50 Easy Challenges To Do At Home When You Are Bored

Do you ever feel like you need a new challenge in your life? Something to make you feel excited and motivated? Well, look no further! We have put together a list of 50 easy challenges that you can do at home.

Check out our list of easy challenges that you can do at home! These easy challenges are fun, and exciting, and will help improve your fitness level, mental toughness, and overall well-being. They are perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels.

easy challenges to do at home

Whether you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular health, strength, or flexibility, we’ve got you covered. Plus, these easy challenges are a great way to break up the monotony of your regular workout routine. So what are you waiting for? Start challenging yourself today!

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50 Easy Challenges To Do At Home

There are some easy challenges you can set for yourself every day. Either to create new healthier habits or to vary things a little from day to day. As you will see from the following examples.

1. Sort the apps on your cell phone

It is common for a person to have a quite messy cell phone, so you can take some time to catalog the applications by folders.

2. Talk to a stranger every day for 12 days

Surely you have someone in your social networks with whom you have never spoken, and this is your opportunity to see what kind of person they are.

3. Write 3 things that happened to you today

 fun challenges to do

As a journal, you can describe the three most important things that happened to you that day. To read them again in the future.

4. Do not eat animal products for 10 days

It may be very difficult for you at first, but then you will see the results. Of course, you can always go back to your usual diet after the challenge is over.

5. Clean your mailbox

Another virtual environment that many people neglect. So now you can take advantage of the time to empty those useless emails that you don’t need.

6. Being shirtless all over the house for 20 minutes

A challenge that may seem silly to you, but that will allow you to experience freedom for a few minutes.

7. Dress like it’s a special day

Being at home is not enough of an excuse not to dress well. That staying at home doesn’t take away part of your style.

8. Make a prank call

A classic challenge for those moments of boredom that attack anyone. But perfect for getting a good laugh.

9. Put together a puzzle

It is a good tool to pass the time and to increase mental abilities.

10. Jump without stopping for up to 4 minutes

It may sound easy, but if you don’t have the physical condition you could get tired in just the first few minutes.

11. Organize your resume

Maybe you want to add new information about yourself, or a more updated photo. Who knows when you’ll get an opportunity to use your resume again.

12. Write someone a note with what you like about him/her, every day

A good challenge to fulfill with your partner, so they will maintain the union during the days when they cannot see each other.

13. Create a nightly routine

If you organize yourself every day, you will be able to better see how you distribute your time and make the most of it.

14. Take a different photo of yourself every day

This way you will have a quite interesting album, in which you will see how you have changed over the days.

15. Clean out your closet

 easy challenges to do

Your virtual environments aren’t the only ones that require cleaning. This way you can get rid of a lot of clothes that you already use.

16. Walk 30 minutes daily

Also do not forget that you should always stay active, for the sake of your health.

17. Stay offline for a day

Being off the networks and the internet for a day can be favorable for you, and even be a totally new experience.

18. Cook a different recipe for thirty days

It’s time to test your culinary skills for a whole month. Maybe even better in the kitchen.

19. Define your goals for the coming months

You can do this by creating a plan of long-term and short-term goals and objectives for the rest of the year.

20. Learn to draw a human face with online tutorials or books

If you’ve always wanted to draw, you can take the time off to find tutorials to learn how to do it right.

21. Clean out your drawers

Surely you keep endless useless junk in your drawers, which you have to opportunity to get rid of.

22. Watch a documentary every day

With documentaries, you can increase your knowledge on various topics in an interactive way.

23. Delete unnecessary things

From repeated images, videos that you no longer need, and applications that you no longer use. To optimize the memory of your phone much more.

24. Read a chapter of a book daily

Choose any book that catches your attention. You will see that with this technique you will increase your reading level and finish faster and faster.

25. Do breathing exercises every morning

challenges to do at home

You don’t know how many good exercises as simple as these will do you. You will notice after a few days how good you feel after a few exercises.

26. Read an article every day

It can be a scientific, entertaining, or informative article. This will keep your knowledge current.

27. Turn off notifications for a day

You will see how liberating it can be to disconnect from social networks for a day. And not feel the pressure of having to answer all the time.

28. Perfect a skill in 30 days

There are tutorials on the internet for anything, so pick a skill you have but want to improve.

29. Write something for 20 minutes

It can be a journal, a book of your own inspiration, or an essay. It is a good tool to release your thoughts and develop your writing.

30. Wake up early every day

For some, it may be quite difficult, but you will see how your sleep hygiene improves as the days go by. You should also commit to going to bed earlier.

31. Draw a feeling every day

A challenge for the most artistic that will be quite interesting. This way you will see how the feelings are from your perspective.

32. For 30 days, keep a diary of your activities and thoughts

This can be for you as an outlet or a way to plan your future activities.

33. Write 5 things every day for which you feel grateful

Even if you don’t think about it, gratitude is a good way to keep your spirits up every day.

34. Meditate every day

You can do it through guided audios or with the help of videos to make things easier for you.

35. Spend a whole day watching romantic movies

easy challenges to do with your partner

If they are not to your liking, after this day you will begin to like them more. So choose an entire marathon to watch for a full day.

36. Go to bed 30 minutes before your routine time

You will see how a half-hour can change everything in your sleep routine. And you will start to feel more rested with each passing day.

37. Watch an entire short series in one day

A challenge that will be quite easy for fans of the Netflix series. For that, select a short series that catch your attention.

38. Take a relaxing bath every day

Sometimes we do not consider enough the good influence that a relaxing bath can bring in our lives.

39. Look for a new musical genre that you did not listen to before

This is the time to give a chance to a genre of music that you didn’t even pay attention to before. Your tastes might surprise you this time.

40. Don’t use the phone for two hours

So you can use that time to do other productive activities, such as reading, cooking, and even exercising. Which will change your routine quite a bit.

41. Watch a movie that did not catch your attention before

Maybe there’s a movie that everyone has seen, but you don’t care. So this is the time to give it a try, which may surprise you.

42. Make a list of thanks to certain people

Surely there are some people in your life to whom you have to thank something. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to list all those to whom we owe a thank you.

43. Perform 50 sit-ups daily

It is a good challenge to start exercising since it is not very demanding. Of course, if you have been inactive for a while, it can be difficult at first.

44. Try a Youtube workout routine

After you have overcome the previous challenge, it is time to consider a real routine. So you can look for a beginner on Youtube that suits you.

45. Play board games with your family

fun games to play at home

If you’re with your family, it’s time to foster union with a good board game. But, of course, this can also facilitate many discussions if there is someone who is a sore loser.

46. ​​Do a social media cleanup

Surely you have hundreds of friends on social networks with whom you do not even talk or are aware of them. So it’s time to purge your contacts and followers. This is another one of the easy challenges to do at home.

47. Get close to your window and draw what you see

Another artistic challenge is that you will use anything you see through your window as inspiration. From the landscape of a city, children playing or trees if you have them nearby.

48. Make a healthy dessert

On the internet, there are thousands of interesting dessert recipes that you can make, and that is also healthier than you think. So you don’t have to worry about calories.

49. Plant a seed and water it every day

This can become a good habit of perseverance and see how a new life grows before your eyes. Something wonderful to see and experience.

50. Clean your desk

If you have a desk, it will surely be full of issues that do not require, as well as dust and dirt from day to day. So now is the time to give it a good cleaning.

Final Words

With all these easy challenges you will always have something new to do every day. Either to kill time or to entertain yourself for a while. Therefore, there is no longer a place for boredom and idleness in your life. Stay tuned to Basictricks for more information. Do you have any easy challenges for us? Comment below!

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