Ways to Double your blog traffic Easy guest posting techniques on authority blogs.


Want to start with your own blog? Wanting to build a great site needs you to put your blog in front of the right audience. And being a new blogger in order to bring more traffic to your site the only way out is guest blogging.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging, as the name suggests is a blog by a guest that is sharing valuable content with readers online with a little contrast that the content won’t be published on their own blog. Instead it has to be published on someone else’s blog. Now don’t confuse guest blogging with articles submission to article directories.

When talking on the basis of platform, then both guest blogging and submitting articles to article directories are similar as in both of them, content is written on other platform but the main difference lies in their level of play and audience. Guest articles receive higher comments and interaction as there is a closer tie and communal bond between the blog owner, the guest bloggers and the readers.

Why Guest Blogging?

Let me explain you with a scenario where instead of building a blog and waiting for readers to find your content by coming to your blog, you can rather take your content to their preferred target audience. With this your blog will have a competitive edge over other blogs.

You build your online credibility among the blog owners and its readers. This helps in the near future if you think of launching some product; or if you want to gain revenues from it then with guest posting you must have a quick look on detailed guide to conversion rate optimization, meanwhile the blogs you write guest articles for, will be a great leverage for you if they advertise for you.

You might be thinking how exactly guest blogging help build your brand in the market. The strategy behind guest blogging is it works on link building. Didn’t get it? Let me explain you. When you write guest articles, you are actually back linking it to your blog which increases your page ranks in the search engines. In search engine algorithm, a backlink from a quality content website or authority blog is considered as a vote of credibility. They increase your social media presence too.

This helps a lot if you can show that you are an authority in your field and that the authority is recognized on other bogs

Easy guest posting Techniques on Authority Blogs:

If you are thinking it to be too easy to just write for the big blogs then you are mistaken, my friend. Before getting it published, you have to make sure your guest article contains valuable information. No big blog just lets you publish your article on their site unless it’s worth the effort. And if your guest article gets published then keep in mind to involve yourself in the interaction that follows your guest article. This lets you put your authority in your field of blog.


Guest blogging can be a lot beneficial and can be a great marketing strategy provided the fact you really know what you are doing and how to go about it. With guest blogging you can gain maximum exposure for your blog increasing your brand recognition.

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