How to Delete a Gmail Account.

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently:

Every person in the internet world has an Gmail account registered by his/ her name at some point of time. Even some people has multiple Gmail accounts for different uses. If you are here to Delete Gmail Account, then you are the right place. Deleting Gmail Account is an easy process if you follow the below procedure. So i’m here to teach you a tutorial on “How do i Delete My Gmail Account“. If you decide to Delete a Gmail Account then be ready for the deleting process.


When you think of deleting the gmail account. Then 3 questions may arise in to your mind like

  • How to Delete Gmail Account??
  • How to Delete My Gmail Account??
  • How to Delete Your Gmail Account??

Don’t worry every question about deleting the gmail account will be cleared by the below procedure. If you unfortunately delete the gmail account and want to retrieve the Gmail Account back then check  Gmail Account Recovery post here.
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Steps to Delete Gmail Account:

You should follow this simple steps for deleting the gmail account. The steps are as follow as

  • Sign-in to the gmail account which you want to delete.



  • After logged-in, Click on profile Pic>>Account



  • Now Click on Data Tools.



  • The Data Tools page will be opened. Now click on Delete Account and Data.



  • Check all the boxes, Make sure of checking the complete details before marking to deleting the account.



  • Close your account. Enter the password and check the following boxes to delete your account.



  • Now click on Delete Google Account.
  • That’s it. Your account has been deleted successfully.

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Now your account has been deleted permanently. 
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