5 Tricks to Improve Your Casino Luck

When it comes to casino games, we all love to win and win big for that matter. There are many stories that a few may believe to determine the winning outcome of playing and while it may come across as myths to some, many have in fact gone on to win a positive sum based on employing extraordinary methods. We may not notice it, but players who use tricks to invite lady luck on their side, often wear certain colors to the casino, they may even sip on a lucky cocktail or even tap their fingers in a certain manner. 

5 Tricks to Improve Your Casino Luck

The most common trick that we may have seen is perhaps witnessing players who carry a lucky charm to bring on some luck. While, there’s no hardcore evidence that backs this up, there are however certain cases that these tricks increased luck to fatten the wallet. When searching for the best online casino games, see if any of these tricks aim to improve your luck below.

1. Wearing Certain Colours to Increase Luck:

Believe it or not, you may improve your luck in the casino by simply attiring yourself with a lucky costume and colour code. For those who like spinning the reels or rolling the dice, it’s been noted that adorning red and yellow colours will significantly increase your casino luck. In the same vein, you are better off not wearing the bad omen colours associated with bad luck in a casino. There is a strong opinion among many that the colour black represents bad luck in the casino. Funny enough, the colour code myth is also applicable to shoes. Attempt to visit the casino with ‘colour blocking’ red and yellow shoes and you may just find yourself on the front page for winning a ludicrous jackpot.

2. Sipping on Cocktails:

Often, while at the casino you may seek good fortune while sipping a favourite drink or cocktail of yours. Many have backed the myth that drinking a lucky and favourite drink will work wonders for your finance at the casino. It is widely considered the most validated way of improving one’s luck at a casino, and who doesn’t love a great drink while playing? Even when gambling as a group with close buddies, you can choose that one lucky cocktail you think will improve everyone’s luck. Sipping on cocktails is a practice in existence for quite a long time and most successful casino players still go by this notion. Not many will know, but the most popular lucky cocktail is Mojito, although you can opt to go with your own from whiskey, Martini, Vodka or even iced tea.

3. Tapping Your Fingers

Tapping your fingers is another great way of improving your luck, a myth that has many admirers in the casino world. This trick basically involves you tapping your fingers a set number of times before you tap the spin button on a slot machine. You may choose to tap your fingers twice or thrice (or even more times) before you start you’re your journey to riches. This method is appraised not only in the sense that it helps you summon the lucky gods, but it actually calms you down. Think of it as taking a deep breath before you enter a podium to deliver a speech before thousands for the first time. This practice dates back thousands of years as witnessed by clans who would perform certain ritual acts before asking for
good fortune from lady luck.

4. Wearing a Lucky Charm:

For many of us, we carry an artifact that adds true meaning to our lives. These artifacts are often our lucky charms that accompany us on our next venture. You may come across casino players carrying
these to evade unsuccessful events or bouts of bad luck. To improve your own luck, you may look at wearing a lucky charm in the form of a bracelet or pin, but you may also simply enter the casino while
holding it in your palm. As long as it’s by your side, we reckon that lady luck may just visit you by surprise.

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