25 Christmas Chain Messages To Share On WhatsApp

Are you looking for some warm and funny Christmas chain messages? If yes, then here is a list of the top 25 Christmas chain messages for you.

Christmas is a time of year to share with loved ones. In addition to wishing all the acquaintances the best expectations and desires for their lives. And you can do this in the traditional way, or through a very elaborate message.

best christmas chain messages

Therefore, WhatsApp is a good option to express these Christmas chain messages. We have listed out 25 Christmas chain messages that you can use.

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25 Christmas Chain Messages To Share On WhatsApp

The following are the best 25 Christmas chain messages that are going to fill the recipient’s day with a smile, laugh, or a heartfelt moment. So, don’t wait any longer and start sharing these Christmas chain messages.

funny chain messages for christmas

May This Christmas Be Full Of Happiness And Fun, Greetings To You And Your Whole Family, Merry Christmas!

If you are one of those people who does not usually send extremely long and complex Christmas chain messages, then this simple chain is perfect for you. Since it expresses sincere wishes through a few brief but significant words. Likewise, it is still a good message to send during Christmas.

May Everything Be Joy And Happiness This Christmas For All Of Us. So, Let Us All Unite More And Open Our Hearts, To All The People Around Us, To Try To Understand Each One As They Are, Without Judging Anyone. I Wish You A Nice Christmas And A Happy New Year! Lots Of Hugs To All Of You!

A beautiful message that can be sent through a WhatsApp chain. That talks about the true meaning and spirit of Christmas. And that you can also share with all your contacts so that they feel appreciated by you. In turn, the importance of union and respect during these special dates is also mentioned.

On This Christmas Eve, May God Bless You And Your Whole Family. Share This Message With Everyone With WhatsApp Contacts And Merry Christmas!

Another short chain for those who don’t usually go very far through long Christmas chain messages. But they also want to express their good wishes to all their contacts through this simple social network of conversations. And with the use of emojis, adds a more colorful sense that complements this uncomplicated message.

Share This Message With Everyone With WhatsApp Contacts? And Merry Christmas! May The Spirit Of Christmas Give You Happiness, Peace, And Love During These Holidays❤. Happy Holidays!

A classic message that invites everyone you send it to also forward it to their acquaintances. In order to generate a massive chain of affection and good wishes during these special times of the year.

Union, Peace, And Happiness For All Of You, Dear Friends, Whom I Adore, And I Always Wish The Best, As Well As Your Families, Whom I Consider As If They Were Mine. May God Pour Out On You A Shower Of Blessings, And May This New Year Give Your Hearts Much Love And Understanding For Those Who Do Not Think The Same As Others; Because Even Though We Are Different, We Must Respect The Way Of Being, Of Others, So That There Is More Union. May God Protect And Bless Each Of Your Homes. Merry Christmas And A Prosperous New Year!

If you are interested in a slightly longer string, you can use this example. Which mainly talks about the good wishes you send to all the contacts you have touched with this chain. As you can see, it is quite sincere and full of love to send to all the people you have on this social network.

I Wish You A Merry Christmas With All Your Family And Dear Friends. I Hope You Enjoy A Good Meal, A Pleasant Atmosphere, And That You Have A Great Time. Happy Holidays!

This is proof that sometimes you don’t have to go too far to send a meaningful message to your loved ones. And through this WhatsApp chain, you can make your contacts really appreciate the nice text you’ve sent them.

They Say That WhatsApp Christmas Chains Are A Pain But I’m Sending You This Message Because I Love You Very Much And Our Friendship Can Never Be Broken… That’s Why… Don’t Break The Chain And Happy Holidays!

A chain that is definitely self-aware as it recognizes that most of these are always quite long. Unlike this text, which is quite short, but very sincere in terms of the wishes it sends. So you can send it if you don’t want to bore your contacts with extremely long texts.

May God Give You And Your Family A Great Union This Christmas. Also, May He Give Them Peace And Happiness, Which They Deserve So Much. At The Same Time, They Lack Understanding, And Their Hearts Are So Big, As To Give All Their Love To Their Neighbor. Thus, To The One Who Gives Love, God Will Return Double. Finally, May The New Year Fill You With Happiness, Joy, And A Lot Of Work, So That You Can Achieve All Your Goals. A Big Hug. Happy Holidays To All Of You!

