20 Bible Verses About Gratitude to Give Thanks to God

There are messages dedicated specifically to expressing the devotion and gratitude that a person has Bible Verses About Gratitude.

Bible Verses About Gratitude

Therefore, Below are a series of phrases that have that purpose to reflect on what the Lord has given you and show gratitude towards him.

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Bible Verses About Gratitude

Here you have our selection of thanks to God Our Lord and to Jesus Christ for one more day of life.

1. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in everything, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

A biblical phrase that recalls what must be done to carry the spirituality of God with one, where the fact of showing gratitude towards his being and towards everything he has given in life stands out. A good prayer to render gratitude to the Supreme.

2. Gratitude is our most direct line to God and the angels. If we take the time, no matter how crazy and troubled we feel, we can find something to be thankful for (Terry Lynn Taylor)

This phrase makes us reflect on the power of gratitude. Holding that by thanking each thing in life you are having a direct connection with God, which is always gratifying in the life of the human being.

3. Give thanks to the Lord for his mercy and his wonders for men (Anonymous)

God, without a doubt, has provided many benefits to human beings, has shown himself to be a being of great power and generosity, who must be grateful to people at all times. A phrase to keep in mind.

4. I thank God every time I remember you, in all my prayers I pray for all of you, I always pray with joy (Philippians 1:3-4)

This biblical passage refers to the fact that God should be thanked for the presence of people who make one’s life pleasant. In addition to praying for their well-being unconditionally, as a sign of appreciation.

5. Thank God for all the blessings and abundance in my life (Anonymous)

Any benefit that has been achieved in life is the work and grace of God. That is why it is very important to express gratitude and be aware of it. It is very important to recognize it every day that passes.

6. This day and your life… is a gift from God to you, so give thanks and be always joyful (Author unknown)

It can be said that life is a divine gift for which you should be constantly grateful to that higher being who allowed life to be given to you. Reciting this phrase every day will make you reflect on the value of being alive.

7. When you have eaten and are satisfied, praise the Lord your God for the good land he has given you (Deuteronomy 8:10)

This biblical passage talks about how a man should be grateful for the bread that God puts on his table, for having provided him with food, and for having the possibility of acquiring it. Since many people do not have to enjoy that.

8. Give thanks to Jehovah, invoke his name, and make known his works among the people (Anonymous)

Part of thanking God includes proudly professing his word and acknowledging all the goodness he has given to humanity. That is why many people feel indebted to the Lord and profess his word wherever they go.

9. To you, God of my fathers, I praise and thank you. You have given me wisdom and power, you have made known to me what we ask of you (Daniel 2:23)

We must not forget that everything we possess is partly the work of God, therefore, our own attributes must be thanked with great dedication. It is also a good phrase to recite and reflect on every day.

10. This new day is yours, just as my life is a gift that you have given me. Every new day you put in my path is a new opportunity to do things better. Thank you my God for this new day that begins and the gifts that you will grant me (Anonymous)

A beautiful phrase and dedication of thanks to God to start a new day. In this way, you will decree that it will be a different day and full of good events. Another good prayer to recite every day.

11. Lord, I thank you for everything I have, because you have given it to me. I want to thank you for the work you have given me, for the sustenance of my family, for the health you have given us and for teaching me the path of truth (Anonymous)

A good reflection and gratitude on all the benefits and blessings that God has helped you achieve. Because every good thing in your life should make your gratitude even greater, since many people do not have the luxury of being so blessed.

12. Lord God Almighty, who are and who were, we thank you that you have assumed your great power and have begun to reign (Revelation 11:17)

A biblical phrase that speaks about the power and wisdom that the Almighty has, but that thanks God for reigning over men, guiding them, and providing them with great blessings. Of course, and do not abandon them in despair.

13. We give you thanks, O God, we give you thanks and call on your name; everyone talks about your marvelous works! (Psalm 75:1)

Another phrase obtained from the bible speaks in the form of a litany that can be repeated every day to express the gratitude that one has towards the Lord.

14. Give thanks to God in every situation, because this is his will for you in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Another biblical phrase that reminds you that you should be in constant gratitude to God, for all the good things that surround you. And that also mentions his greatest messenger who is Jesus Christ.

15. Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I already knew that you always listen to me, but I said it for the people who are present here so that they believe that you sent me (John 11:41-42)

God is the only being who will listen and attend to your problems at any time, he will also know what you need. Therefore, showing him gratitude is, of course, the least you can do. A phrase that you can recite when you feel that God has touched your heart.

16. One of them, seeing himself healed, came back praising God with a loud voice. He fell facedown at the feet of Jesus and thanked him (Luke 17: 15-16a)

A passage from the Bible refers to a person in a state of illness who was totally healthy. Which thanked God greatly. Therefore, these types of miracles deserve devout gratitude.

17. Let the trees of the field sing for joy before the Lord, because he has come to judge the earth! Praise the Lord because he is good, and his great love endures forever! (1 Chronicles 16:33-34)

Another phrase from the Bible invites all believers to praise God and thank everything he has put on earth for human beings. It also refers to the unconditional love he has for beings and how grateful they should be for it.

18. Thank God for what you have and you will end up having more. If you only focus on what you lack, you will NEVER have enough for yourself (Anonymous)

A phrase that invites you to show gratitude to the Lord, since that makes you have more blessings in your life. He also points out that you should be grateful for what you have, and never watch over what you do not have since that is only greed.

19. Thanking God after having answered our prayer is called: GRATITUDE. Give thanks to God Before called: FE (Anonymous)

A few words demonstrate the power of thanking God, which must be done even before and after receiving an answer to the request for which one has prayed. It describes very well what true gratitude is.

20. Thank you very much, Lord, only by your hand can he get rid of all difficult situations in life. You comforted me in the most difficult moments of my life and did not allow me to fall. Thank you for allowing me to accompany my family in life and satisfy all their needs (Anonymous)

A beautiful prayer that can be done when you are aware of all that God has done for you. From giving you blessings in your best moments to giving you a shoulder to lean on when you needed it most.

To conclude, each of these phrases of gratitude is useful to reflect on or to recite in those moments when you feel a connection with the Almighty. Both to show gratitude for what you already have, or to affirm to God the faith you have in his power and wisdom over your life.

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