How to Change Wifi Name: Quick Steps to Change Wifi Name & Password

Hey, Are you facing a problem with resetting or changing wifi name & password??

Have you tried doing something to change wifi name??? Failed??

Don’t worry, Today I’m going to share you an awesome Guide on “How to Change Wifi Name & Password with Simple Steps”.

How to Change Wifi Name

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You should follow each & every step carefully in order to change wifi name and password. 

This step by step procedure will clear all your doubts and make the process clean to change the wifi security password & username.

Without wasting the time let’s move on to the process….

Steps by Step procedure on How to Change Wifi Name and Password:

To change or reset wifi name and password we should follow 8 steps which are very important in the process. The 8 steps are as follows

  1. Turn On Your Wifi Router.
  2. Finding Router Ip.
  3. Open a Web Browser 
  4. Enter Router Ip in Url Section
  5. Login to Router Network
  6. Select Your Router Name
  7.  Look for the SSID Field
  8. Changing Wifi Name and Password
So these are the 8 simple steps which are going to perform now to change the Wifi password and name.

The process will be explained clearly with screenshots. So no need to worry. Just follow accordingly.

Now let’s look into the steps in detailed:

1) Turn on Your Wifi Router:
Make sure your Wifi Router is Turned On or Not. 

  • If Yes, Move to step 2.
  • If No, Make sure to turn it On.

2) Finding Router Ip Address:
Here we should find our router IP address. We can find the router IP address in 4 ways.


  • Go to Start
  • Type “Command Prompt”
  • Click on Command Prompt 
  • Enter “ipconfig” into Command Prompt
  • Now, look at the next number to the “Default Gateway” Value under Wireless Lan Heading.
Change Wifi Name
  • Open Apple Menu,
  • Click on System Preferences
  • Then Network,
  • Click on Advance,
  • Then click on TCP/IP Tab
  • Now, Look for the number right to Router.
How to rename your wifi
Routers Manual:
  • You can just refer to the routers manual to find the router IP address. or just search for the model number in Google.
On Router Method:
  • Just see the back side of the router to find the Router IP.
3) Open Web Browser:
After finding the router ip. We need to open a web browser to change the Wifi Name & Password.
4) Enter Router IP in Web Browser:
Now enter the IP Address which you found in step 2 into the URL section of a web browser.
how to change the name of your wifi
5) Login to Router Network:
Login with the Credentials to access the routers settings page. If you don’t change logins when you installed the router, the default username & password will there. You can find them on Router Backside.
how to change router name and password
6) Select Your Router Name:
Each Routers settings page will be different or will vary for sure. In order to get you a general idea, we are explaining this point.
  • Click on Routers name or 
  • Click on Settings option to view General Section option.
how to change wifi name and password

7) Look for the SSID Feild:
Now we should search for SSID Feild in Routers General section. It might be like “Network Name”, “SSID Name”, “Router name”, etc like this.

8) Changing Wifi Name & Password:
At this point, we are going to change the wifi router name and password. 
how to change network name
  • The field will be set by default name. Just change the Wifi Name with your new name.
  • Enter your New Password in the Password Feild.
  • Click on Save.
That’s it!!!!
This is how we change router name and password.
Just this simple 8 steps will change router name & password.
Keep in Mind,
These steps remain same for all the routers. We have researched and made the guide for you. you may just see some small changes in options of Routers settings page other than that everything will be same.
If you have any doubts or if you face any issues in change the routers name and password. Just comment below.
Our team will go through it and solves the issue.
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