In the event that, in fact, you prefer longer texts to fully express yourself to all your WhatsApp contacts. Then this is an ideal option. Because send peace and happiness to all the hearts you touch with this chain. In addition to sending good wishes for the New Year and that all your friends and family can fulfill what they want.

It Is True What They Say; “There Is Nothing Sadder Than Waking Up At Christmas And Not Being A Child.” But, I Would Be Sadder If I Don’t Have You With Me. Merry Christmas Friend! Pass This Message To All Your Loved Ones By WhatsApp

A short but sincere chain to send to those you miss on these festive dates like Christmas. Because you do not need to extend yourself too much if what you emit are true words and full of love to all those you love as these are.

Keep In Mind That Christmas Is Not Just Smiles And Presents Every Day. I Pray For You, For Your Family, For Your Loved Ones, And For Everyone In The World. May Everyone Be Filled With Warmth And Joy In This Holy Season And Throughout The Remainder Of The Year. Merry Christmas My Friend! Pass This Message To All Your Friends, Family, And Acquaintances On WhatsApp

This message reflects the true reason for Christmas, which is not the gifts. But bring joy to others and share with loved ones these days, which reflects the peace and kindness of the whole world. So it’s a good chain to pass on to all your friends, families, and other contacts.

Happy Holidays To You And Your Family. You Already Know That I Love You Very Much And That If You Are Happy, I Am Too. In This Way, I Pray To God The Father, To Bless Your Homes, Filling Them With Love, Union And Much Peace, And That The New Year Brings With It Prosperity, And The Launch To A Better Life, Where There Is Work, Health And Much Happiness. Finally, May The New Year Be The Opportunity For You To Feel Satisfied, Having Achieved All Your Dreams And Desires. A Big Hug, For All Of You, On These Special Dates. 

Sometimes we forget to express our feelings to those who really matter to us. And this is a good option, to also take advantage of the special times of Christmas.

It Is Possible That This Christmas We All Boast Happiness And Gifts. Please Give Us Some Time To Slow Down And Enjoy All The Moments. I Wish With All My Heart That You Have A Wonderful Christmas And A Prosperous New Year. With Much Love Your Friend. Pass This Message To 10 WhatsApp Contacts And A Miracle Will Happen This December 25 At 00:00.

Another chain that demonstrates the true reason for Christmas, is a special moment to recognize the good moments in life. In addition to being in the company of the people, we love the most. Likewise, it has a trick so that more people can send this important chain

That In These Holidays There Is A Huge Smile In Your Home, In Each One Of You. Likewise, May There Always Be Unity And Family Peace; Plus A Shower Of Blessings. Remember That God Loves You And That He Is Always Protecting You And Guiding You On The Right Path, And So That The New Year Arrives Full Of Success For Each One Of You. I Love You So Much. A Hug. Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Definitely, some beautiful wishes to dedicate through a WhatsApp message. And in addition to manifesting all the good that these times of the year mean. Remember all the love that should be shared on these special dates. In the end, dedicate a few small words of appreciation to all the people who receive the message.

May Your Christmas Shine With Your Family And Friends, An Infinity Of Love And Peace. Merry Christmas! The Gift Of Peace Of Mind. The Gift Of Pleasure. May These Be Yours At Christmas. Merry Christmas I Wish You The Best. Pass This Message To All Your Loved Ones On WhatsApp

We continue with more good wishes to express during the Christmas season. Making a reflection on the love and peace that this type of festivities means in the world. Also inviting this message to be sent to other people.

I Don’t Want Anything For Christmas, I Don’t Want Toys Or A New Mobile. I Just Want The Person Reading This To Be Happy. Because You Know What? He Deserves It. He Supported Me On Many Occasions No Matter The Place Or The Time. So Please Make Me Happy

You have 30 min. to send this to 10 people you want to smile this Christmas. Such a sincere message can mean everything to a person, even if it is quite brief. However, that brevity is balanced by all the meaning full of love and happiness that this hidden message has. Likewise, it invites all the people who receive this message to reproduce it and thus reach many more.

