How to Create a Site Map or Table of Contents in Blogger.

Create a Site Map or Table of Contents In Blogger:

This a very good widget to display all Your blog post at one place. User who visited to blog can easily see all the posts. So this widget helps us keep all our content as a table. 
This gadget will also help you to add a table of contents or sitemap on Blogger showing the index of all posts separated by categories(labels) that have been published. It will also show the latest posts with a text saying New!

So this will definitely help the visitors to see all your blog post at one place as table.





How to Add a Site Map with a List of Post in Blogger: 

Step 1) Go to Blogger Dashboard.
Step 2) Go to ..>>Page..>>New Page.
Step 3) Click on Html Tab.
Step 4) Paste the below Code.

Note: Replace the With your Blog Link. To Get your post titles.
Step 4) Click On Option on the Right side and click on Don’t Allow (Hide Existing) for the Reader Comments.
Step 5) Click On Publish.
Step 6) That’s it You have Done.

These are the Recommendations giving by a Blogger to the Bloggers to develop themselves by the below Articles.


  • You can Change the Labels colour by Chancing #242424 to your desired colour.
  • You can also change the size of the Font By chancing 15px to your Desired Size.
  • Replace the Post Titles colours to your Wanted colour by replace #0000FF


You have reached the right place to clear all your Blogging Doubts. In this post i think i have cleared “How to create a Site Map or Table of Content in Blogger Blog”. Feel Free to Ask your doubts in Comment.

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