to the Authorities, but even the torrents that your downloading the torrent files are also 100% legal. So, I recommend you not to expose your personal data.


Zooqle looks like a media streaming platform when opens it. The entire console is occupied by the images and the artwork, and the search bar is situated at the top right corner of the screen.

bittorrent search engine

On the front page, we view all the popular TV Shows, movies, music, and more. You get a detailed overview of the title when you click on the images. when you click on the title, you will need to pick the season and the episode in a very specific way.

  • Prominent Features: Great for movies and TV shows; User-friendly UI; Tends to bring verified torrent files.
  • Availability: Available worldwide.
  • Indexed Torrent Files: 5,180,000+
  • Monthly Users: 7,700,000+
  • Mirror URLs: Mirror 1
  • Visit: Zooqle

Torrent Download

When you talk about the Torrent download, it comes with a simple UI and your work can be done in no time. You have the search bar at the top of the page just like the traditional torrent website. You will find, millions of torrents here, no matter which way you decide to go.

best torrent search

Torrent download is one of the highly reputed websites, for being online for quite some time. It highly relies on the websites Torrentz2, RARBG, and LimeTorrents. where they are doing their best to bring the certified torrents.

  • Prominent Features: Helpful tagging system; Simple to use; Plenty of different content categories.
  • Availability: Might be targeted by certain ISPs.
  • Indexed Torrent Files: N/A
  • Monthly Users: 2,600,000+
  • Mirror URLs: N/A
  • Visit: TorrentDownload


It is the “best collection of Community P2P files”. iDope is one of the best torrents that you never hesitate to try. It is available online since 2016, which is managed to attract daily active users. Presently you can find 18 million P2P files are found here, so you can see its popularity.

utorrent movies search engine

Despite its reputation, except in some countries where individual countries blocked iDope, iDope should be accessible in many of the countries around the world. It comes with a simple UI, where you can access it on your mobile.

  • Prominent Features: Lightweight design; Sizable collection of torrents; Offers Web browser extensions as well.
  • Availability: Not available in India, Denmark, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
  • Indexed Torrent Files:18,500,000+ torrents
  • Monthly Users: 1,500,000+
  • Mirror URLs:N/A
  • Visit: iDope.


BTDig is the “best Ad-free P2P search engine”, which is one of the most popular search engines, which that daily millions of visits. However, you can access it offline, which paved its way to be succeeded.

torrent search engine 2021

It allows you to filter its search results and even before you start downloading the torrents from your computer, it will give you and helpful overview. BTDig comes with helpful articles and tutorials on understanding the P2P files.

  • Prominent Features: Minimalist design; Helpful search overviews; Useful sorting by relevance, age, and size.
  • Availability: Available worldwide.
  • Indexed Torrent Files: Millions of torrents, presumably.
  • Monthly Users:2,300,000+
  • Mirror URLs: N/A
  • Visit: BTDig

AIO Search

No other torrents are the competitors for AIO search, in terms of user-friendliness. Who will be shown the short tutorial on how it is used, when you open the website for the first time.

torrent search engine 2021 for pc

From keeping the search bar aside, you can also select the torrent sides that you would like to exclude or include. You may not only search for the torrents in the AIO Search, but on this website, you can search for the images, videos, subtitles, or even the website streaming. Once you used this torrent we will never go for the google search again.

  • Prominent Features: Ultra-powerful; User-friendly; Wide range of search; Browser extensions.
  • Availability: Available worldwide.
  • Indexed Torrent Files: Millions of torrents.
  • Monthly Users: 1,400,000+
  • Mirror URLs: N/A
  • Visit: AIO Search

Recommended Guides:

Torrent Seeker

Torrent Seeker is the “Best far-reaching search engine”. Torrent Seeker stands first when you think of the nicely designed search engines. A prominent logo and search bar will come on the home page of this P2P  search engine. When you type the name of the torrent file you would like to download and you will see the results.

torrent search engine 2020

It relies on the numerous popular torrent repositories, this is what you need to know about the Torrent Seeker. It also includes niche websites as well. Aside from their relevance and dates, unfortunately, there is no way to filter the results.

  • Prominent Features: Searches over 100 torrent websites; Relies on Google search; Results previews.
  • Availability: Might be targeted by certain ISPs.
  • Indexed Torrent Files: Millions of torrents.
  • Monthly Users: 490,000+
  • Mirror URLs: N/A
  • Visit: TorrentSeeker

Solid Torrents

solid torrent is a relatively new torrent search engine, which is already managed to attract a huge number of users. When you about to download the torrent files it checks the vital information and let your work done in no time.

torrent search engine 2021

It helps you to discover the related content very fastly.

  • Prominent Features: Simplistic UI; Detailed previews; Relies on a huge number of torrent websites.
  • Availability: Available worldwide.
  • Indexed Torrent Files: 23,900,000+ torrents.
  • Monthly Users: 295,000+
  • Mirror URLs: N/A
  • Visit: Solid Torrents


XTORX is the “Best High-level Search Engine”, which does things a bit differently. You will see the limited number of options, instead of overwhelming you with the immense number of search engines.

best torrent search engine app

However, these search links are of the link when leads you to search sections of popular torrents repositories.  Let us consider, if you search for videos on the home screen of the XTORX, then the links are listed under the search bar to the private bay, torrent galaxy, etc., They will navigate you to the results when you click on the links and your content will be displayed.

  • Prominent Features: Incredibly quick; High-level search engine; No annoying ads; Searches credible torrent repositories.
  • Availability: Available worldwide.
  • Indexed Torrent Files: N/A
  • Monthly Users: 273,000+
  • Mirror URLs: N/A
  • Visit: XTORX


Veoble is “best for the Niche P2P files” as you think that every site is not the same as another torrent site. They will list the custom files on what you search for. You will see a fairly standard interface when it comes to the Veoble with a prominent search bar on the home screen.

best torrent search engine app for android

It helps you to filter the search results. You can also exclude and include the individual search sites and even by the search results, you can sort the search results. You can also check the relevant files or also the newest files first.

  • Prominent Features: Powered by Google’s custom search; Lots of filtering options; All currently popular P2P sources covered.
  • Availability: Available worldwide.
  • Indexed Torrent Files: N/A
  • Monthly Users:117,500+
  • Mirror URLs: N/A
  • Visit: Veoble.


The above given is the list of the torrents search devices that helps to search and download the torrent files. Hope you find this article helpful. If you have any doubt feel free to text us and stay tuned for more updates. Share the article with your friends and family at social networking sites. Stay tuned to Basictricks for more informative guides.

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