List of Best VR Horror Games to Play {Updated Today}

If you are the one who is searching for the Best VR Horror Games on the internet. Well, in this article we will get to know about the best VR Horror games, that help you to enjoy the game.

What is VR gaming? VR means Virtual reality i.e., it operates to narrate the modern generation games with Virtual reality. This technology gives the players a truly immerse, first-person outlook of the game action.

Best VR Horror Games

Below we have provided you the list of the Best VR Horror Games that support VR headsets. which includes the Steam VR, PSVR, and the Oculus quest.

List of Best VR Horror Movies

In this guide, we have provided you the best horror vr games that help you to watch with the help of the VR headsets. Here are a few lists of the best VR Horror movies for you.

Walking Dead: Saints & Sins

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sins might be one of the Best VR Horror Games,  There might be the missing of the great equality between the creepy crawlies and the all-out zombie-ganking fun by the other zombies.

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Moreover, in the singer-player RPG, you need to enter the post-apocalyptic New Orleans as the “The Traveller”, where you have to borrow the parts, Craft the weapons, and even you have to make the mediator dealings with warring Factions.

Affected: The Manor

It is developed and published by Fallen Planet Studios. Where it is one of the best haunted houses that you love to play. It provides you the house of the supernatural with all the creaking floor, Creepies and the huge amount of cobwebs, and many more. But unluckily, you can able to access these features with the limited of 30-days in the autumn. Moreover, With the help of Virtual reality, the manor would like to remove the 30-days limit by allowing the players into the digital spook house.

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In this game, you may not come across the puzzle that you need to solve or there is no need to defeat the killers, which means that the process is so easy.`But you have overcome your own fears. From the two routes they provided, you need to choose anyone and to check out what horrors are waiting for you and you need to make it to the end.

Alien Isolation

Alien: Isolation is one of the best games that needed virtual reality which is developed by the Creative Assembly and published by Sega with the VR platform Oculus which is the scariest vr game. Even this game didn’t have it at the launch. Moreover, the mother VR mode will clarify that which might look like a dazzling mistake mostly the isolation is presented on the Oculus Rift’s second development kit.

Best Horror Games for VR

Moreover, the alien: for the best Virtual reality game, this isolation will make the great required and for the core gameplay, the mother Virtual reality will make the great use. You can also make some animations like little wonky, with the Mother VR and it is the one of the smooth experience which will hide from the deadly xenomorph which might little bit intense.

The Forest

You might get into the cannibalistic natives, from the horrifying plane that crash for the first time. With the virtual reality headset, the game might be somewhat intense than ever before. In this forest game, you might come across the peninsula that comes to life like the sunset and there are the inhabitants that merged into the herds.

You need to collect the food and also other materials for survival along with the elements while fighting off the Cannibals is the largest part of the living experience. In this game, you have to find the sun and have to escape from the Island.

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The forest game is a sustainable game to play in Virtual reality and the indiscriminate can be frightening, but when you no longer play the more you might grow accustomed to it.

Paranormal Activity: The Last Soul

The game Paranormal Activity: the last soul was developed and published by the VRWERX. with the VR platforms Vive, Oculus, PSVR. The game’s paranormal activity might be estranging and when it comes to the Title of the game, has been one of the frightening VR horror movies from the list of the horror movies.

This last soul takes place in the innocuous suburban home that will keep out of sight the possibly deadly secrets. You will automatically dip into the mystery of the or-else plain-looking adobe. Moreover, the HUD will be removed and even any direction will be given to increase the volume of the submerged.

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However, this gameplay is about exploring and discovery. The more you will unravel the haunted posts, the more you uncover the game. You might be mixed up with the restless spirits which will make you a fright.

Must Read:

Edge of Nowhere

The Edge of Nowhere game is the Oculus Rift Exclusive Horror, wherein the game the players will take over the role of the victory is the Best Horror Games for VR. The man has to find a missed partner who is out on the expedition, where she has vanished within Antarctica during her journey.

best vr horror games 2021

While they are in the search of their journey, they have to dive into the infuriating world that is full of aggressive monsters and the frozen tundra.

Wilson’s Heart

This is one of the best vr horror games. In the game, Wilson heart the players play the important role of Robert Wilson, who had trapped in the hospital. Where Wilson’s heart was stolen and kept in a mysterious place, so waking up from the surgery the players have to find the stolen heart.

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In this game, the players should not only search for the stolen heart but also have to find out why someone has stolen this heart. In this role, the players might come across terrifying monsters and creeping crawls.


The above mentioned are some of the List of best VR Horror Games that you can enjoy playing. If you are having any doubts regarding this then let us know in the comment section. Stay to Basictricks for more updates.

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