50 Crazy Challenges to Enjoy at a Party With Friends

The challenges and penances that you will see below are perfect to do in groups and at parties. You will realize because doing them with more people is much more fun.

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Crazy Challenges to Enjoy at a Party

Get to know these crazy challenges below and put them into practice whenever you want, especially at parties and hangouts.

1. Sing your favorite song where there are many people

Something you and your friends can do to kill some boredom. Don’t forget to record the moment to remember it for more days.

2. Group Bridge Challenge

This is a fun challenge for the holidays. It is about using a ping pong ball and each participant has pieces of cardboard as a bridge to prevent it from falling.

3. Act like an animal (the group chooses)

A perfect penance to put on someone during a game of truth or dare. It’s funnier than the title says.

4. Shoot the cups

A typical party challenge, and again a ping pong ball is used. But this time you will have to dunk it in some plastic cups placed on a table.

5. Take your socks off with your teeth

Another penance for the game of truth or dare, which is quite entertaining when seen in practice. So keep her in mind when you have to challenge someone.

6. Eat a cookie

Don’t let the statement fool you. Because you will have to eat a cookie by placing it on your forehead and without using your hands. So you will have to move it without it falling into your mouth.

7. Dial any number on the mobile/telephone and when they answer, two people shout at the top of their lungs

A challenge to do with your best friend in a moment of boredom. Remember that you may have to apologize to the person you called later.

8. Go around 10 times and try to walk in a straight line

It seems simpler than it is, but you can feel like a real drunk under this effect if you perform the challenge. Something definitely fun to watch and record.

9. Towel race

Here two participants have to sit on towels on the floor and crawl to advance to a goal. Being a quite unusual competition.

10. Two people call someone and try to make a long stupid conversation

A challenge similar to that of prank calls, and they will have to contact the person who yelled at them in the previous challenge and then try to have a conversation with them if it is allowed.

11. Choose three people from the group and have them choose three ingredients from the kitchen. Mix ’em up and drink it

In this challenge, the level of creativity and evil that the others involved have also mattered. You may not want to know what they will give you.

12. Target shooting with cans

Here they have to test everyone’s aim. With rubber bands and a ball of paper, make a crossbow attempt with your hands to make some cans fall.

13. Makeup someone with their eyes closed. When you finish take a photo and send it to some contacts

In this case, you must use your makeup skills on some victims, but with their eyes closed. And in the end, portray whatever the result they have had.

14. You can’t say bad words during the rest of the game

For some people, it can be easy, but for others, it can be a challenge to be well-spoken for a moment.

15. Fly paper planes

Take the game of paper airplanes to another level, and compete to see which person can get through the obstacles and goals with this little piece of origami.

16. Lemon Challenge

It is that all competitors must suck a lemon wedge and whoever spits it out first, naturally loses. You will see how difficult it can be.

17. Dance the macarena

Another quite common penance in this type of game, but your team can decide if you will do it in front of people on the street or just in front of the group.

18. Soccer with coins

It consists of two participants throwing a coin like a ball with their fingers over a goal to win. They can use sticky tape to set the goal.

19. Makeup Challenge

In this case, the person who has been challenged must be made up by whoever has the least knowledge of possible make-up in the group.

20. Put your shoes on backward and keep them that way.

Something that can be quite simple, but over time becomes very annoying for the person being challenged.

21. Dot and Box Challenges

This is a fairly simple game, it is about building squares by joining a series of points in turns. Whoever makes the most boxes wins.

22. Egg Roulette

As the statement indicates, they will occupy an egg that each participant must hit with their head. The one who breaks it will be the one who obviously loses.

23. Take a spoonful of spicy

Something easy for spicy food tasters, but for the most sensitive palates it can become torture.

24. Makeup with closed eyes

Unlike the previous makeup challenges, in this case, it will be you who has to do someone else’s makeup with your eyes closed.

25. Marshmallow Challenge

A fairly simple and delicious challenge, which tries to get as many marshmallows in your mouth. Without eating any of course.

26. Kiss the back of the neck of the person to your right

A spicy challenge to do at a group party.

27. Practice a new sport

This is more of a challenge for your life in general. What can you do to change it for the better or leave it as it was?

28. Bottle Cap Challenge

A viral challenge that you already know for sure. It is about removing the lid of a bottle with a kick without causing anything to fall.

29. Cinnamon Challenge

Another viral challenge is quite unpleasant but fun to watch. Which is about taking a spoonful of cinnamon.

30. Kiss someone in the group (they can choose anyone).

As you will see, your group will have to choose with whom you do the penance. Which is much more interesting.

31. Lip Challenge

Another trending social media challenge involves sucking on the inside of a glass to grow lips. But be careful not to hurt yourself.

32. Serenade the person in front of you

With this challenge, the other people in the group can accompany the one who has been challenged with a beautiful song.

33. Shout in the street that you have fallen in love

Another challenge involves fulfilling it in front of the whole world.

34. Food Challenge

This consists of someone standing behind you and pretending their arms were yours to feed you.

35. Dress in your shirt inside out

Something quite simple for the person to whom this penance touches.

36. Sing and dance like crazy

The people who are with you can decide if you will do it outside your house or together with them.

37. Flip the bottle

Another viral challenge consists of taking a bottle with a little water inside and making it fall straight.

38. Sing whatever you say for the rest of the game

Now every time you speak you have to do it singing until the end of the day.

39. Propose yourself to the person you like

A daring challenge that you will see if you are going to meet honestly or not.

40. 100 layers of nail polish

Here you have to spend a lot of nail polish since they will try to put up to 100 layers of it.

41. Make a call (with random numbers) and say: I ALREADY HAVE THE CORPSE, WHERE DO I TAKE IT NOW?

Another phone call challenge. Here it is worth listening to how the other person reacts.

42. Call some unknown number and sing happy birthday

More challenges to do behind the phone.

43. Shirt Challenge

In this game, your friends must link arms to pass a shirt to each other without losing the thread of the game.


Make sure to apologize to your mother later before she thinks bad things about you.

45. Hug the first person you meet on the street

In this challenge, it is also worth seeing and recording the reaction that people have.

46. ​​Box Challenge

Put an animal, strange object, or food in a box so that another person can put their hands in it and guess what it is about.

47. Start a pillow fight with strangers

Head out into the street with two pillows, throw one at your chosen person, and start a pillow fight. Sure, if the other person is up for it.

48. Getting up to sing on a bar counter

For a bar, this situation is perhaps not very strange. You can even be part of the show.

49. Group Costume

Go out all dressed as what you want to the street. Wait for your photos to be taken or for other people to start laughing at you.

50. Take an embarrassing photo and post it on your social networks

A simple and quite common challenge to finish, compared to the others that we have shown you. Look after all the reactions and comments you have.

So with these challenges, you have a whole day of fun to live with your friends. Don’t stop recording and leaving for posterity everything that happens, because it will be worth reliving all the laughs once again with each of these crazy group challenges.

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