Email Automation is the Present Trends in Marketing in 2018

Emails have been an essential part of communication since the first day of internet. As people grow more interconnected in this era of digitalization, there are new ways of communication is emerging. Social media, PPC, Viral Videos, SEO, Dynamic Advertising – with all these newer trends email marketing might seem a bit old-fashioned to you. 

If you have this idea, then you are completely wrong. With the help of new technologies, emails are more powerful and reliable marketing than ever. So without wasting any time you need to master your email marketing trends in 2018.


Email Automation To Reach More People:

Here is a statistics for your information. Between the period of July and September, 2017 people sent fewer email for their purpose but aren’t that emails are supposed to get more attention?

Actually, with the help of email automation, it is getting more efficient. You don’t have to send a lot of emails to reach your target audience. You can send fewer emails to a selected audience and have a more effective result. Fewer emails also help to gain subscribers as nobody wants their inbox to be spammed.

Instead Of Using Auto-Respond, Automate!

There are several marketers out there who have expertise in marketing automation campaigns. The responsiveness using email marketing automation compared to simple auto-response technique is way higher. You don’t need to send a lot of emails to convey your point to the audience. Use marketing automation as an essential tool for your marketing strategy.

The marketing automation strategy gives you a more structured manner to your campaigns. The effectiveness is increased, and the communication stays relevant. There are several techniques out there which you can master. These strategies will help you to identify who needs what sort of content and their communication style.

  • Scoring: you can assess your contents based on responses you are getting from it. It can give you an idea about your customers. Are they merely window shoppers? Do they prove leads? Are they returning as a customer? Each of the queries will be resolved in a tailored marketing strategy.
  • Tagging And Segmenting: Provide your contacts to the marketing automation system, and it will automatically assign them to groups according to your criteria. If a person opens your email and registers with the given link, that person will be assigned to the “leads” group. That contact will be specially treated compared the person not signing up for that option.
  • Triggers: Create an advanced marketing strategy that allows you to plan every action your contacts will take. Based on their behaviour the condition checkings will be done which are known as “Trigger.” These triggers are immensely useful and make sure the right emails are going to the right recipient.

Automation Is Cheaper Than You Think:

Email automation platforms won’t burn a hole in your pocket. In contrary to popular belief, it is way cheaper than other marketing strategies. One can be easily swayed by a viral video, but there are fewer chances that the person will be paying for it.

When you choose email automation, the right product advertising reaches the right target audience. Each time you press the send button, you will see every nugget of information about the email preferences.

Get More Personal With Audience:

If you are sending emails in a generalized format, you are doing it wrong. You need to interact with every person in your contacts individually. It will always make your customer feel good and more reliable when you interact with them alone. This is the key to email marketing.

Email automation allows you to do that by using marketing automation software. You can customize every single part of your email and fit the preferences of your customer. You can include information that is relevant to them by adding their name and greetings. It is a very popular approach and increases your CTC rates. Also, keep it in mine short subject lines does not always mean better results. It is longer subject lines that have higher chances of clicks. Use emojis to be friendlier with the customer and build a strong relationship with them. Keep all these strategies in your arsenal, and it is assured that you will have a successful year of marketing ahead in 2018.

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