CMMS Software and its Benefits

Computers have changed the way we work with our day to day life. Maintenance Management is a field that is not left much behind. CMMS is the computerized way of managing your maintenance schedule. What is CMMS and what are the benefits? Let us go through the features and the benefits of the software in this article.

CMMS Software and its Benefits

What is CMMS Software?

CMMS means Computerised Maintenance Management System. It will be helpful for the managers of the maintenance facilities to track all the assets of your organization. You can schedule all the tasks related to repair or preventive maintenance. You can manage costs and handle compliance standards.

How does CMMS Work?

The maintenance software works in three key work areas. You can use it to delegate the work to external contractors. The key areas that you can use the tool for include –

  • Managing Assets – All your assets can be recorded. The assets include equipment, vehicles, and fixtures. This includes location, date of purchase, and service history.
  • Job Orders – The job orders can be tracked in a perfect manner. You can manage maintenance and repair requests. CMMS lets you track the orders from the submission stage up to completion.
  • Compliance with Regulations – Regulatory standards are one of the important requirements to be complied with if your tasks are to stay within the good books the authorities. CMMS can aid you here by making it compulsory for the contractors to submit their relevant certificates. 

How does CMMS Benefit you?

There are several benefits associated with CMMS tool. Some of them can be summed up as

  • Improve Your Efficiency – A CMMS tool helps you reduce down time. The well-scheduled maintenance program will mean lesser over time.
  • Reduced Costs – CMMS helps you cut down on costs by implementing in time schedules. Parts are ordered and stocked well in advance rather than being arranged when something goes wrong. 
  • Improved Equipment Life – Regular preventive maintenance is what increases the life of the equipment. Apart from keeping your equipment in good shape, the tool also saves you money in the long run.
  • Enhanced Productivity – The preventive maintenance schedule helps you have the parts in hand well in advance and thus help in improved productivity. 

Who uses the CMMS Tools?

Well, the CMMS tool is best suited for every section of your organization. However, some of the key areas that it would benefit include

  • Production – Manufacturing units have a few heavy types of machinery and assembly lines. This would be in need of frequent maintenance and CMMS helps you in those areas.
  • Fleets – These organizations take care of vehicles and transportation. Car rental services, Pizza delivery, courier services are some examples. All of them need regular maintenance and CMMS takes care of it.
  • Facility – This group of companies that handle buildings and fixed assets. Buildings definitely need maintenance. Malls, theatres and government buildings are what can be taken care of by means of CMMS.
  • Linear Assets – This is a special group of companies that own roads, fibre cables, and pipelines. A CMMS tool helps you in these aspects as well.

In A Nutshell:

In essence, a CMMS tool will go long way in letting you have a proper management of your assets and put the onus of complying with the regulations on the contractors. The benefits of using a CMMS software have been pointed out in the above paragraphs. Make use of the tool to make your life better.


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