How to Clean iPhone Charging Port {Step by Step Process}

Clean iPhone Charging Port: There are different reasons why your iPhone might be having problems when charging your battery. It is possible that the cable is stripped and has lost power circulation. You have to update the software and even the USB Lightning port may be damaged.

Additionally, it is also likely that the charging port on your iPhone has traces of dirt. At first glance, the battery may be charging normally but it could be the case that it loses energy along the way.

Clean iPhone Charging Port

How to clean iPhone Charging Port

Anyway, even if your iPhone does not have problems when charging the battery, the USB Lightning port is easily filled with dirt, dust, food scraps, sand, lint from the pocket … But do not worry, today we will show you how to clean The USB Lightning port correctly.

What will we need?

Fortunately, all the necessary elements for the correct cleaning of the USB Lightning port are probably found in any house:

  • Flashlight: You will need good lighting to have the ability to see if the USB Lightning port is clean enough, before and after cleaning. It is hard to see at the bottom of that orifice so tiny, but it will help.
  • Chopsticks: This will be your main cleaning tool. You will need several in case you accidentally break one. But it is not advisable to press hard to clean the USB Lightning port.
  • Cotton: It is not a bad idea to have some cotton on the tip of the toothpick to help you clean, but not much, as it can be counterproductive.

How to clean iPhone Charging Port: Step by Step Process

Now we will check how to clean the charging port of iPhone using the steps below. Just follow according to the steps so that you can do it easily without any issue.

How to Clean Charging Port of iPhone

How to Clean Charging Port of iPhone

Step 1: Turn off your iPhone.

Step 2: If you do not have sticks with a straight tip, cut it to avoid damaging the port.

Step 3: If you use cotton, just place the toothpick in the cotton and turn it until it wraps around its tip.

Step 4: Just Turn on the Flashlight and Check how much dirt was struck in the Charging Port.

Step 5: Insert the toothpick into the hole of the USB Lightning port Or Charging Port.

Step 6: Start scratching with a lot of softness.

Step 7: When you remove the stick you will see that the cotton contains enough dirt.

Step 8: Repeat the step, carefully, and with a lot of patience.

Do the same Process Until you think that you have cleaned all the dirt in the Charging port. If you have any doubt in it, Just turn on the Flashlight and check whether it is completely cleared or not.

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For obvious reasons, Apple recommends DO NOT use water to clean the USB Lightning port. We hope you have been happy by the article and the process to clean the charging port of the iPhone devices… Feel free to ask your doubts if you face any while doing the process. We will solve your issue by replying to your question. Like us and share the article with your friends at social media.

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