Ezoic – Google Certified Publishing Partner Tool Review.

Many people start websites with the idea of making money off of the site. Whether it’s via advertising, affiliate links, or other forms of monetization, publishers are always looking for the latest and greatest ways to maximize returns on the time they have invested on running a site.
The problem is, it’s easy to become complacent, and try to make as much money as quick as possible. Many publishers find themselves adding popups, infolinks, and display ads to the point where visitors are bouncing from the site. While you might see an increase in earnings short term, visitors are less likely to come back to the site. This will hurt the site over the long term, and doesn’t help maximize revenues.
Alternatively, many publishers are hesitant to show more than one or two ads on a page, as they don’t want to upset their readers. While this approach will not necessarily hurt the site in the long run, publishers are potentially leaving large amounts of money on the table by not serving more ads.
As you can see, there needs to be a middle ground where publishers take into account the best interest for themselves, as well for readers. This middle ground is difficult to reach, but can provide huge long term benefits.
That’s where Ezoic comes in. Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, and is a testing platform that takes into account both the user and the publisher. Specifically, the Ad Tester tool maximizes ad income for publishers while still monitoring important user metrics. Even better, it requires minimal work on your end. All you have to do is select ad sizes and locations that you want the test–Ezoic then takes care of the rest.
Most often, people undervalue the actual ad position itself. Ad positioning however can be more important ad quality (in some cases). Even if an ad has great quality, it doesn’t serve its purpose if visitors aren’t seeing the ad on a page.
By testing ad placements in this way, you are optimizing for both the users (in that they aren’t spammed out by advertisements) and for the publisher (in that they make more with no manual testing required).
There’s no need to jump all-in either. Ezoic understands that testing will not show immediate increases in revenue. In order to figure out what ad combinations work best, the system will have to try ad combinations that don’t work along the way. For that reason, they ease you slowly into things. The system allows you to split traffic in order to try and compare apples to apples.
Your original site (and all the existing ad placements) will be used an experimental control. This way, you’ll be able to see how Ezoic is doing compared to your old site. You can then make decisions on how much traffic goes through Ezoic based off of data.


Ezoic recommends that you create many different ad units to test, as it provides maximum combinations to test. Even so, it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to get everything set up with Ezoic. After setup the Ad Tester will run on autopilot, meaning there’s no need to worry about working on advertising. Instead, publishers can focus their time on growing traffic and writing content, knowing that the ads are being optimized continuously.
Ezoic begins with a 30-day free trial, so there’s really nothing to lose! If you’ve been on the fence about advertising for a while, Ezoic is a quick and easy way to get set-up with display ads. Even better, it’s all self-serve, so you keep all of the control. What are you waiting for? Head over to www.ezoic.comto start today!


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