Top 5 Famous Celebrities Gamblers Jackpots

Slots are fun to play and help pass time. Today, you can play casino titles from the comfort of your homes without actually visiting physical casinos. Not just that, you can now even hang out with your favorite star and chill out with them. How? Well, you can always play celebrity-themed slots online. There are so many titles based on celebrities, actors, and musicians.

The human fascination with talented people has never fallen short. The advent of cinema, sports and music has only furthered this fascination and made us name these extraordinary bunch of people as celebrities. We love to hear their stories, watch them and even follow them on social media. Slot developers have now taken it a step further with celebrity-themed slots and why not?

Celebrities Gamblers

Wouldn’t it be just amazing to have the company of your favorite star for some time and them helping you get some big wins? Well, that’s something you really can’t resist with a celebrity online casino game. In this post, we will look at some of the famous celebrity slots.

1. Motorhead:

If you are a fan of rock music, then you really ought to know Motorhead. Motorhead is one of the most iconic rock bands of all times. Formed in 1975 by the legendary singer, songwriter and bassist Ian Fraser Kilmister, the band went on to change the face of rock music. With 22 studio albums and a countless number of awards, Motorhead remains one of the best bands to grace the music scene. So it was no surprise when Netent decided to make a slot on the band called Motorhead. This 5 reels and 76 paylines slot was an instant hit amongst gamblers featuring high-quality graphics and unique features unparalleled by other titles. The background is that of a live stage, and the symbols feature cherries, stars, horseshoes etc.

2. The Osbournes:

The Osbournes are another famous celebrity family that is known to be equally eccentric and interesting. Osbournes came to light with Ozzy Osbourne, who rose to fame with his solo work in rock and metal genre selling multi-platinum albums and winning a sleuth of awards. The Osbournes started around in the 2000’s and to date is running on its third season, a show showing the lives of the Osbourne family. The show was an instant hit amongst the public and in 2018 ran its third season. The symbols of the game include Ozzy himself, his wife and manager Sharon along with kids Jack and Shelly. Some other symbols include a guitar, microphone, an Emmy award as well as an armchair. The bonus rounds include a “Grab a Gift” round and a “Minnie Free Spin Trail” bonus.

3. Top Trumps Celebrities:

If you want to meet all the Hollywood A-listers at once, then this is the perfect slot to play. Top Trump Celebrities does not focus on just one celebrity but almost every big actor from Hollywood. The reels are set behind what seems to be a flurry of paparazzi photographers. There are different A-listers in the game as symbols including George Clooney, Elizabeth Hurley, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Hugh Jackman and many more stars. The wild symbol in the title seems to be Elvis Presley. There is also a bonus symbol within the game in the form of the “Red Carpet Bonus”.

4. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix happens to be one of the most talented musicians of all times. As the singer and songwriter, he is known as one of the legends of rock. Known for his signature guitar and unique style of songwriting, Jimi’s songs went on to inspire many and still hasn’t lost its charm. The entire slot begins with an animated scene and the graphics in itself is quite unique here. The symbols within the game include eyes, a red guitar, flowers etc. All in all, the production gives a very trippy psychedelic vibe to players. The purple haze feature turns other symbols into wilds giving one a chance to reach big wins.

5. Michael Jackson King of Pop

There is no beating the king of Pop in this iconic game. You either play with him, or you live in the shadows. This slot by Guts Casino pays homage to the King of Pop who went on to rule hearts of the entire world with his singing and signature dance moves. You have different symbols here including MJ’s sunglasses, a hat, gloves, shoes etc. There is a moonwalk wilds that players should watch out for because it doubles all payouts.

Celebrity themed games can never go out of fashion, and as long there are icons in popular culture, there will always be fans to revere and love them. Even if you could not meet your favorite star in person, you can join them in playing casino slots.

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