50 Extreme and Dangerous Challenges

All these challenges that you will see below must be done at your own risk. Because they will look somewhat harmless, but once you do them you will see the true intensity of each of them.

Extreme and Dangerous Challenges

Therefore, we warn you that if you are not sure that you can do them without compromising your safety, it is better to give up. They are extreme challenges that not everyone is capable of carrying out.

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Extreme and Dangerous Challenges

If you still see yourself with strength and courage, here you have our selection of 50 extreme challenges.

1. The car dance

This is a challenge that went viral in a matter of days, which consists of going in a walking car and getting out of it dancing to a song without it stopping.

2. #YoPatinoEnCasa

A challenge for skateboard fans who can’t leave home to do their stunts. You have to put ingenuity to create a skate park in your own home.

3. Eat a garlic

It may sound simple but it is more difficult and disgusting than you think. So do not underestimate this challenge if someone has proposed it to you.

4. #FlyBikesQuarantineChallenge

If the skate thing hasn’t convinced you, then this challenge inspired by BMX competitions is about doing stunts inside your house riding a bicycle.

5. Give a daring complement to someone unknown

In this case, you have to be careful with the person you choose to do this challenge because they can get upset.

6. #Home Climbing Wall

Another challenge that does pay homage to the title of being extreme. Here it is about performing the sport of climbing in parts of your home such as the kitchen, rooms, among others.

7. Making a false confession to his mom

Here you can get creative. You can confess to your mother that you will leave home, that you will drop out of school, among other possibilities. But be careful not to get upset.

8. Challenge ‘Stay home’

This is one proposed by a well-known physical therapist, who provided the world with metabolic training so that everyone can take care of themselves at home.

9. Go to the toilet and put your hand

Something disgusting that many people would avoid doing as usual, but like any challenge, you have to meet it.

10. #Orbea 500 Challenge

Another bicycle or physical activity challenge that is carried out through an app called Strava, in which you have to pedal 500 kilometers until a certain date or 500 accumulated in exercises.

11. Wax one arm

Here the person who challenges you can decide whether to be nice to you and use depilatory cream, or hot wax to make you suffer.

12. #HomeProChallenge

A challenge you have to do with a GoPro camera, includes making creative videos recorded from anywhere in the home.

13. Say “I love you” to the last person you chatted with

Depending on who you last talked to, completing this challenge can be quite passable or very uncomfortable.

14. #YoRapeoEnCasa

In this case, you must record your best rap improvisation to complete this challenge. Cheer up and maybe you’ll surprise a few.

15. Getting slapped by another player

Don’t worry, maybe the other person will patronize you and it won’t hurt as much. Or maybe not.

16. Do a mutton flip

Another challenge that can be quite easy for some, but for the less experienced it can be a nightmare to do a cartwheel.

17. Beg your ex to come back

Either by phone call, by text message or, if you are braver, face to face. Then you can apologize by saying that it was all a dare.

18. Dance the macarena in front of everyone

Something for the most daring who have no concept of shame of their own. It’s also great to have a few laughs.

19. Call an unknown number

Here the possibilities can be many because you can invent a whole character to call that unknown person and leave them stupefied.

20. Lick your best friend’s face

A definitely gross challenge for both you and your friend. But that they have to put up with for the love of the game.

21. Pull the hair of an unknown woman (only for women)

Likewise, with this challenge, you have to be careful of the other person’s reaction. We all know that a hair pull is not pleasant at all.

22. Eat 10 cookies in less than a minute.

Once again, something easy for those who have a bigger appetite and maybe something more complicated for those who are not used to eating fast.

23. Propose to the person you like

A challenge that truly is for the bravest.

24. Drink a dip chosen by the person to your left.

Luckily they are just dressings unless you do not tolerate any specific one. And if the person knows, you will be in danger of having to consume it.

25. Make an intimate confession in front of the group

Of course, the group has to promise me that said confession will not leave that place at all.

26. Post a spicy message on the Facebook wall of a married contact

And be careful not to get in trouble with that person’s partner. Anyway, in the end, you can tell him that it was just a challenge.

27. Write a confession of your relationship in a Facebook status

If you are in a current relationship, then the challenge is for you to confess something about it.

28. Like all of your crush’s Instagram photos

Maybe a single “like” to a photo will not be uncommon, but more than 100 Instagram notifications from the same person could attract the attention of the person you like.

29. Say “I hate you” to a teacher

You can take it as a joke, maybe you don’t care or get defensive. Still, it will be a very interesting reaction to watch.

30. Do 50 sit-ups in a row

For those people who usually train, this challenge may be something easy to do. Unlike those that barely move from the bedroom to the kitchen.

31. Give a kiss on the cheek to a stranger of the opposite gender

This is also quite a risky challenge to meet, especially for those who are timider.

32. Kiss the player to your left

Regardless of who is on your left, you must meet this challenge no matter how extreme it may seem.

33. Throw a paper at a teacher

Something to accomplish during class, and that you have to be careful not to get caught red-handed.

34. Grab some socks, put them in the toilet, and put them on.

If wearing wet socks is already unpleasant enough, having them with toilet water will be incredibly worse.

35. Licking another player’s big toe

A challenge that may also seem disgusting to you but that you still have to fulfill.

36. Kiss the floor passionately

You will have wished that that day they had cleaned the floor well if they did not do it before proposing these challenges.

37. Take an unpublishable photo and upload it to Facebook

With unpublishable we can refer to anything. So your friends have to propose what kind of embarrassing photo you will have to upload to the social network.

38. Brush your teeth with mustard

If you can’t stand mustard, then this challenge will be very difficult for you. But don’t worry, because it’s nothing to write home about, it’s just a dressing.

39. Going out into the street and yelling: “I’ll do an oral for free”

Something much more daring that can leave you in the mockery of all the people who just cross the street at that moment.

40. Record yourself singing and upload it to a social network

It’s time to put your singing skills to the test and let everyone witness your beautiful voice on a social network.

41. Take a spoonful of spicy

We hope that the house where you do this challenge does not have a hot sauce that can take you to the stratosphere.

42. Go out the door of the house and scream at the top of your lungs: “I’m out of the closet!”

Again, you will have to be the public mockery thanks to a challenge. But don’t worry, remember that nobody knows you out there, unless you cross paths with your family or your neighbors.

43. Take off everything except underwear

Something quite daring to do in a group, luckily, you’ll be in confidence and it’s just a simple game.

44. Kiss your toes

Here you can test your flexibility and your resistance to unpleasant actions. You may have wished you had good hygiene on your feet.

45. Go to a pharmacy and order 15 boxes of condoms

Get ready to see the stunned faces of the pharmacy managers when you ask for such an amount.

46. ​​Running in underwear

It is not specified if inside a house or on the outskirts of it, what if you must do that challenge as a place.

47. Swapping all clothing with a player of the other gender

It will be entertaining to see the other person in a dress, for example, if it is a man and you are a woman.

48. Receive a slap from each of the players

Something similar to a previous challenge, but this time you have to submit to the blows of all the people who are involved.

49. Post “I feel like it” in your WhatsApp status

This phrase can have many meanings, so only the most evil-minded will run to respond to your status.

50. Post on social networks the name of the person you hate the most

You don’t have to say that you hate that person, just their name. This will leave a few, including the aforementioned, quite disconcerted.

Do not be intimidated when they propose these challenges to you, what is more, you can propose them to us and see how the whole group accepts them and performs them without any shame, or they are very embarrassed and not very audacious to do them.

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