How to Create Hidden User Account in Windows 7.

Create an Hidden User Account in Windows 7 – Manage User Accounts :

Creating an Hidden user account in windows for windows. Create an hidden user account for windows 7 is useful and resourceful.When an computer is password projected then at that time this hidden user account is useful or when your account does not have an administrator privileges.



If you want to create an hidden user account in windows 7 for administrator privileges. Don’t worry i have created a tutorial. In which you will see “How to create an Hidden User Account in windows 7“. You can use your hidden account in with full authority like an Administrator account. As in windows system log we can have both the accounts.
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Step by step procedure to create an hidden account:

Here i am going to teach you the step by step procedure to create an hidden account in windows. With out wasting the time let’s go in to the tutorial.
  • First of all you should search for NotePad in the Start search bar.
  • Open the your Notepad.
  • Now copy the below code in your Note Pad.


@echo off


net user hidden password here /add


net local group Administrators hidden /add



  • After placing the code. You should replace the here text with your desired password and also add your desired username by replacing the hidden text.
  • Now go to file and then click on Save as.. .
  • Then type Hidden.bat and then select All Files from the Save as type option.
  • Now click on save.
  • Now you should Locate to your saved file and then open it using the Administrator account by right-clicking on the file and then select the Run as Administrator option.
  • Then a command prompt window will appear for a few seconds and then disappears.
  • Let us now check it is working or not by going to Command prompt and then type Net Users and then if you see your newly created account, then it is working.
  • That’s it. You have Done!!!

These is step by step procedure on creating the hidden account in windows 7. So follow according to the steps and create a successful account.
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I hope that you have learnt ” How to create an Hidden user Account in windows 7“. Feel free to share your problems regarding the tutorial. We will help to solve the problem. Mean while don’t miss to Like us and Share the post in social media networks.

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