I Wish You A Nice Old Christmas, The Kind We Used To Live When We Were Young. Gifts May Be Missing, But Never Family And Friendship. I Hope You Have An Excellent Good Night And A Very Beautiful Christmas With Your Family And Loved Ones. Forward This Message To All Your WhatsApp Friends

A chain that reminds all your friends of the good Christmas moments, who seem to have much more magic when they are younger. However, with this message, it is hoped that a Christmas can be had with the same effect as years ago. This is one of the best Christmas chain messages.

May This Year You Find Happiness, Health, Love, And Money. What You Can’t Find, Look It Up On Google!

A much shorter chain than we have previously seen. And that also has a comical touch to bring a smile to all the people you manage to reach with this funny message on WhatsApp. Definitely an original way to give a smile to the contacts you have.

Gifts Can Be Nice, But What Really Matters Is Being Together With Friends And Family To Enjoy This Big Day. I Wish You Joy, Fantastic Hope, And All The Best So That You Can Celebrate An Excellent Christmas As You Deserve It. Merry Christmas! Send This Message To 5 Of Your WhatsApp Friends

Another chain that recalls the true message of Christmas, is a day to reflect and enjoy with friends and family. Therefore, this text is invited to preach that meaning and that all your contacts are happy during these times.

Angels, Shepherds, Washerwomen, Kings… Could It Be That José Posted The Birth Of The Baby Jesus On Facebook?

Another message full of comedy to pass with a chain through WhatsApp and wake up the Christmas spirit of all your contacts with a smile. So go ahead and send this chain to everyone you know so they can receive Christmas well.

Love, Peace, And Joy Are The Necessary Components To Live A Happy Christmas. We Hope You Find Them In This Happy Season. Have A Great Christmas And A Happy New Year With Your Family And Loved Ones! Send This Message To 10 WhatsApp Friends. I Look Forward To Yours!

We continue with the Christmas chain messages that talk about the true components of Christmas. Therefore, with a chain like this, you can send your wishes of love, peace, and joy to all the contacts you want on WhatsApp. As well as inviting them to also send these wishes to your own contacts.

The Mayor Of Belén Arrested For Requalifying The Portal. The Three Wise Men Are Involved. The Child Will Be Born In One Chalet. Santa Claus Has Presented Himself As A Prosecutor, So This Year No Gifts Will Be Sent To Anyone. Merry Christmas!

Another funny message to break the ice through WhatsApp and also give a smile to all the contacts you have registered. You can invite them to also send this chain, to continue spreading joy through this social network.

Merry Christmas! May The Magic Of These Dates Fill The People Around You With Joy And Happiness, May Hope And Happiness Not Disappear From Your Heart Throughout The Year. Happy Holidays Wishes You

At the end of this message, you can put your own name, to make the chain more personalized. Since you will be sending your deepest wishes to all the contacts you have on WhatsApp. In addition to that, you can invite them to continue the chain, and brighten the day for more people.

Happy Easter From The Alzheimer’s Association And Best Wishes For 1984

This humorous message is sure to help bring a smile to the people you’ve decided to send this message to. You can enjoy reading the answers of each of them, and wait for them to forward it to their own contacts to continue the chain.

Happy Holidays, May They Be Full Of Blessings For Your Family And Your Loved Ones, Do Not Forget To Give Christmas Is A Time To Share With Our Loved Ones, Thanks For What You Have, A Strong Hug And All My Love. Send This To All Your WhatsApp Contacts

A simple message, but it lacks nothing when it comes to sending good wishes to your friends and family through WhatsApp. Remember that this is the perfect time to send all these wishes and let everyone know that you appreciate them.

Where Have You Been? We Can’t Find You Anywhere. We Need You To Come Back, You Are Very Important To Us And You Also Know Very Well That You Cannot Set Up The Nativity Scene WITHOUT THE DONKEY. Merry Christmas!

We end with another humorous message to break the ice among your contacts, especially in these times when it is more necessary to spread joy than on another date of the year.


Do not forget at any time when you want to send these types of Christmas chain messages, that you must remind your contacts to forward these messages to their own friends. And thus spread many more smiles around the world. Hope you liked these Christmas chain messages. Stay tuned to Basictricks for more information.

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