50 Challenges To Do As a Family At Home

Time at home can be used to do new activities and have fun with the whole family. Especially if there are young children in your family, the following challenges could get them out of the routine in a positive way.

Challenges To Do As a Family

Challenges To Do As a Family At Home

Next, you have a list of challenges to practice as a family with whom to spend a fun and enjoyable time. Do you dare?

1. Fly a kite

A challenge that can be a novelty for a child in these times. If you have a garden or patio, you can use it to fly a kite as a family.

2. Musical chairs

If there are several members in the family, they can play this challenge. It consists of going around the chairs and sitting down when the music stops, whoever remains standing loses.

3. Put a ball inside a bucket

Something quite simple, but that helps to put into practice the precision and aim of all the members of the family.

4. Drawing stories

A challenge to develop the creativity of all the members that will also put drawing skills to the test.

5. Hula Hoop Challenge

It consists of everyone doing laps with the hula hoops. And whoever does the most is the winner of the challenge.

6. Bowling

Just get a ball and some objects that serve as pins. In addition to using a space in the room as bowling alleys.

7. Sensory bag

Get different objects and put them in a dark bag. Now the children have to reach in without looking and guess what objects there are with their sense of touch.

8. Obstacle Courses

Use your living room or patio to place various obstacles. Which have to be overcome by all participants in the shortest possible time.

9. Jump rope

A very simple and common challenge, but that the whole family can do. They must jump the rope as many times as they can. Whoever jumps the most wins the challenge.

10. Words backward

A challenge from parents to children, where they must say a word in reverse order and the children have to guess what word it is.

11. Let’s play in the forest

It is about running in circles holding hands, while a person acts as a wolf. When the traditional song ends, the wolf will run to catch another member.

12. Jump with feet together

This case is a little more literal, since you must jump with your feet together from one room to another, or to a goal if you propose it.

13. Who am I?

If you are part of a large family, this challenge is great. One person covers their eyes and must guess who is in front of them, while another says “Who am I?” to confuse him.

14. Human Knot

Another challenge to recreate with several people, where one must use the others to form a human knot. And after untangling it without the members letting go of their hands.

15. Blow a paper ball

Make a few balls of paper, each member must take a straw to carry the papers to the other side of the table.

16. The hideout

There is no need to explain much about this challenge. But it’s much more fun when more people are involved and there’s enough space to hide.

17. Find, think and write

A challenge with letters in which each participant has one minute to get a series of letters and form words. Like a more radical version of Scrabble.

18. Stand up a roll of toilet paper

Something similar to the challenge of throwing a bottle and making it land on its feet, but this time the members will use an empty toilet paper roll.

19. Silent Songs

The participants must sing a song out loud, but one of them must indicate to another to sing but silently. Then with another signal, you should sing out loud.

20. STOP game

Trade on the traditional game in which lines are drawn with various categories. And they fill them with words that are with the selected letter.

21. Turn around and walk in a straight line

This challenge consists of going three or four laps in one place and then trying to walk a few seconds in a straight line.

22. Homework Box

This is an excellent modality for children to do their homework and schoolwork, placing the statements of the same as a kind of raffle in a box.

23. The shortest stick

Another classic challenge among children, where they will place a series of wands or straws together. However, one must be shorter and the participants must guess which one it is.

24. Looking in the dictionary

The dictionary may sound like something useless for children who get everything on the internet, therefore it is a good challenge for them to start looking for new words in it.

25. The balloon

This is a challenge that tries to carry a balloon around the house holding it with two rolls of kitchen paper without using your hands, and of course without it falling.

26. Tongue twisters

Another fun game that is also quite common in children. You can use a book of tongue twisters to make things easier.

27. Roleplay

In this case, they must first write down a series of household roles on paper. Each participant will select one and must imitate it as closely as possible.

28. From 1 to 50

The numbers from 1 to 50 must be written out of order, and a participant must mark the numbers with a colored pencil, but in order.

29. Table football

An ideal challenge for desktops and playing in teams of two. They can use cups as goals and a stopper or ball of paper as a ball.

30. Dramatize animals

Another role challenge but in this case, they will focus on imitating animals. But this time the other participants must guess which animal you have selected.

31. The Tasting

In this case, a participant sits at the table and is blindfolded. The others give him something to try from the kitchen and the first one has to guess what food it is.

32. Rock, paper, and scissors

In a fairly simple game, you can spend hours. They can even do multiple rounds with the winners posting a challenge for the losers.

33. Movie mimes

This challenge is that the others must guess the movie expressed in mime by one of the participants.

34. A dessert

This challenge is overcome simply by cooking a delicious dessert with the whole family. It can be anyone they choose.

35. Collective drawing

Just as it sounds, they must be placed on a large canvas to create a collective work at the same time. When they consider that it is finished they can see their art.

36. PUM Numbers

The participants must make a wheel and count numbers for each turn, but the multiples of 5 must be supplanted by the word PUM.

37. Crazy Recipe

In this case, the kitchen will not be used, since the recipe will be made only on paper. But it must also have a series of pretty crazy ingredients.

38. Animals on the farm

Another challenge is to imitate animals, but this time with a farm theme.

39. Draw a picture without lifting the pencil

This can be a challenge of skill and concentration. Select a figure that everyone has to draw as similar as possible, but without lifting the pencil.

40. Abstract Drawing

To carry out this challenge, you will have a sheet of paper, you are going to wrinkle it and then color the spaces following the lines of the wrinkles.

41. Stanza stories

In this case, they must create stories from stanzas that each participant must add in turn. The hard part will be repeating the whole story.

42. Volleyball with a balloon

If you have a balloon, it’s time to blow it up and put together an entertaining game of volleyball. Whoever wins can propose the next challenge.

43. Make a Jumping Origami Frog and Race

It may seem complicated to do, but you can get a video tutorial on how to make origami and start the jumping frog competition.

44. Play broken phone

Another classic game that can be transformed into a family challenge. Being in a circle they must say a sentence in the ear of the other person until the last one expresses what he has understood.

45. Shadow theater

A challenge for the night hours, in which they have to cut out cardboard silhouettes and stick them on a wand. With a flashlight in the dark, they can see the shadows.

46. ​​Paint a picture

Another challenge is to bring out the family creativity that everyone has. This time to create a beautiful work of art with watercolors or cold paints.

47. The Frozen Dance

In this case, the challenge is that they must dance and freeze in one position when one of the participants stops the music.

48. A board game

It’s time to dust off all those board games that you have hidden in a closet. and put them to good use in this free time.

49. Sing a song

They can challenge each other to sing songs already selected. And form a kind of family karaoke.

50. Riddles

Something classic but that is a challenge that never goes out of style.

These are some of the challenges and games that can be done as a family and at home. Because moments at home do not necessarily have to be boring.

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