What is the Best Video Chat App?? Let’s Check them Out!!!

We are living in the world where online communication is not supplementary; it is an integral part of the day to day lives. The in-person communication is still valuable. But, what if we are separated by geography and distance? 


Video calling has become a norm these days. Although this feature has been around for more than a decade, it has become even trendier and commonplace with the introduction of incredible apps such as FaceTime. Wondering what is the best video chat app? We take a look at some of the best in this article.


Those who use FaceTime swear by it. This Apple’s baby is definitely a great video chat application. It offers brilliant voice and video call quality. It is lightweight and runs very smoothly without affecting the performance of your iOS device. Once you use it, you will probably not want to use any other video calling application.

FaceTime, just like most other Apple apps, is designed to be exclusive to Apple devices. You can video call a friend or family if they also have an iOS device, such as iPhone or iPad. You can use FaceTime on your Mac computer as well. FaceTime is a dedicated video-calling/video-chatting application. If you are looking for other messaging features, you could use iMessage.

FaceTime is pretty easy to use. You just need to launch the app from the home screen and select the user you wish to connect to. With a single tap, you will have started the video chat. You and other users should have one of the compatible Apple devices.

This video chatting application is not available on any other platform. This is probably the biggest problem with FaceTime. If you need to video call someone who uses Android or any other mobile platform, you will need to use Skype, Duo, Messenger or WhatsApp.

FaceTime is arguably the best video chat app. But, lack of cross-platform support is a big drawback. Well, it looks like Apple doesn’t consider it as a drawback. The strategy is to make world-class, unmatchable applications and then keep them exclusive to your devices. As a result, you will unfailingly attract millions of users.

This is why it seems FaceTime will never be available on any other platform. So, even though it may be the best, if you are not an iOS user, you will need other video chatting applications for your mobile platform. We will have a look at some of the most popular messaging services that also offer video chat service. Check out about facetime from here http://www.bloomtimes.com/facetime-for-pc-windows-and-mac/


WhatsApp is the name that needs no introduction at all. Launched a few years ago, this messaging application has become the most popular in the world. WhatsApp has more than a billion active users around the world, more than any other messaging application. Even Facebook Messenger and FaceTime do not come close to it.

WhatsApp became popular because it offered simplicity and ease of use (and it continues to do so). It uses your contact list to build the contacts you can share messages with.

Nearly a year ago, WhatsApp also added the video calling feature (and it was still the most popular in spite of not having video calling). Now you can quickly connect to anyone you want to over a video call also using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a very viable video calling tool as most of the people use this app. It is very rare to find someone who uses a smartphone without this app. Also, WhatsApp offers cross-platform compatibility. Whether you are an iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile user, you can download and use WhatsApp without any hassles.

WhatsApp is a great alternative to FaceTime. But, those who have iOS prefer to use FaceTime to connect with other iOS users. People who use both the applications are often heard saying FaceTime has much better call and video clarity as compared to WhatsApp.


If you are a Facebook user (and who is not), you would know that it has a built-in chat feature as well. When you are logged in on your web browser, the chat pane appears on the right. You can open a chat window for a particular user and send a text message, videos, and a picture or initiate a video call as well. 

Facebook messaging became very popular and thus the company decided to introduce a separate Messenger application for it. Messenger is a standalone application that does not require you to log in to the Facebook app in order to send messages or make video calls.

We know that Facebook is a cross-platform social media service. This also makes Messenger a cross-platform video calling application.

You can use Messenger to make video calls to those who are connected to you on Facebook. All you need to do is install the Messenger app on your mobile device.

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