BonkLive – Earn Money And 3D Gifts While You Stream Videos

Social media is changing at such a high pace that now people are actually earning while broadcasting. Is it not possible to believe? But this is absolutely true that now with the help of one splendid app you can actually make and be popular and the app is none other than Bonk Live. Joe Bonica, co-founder of Bonk Live commented that “We have made it with a thought that with the help of Bonk Live we can crush any competition in the streaming and broadcasting business”. Bonk Live is an app in which you can broadcast videos, Chat with people, Follow brands and stars.  Believe me that you can be popular with Bonk Live. For Bonk Live, you just need a phone number or your Facebook or Instagram ID and you are done with it. I must tell you that it isn’t for only individuals but Commercial Brands are also using this app. I know euphoria inside you must have reached its height by knowing this.
Bonk Live can be used for broadcasting your videos which can make you famous while at the same time it is used for advertising products with the help of videos. Isn’t it idea out of the box? Who could have imagined that after Facebook something extra-ordinary app like Bonk Live is going to change our lives? We have spent time on Facebook for many years but had we earned a single penny? No. But this would not be the case with Bonk Live. You can also connect with favourite Stars on Bonk Live and you can also earn rewards for these. The best thing is rewards can also be converted to money.  People are really becoming famous on Bonk Live and it is a perfect app for those who strive to be renowned. It has the latest and the newest API and it is coded by one of the best and experienced developers on the Planet.

How can you make money on Bonk Live?

Bonk Live is such a social media broadcasting app that every Brand is using these days for its publicity. You can earn rewards on Bonk Live by following big Stars. You can see some mind-boggling offers from Big Brands and you can earn some rewards by playing their commercials. You can even earn some more rewards by reading advertisements posted on Bonk Live. You just need to have one Bonk Live debit card which should have Master Card facilities so that your rewards can directly be transferred to your debit card. You will earn some Gold Coins when you will watch some advertisement and also you can get it from Bonk Live Coin. In total you can earn money on Bon Live through 6 revenue sources like Virtual Gifts, Pay per Press, Advertising, Bonk ON Air Live Reads, Bon on Air Advertising Videos, Gold Coins and the last is Debit Card Loyalty Rewards. But keep in mind that you can pay for income tax for income earned through Bon Live.

Bonk Live – a perfect destination for Cybernauts

All people who spend their maximum time on Internet can once visit Bonk Live once. They will be amazed to know that you can actually send gifts through gold coin shop on Bonk Live. These 3D Virtual Gifts make Bon Live unique that fantasize the users. The best part is that you can even convert those virtual gifts into Cash and you can even redeem 20% of its actual value in Cash. Isn’t it amazing? Who could have thought that in the coming future you will be able to earn money on such apps along with getting popular? Playing a commercial or reading one advertisement which you used to do on Facebook for free of cost can fetch you some diamonds in Bonk Live which in turn can be converted to cash or gold coins.

Bonk live – Best Streaming and Broadcasting app

Bonk Live has several levels. The basic is 10 and it increases up-to 80. With every level, the excitement also increases a lot. In every level, something exciting will be revealed. The last level is 80 in which you can earn the maximum rewards. So what are you waiting for? You can become famous and you can earn bucks with the help of Bonk Live. Brands can persuade people to buy their products. Bonk Live has brought a revolution in the field of Social Media. The things which you once used to do for free now you are getting paid for it. What can be better than it? You can influence people with your extraordinary talent and you can be a Star with the help of Bonk Live.



We want Bonk Live to be one of the most famous social broadcasting and streaming app. You should try it once and earn rewards. Also, be an influencer on Bonk Live and be Popular. I bet you will love Bonk as best broadcasting and streaming app. It is soon going to crush any competition in the streaming and broadcasting business All the best!!

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