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Dev error 6068 in Call on Duty is arise on your system due to the corrupt DirectX installation. Another reason might be an outdated window, system drivers, and the non-optimal system for the game or when the computer is corrupted. This error may crash or freezes the game with the following message “dev error 6068”.

One of the main occurrences of the dev error 6068 is mostly related to the software aspects of the computer system but less likely to occur related to the hardware problems. Call of Duty warzones sometimes encountered problems, where dev error 6068 is one of the reported errors.

dev error 6068

Manu of the users who encountered the issue has reported that without doing any changes to their system and reinstallation of the game can fix the error dev error 6068, which indicates that the error is caused due to the unique random bug within the files. In this article, we will discuss the causes and how to fix the issue of dev error 6068 in a call on duty.

Causes for the Dev Error 6068

There is a number of possible ways that cause the dev error 6068 in a call on duty, So, the list of the errors is discussed below.

Outdated Software

If the device is running the older version of the window10.then this may results in the dev error 6068 in a call on duty. If the error is due to the outdated windows, make sure that you are running the latest version to fix the issue dev error 6068 in a call on duty on your device.

Outdated Game Drivers

In some cases, Updated graphic drives may also fix the issue dev error 6068 in a call on duty on the device. So, once you have to check if your GUI driver is updated or not.

Game bugs

Occasionally, random glitches and bugs may be encountered by the Game bugs. It may occur due to the random glitches in the game if the dev error 6068 in a call on duty doesn’t occur frequently.

Damaged Game Files

The Damaged files are also one of the reasons to encounter the issue of dev error 6068 in a call on duty or dev error 6068 modern warfare. This is one of the reasons for causing an error dev error 6068 modern warfare, if the directX encounter an unrecoverable error, then you have to delete and reinstall the game.  For the re-installation, make sure that you are installing the latest version and also check if the game has been stopped unexpectedly with the Task Manager.

Interference of the Third Party

Some of the users have reported that they are encountering the issue even after reinstalling the game on their devices. If your tried reinstallation of the game and still encountering the issue. Then the reason might also help if the DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error and again you might need to check the task manager for the validation.

How to Fix the Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068

If the encountering the issue modern warfare dev error 6068 or call of duty modern warfare DirectX error, then there are numerous solutions to fix the issue. Here are the troubleshooting methods to fix the issue if you have encountered an unrecoverable error.

Update the Operating System

If your windows operating system is outdated then you need to update your operating system or Graphic drivers. As the outdated drivers are the cause of the dev error 6068 modern warfare in the call out Duty. If you are using the outdated version then you need to updates your drives and operating system. Follow the steps to do so.

  • On the taskbar, click on the search icon and type updates in the text field.
  • In the bottom window, press on the “Check for updates” in the update window.

By launching the downloaded file

dev error 6068 call of duty

  • Download the “Windows Update Assistance“.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the updating process, by launching the downloaded file.
  • For your system management, check the website for the latest version of your system drivers.
  • Check if the problem is solved, after the completion of the update process.

Game Files Need to Scan and Repair

If the files of the game are corrupted then this might encounter the issue, call of duty modern warfare DirectX error or DirectX error modern warfare in the call of duty. In such cases, you need to scan and repair the game files. Which may help you to analyze and redownloads the missing files to fix the issue. For example, we will consider the launcher. Then follow the steps to do so.

  • Click on Call on Duty, after opening the launcher.
  • Now, you need to click on the Options Menu, and then click on the Scan and Repair.

directx error modern warfare

  • Click on the “Begin Scan”.

call of duty modern warfare directx error

  • Now, all your game files will be scanned and the missing and the corrupted files will be downloaded.
  • After the scan and the repair of files task is complete, then check if the issue modern warfare dev error 6068 is fixed or not.

Use PC Screen Only Option

In case if you are using multiple displays, then the call of duty can’t be performed well, then this might be the main cause of the issue. Try to using use the PC Screen option to fix the modern warfare dev error 6068.

  • Stop all the related processes through the Task Manager after exiting the Call of Duty.
  • Click on the notification icon, which is available on the system tray.
  • Click on the Project or you can also use the shortcut “Window+P”.

dev error 6068 warzone reddit

  • Now you need to select the “PC Screen Only Option”.

dev error 6068 reddit

  • Check the issue is resolved by launching the game on your PC.

Change the Video Memory Scale

How much VRAM can be utilized by the game, is allowed by the Video Memory Scale. If the VRAM is loaded heavily by the game and chokes it, then lowering this setting may solve this issue. Follow the below-given steps to do so.

  • Now stop all the Call on Duty processes in the task manager, after exiting the game.
  • Launch the File Explorer.
  • Then you need to navigate to the path of the folder, usually, the path is “Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players”.
  • Now, locate the “adv_options.ini”, by using a notepad to open it.

Change the Video Memory Scale

  • Find the “VideoMemoryScale”.
  • Change the value of the VideoMemoryScale to 0.5.
  • By launching the Call of Duty, check if the issue dev error 6068 modern warfare is resolved or not.

Use DirectX 11

Many games encounter the different types of an issue when they are using the Direct12, as it is the newly Adapted API for gaming.  if this is the reason that encounters the issue of DirectX error modern warfare, then to use the DirectX by changing the arguments of the game. Which can resolve the issue of DirectX on the call of Duty. For example, let us consider the launcher. follow the steps to do so.

  • Open the options after launching the game.
  • Now, open the game settings.
  • For the call of Duty, check out the option for “Additional Command Lines” and then type “-d3d11”.
  • Check if the issue is resolved after launching the Call of Duty.

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Set the Game to Borderless

Then changing the game to borderless may resolve the issue if you are using the multi-displays while playing the game. Follow the below-given steps to do so.

  • Click on the settings after launching the Call of Duty, then click on the Graphics Tab.
  • For the submenu, expand the display mode and click on the Fill Screen borderless.

dev error 6068 call of duty

  • Save the changes and check if the issues are resolved or not.

Have clean boot your system

Even after performing the above methods, the error DirectX error modern warfare or dev error 6068 still exits then you need to perform the clean boot as the issue might be the result of the conflicting application and thus solve the problem

  • Clean boot your system.
  • Now you have to launch the Call of Duty as an Administrator and have to make sure that no other applications are running and then check if the problem is resolved.
  •  To solve the problem between the application, then you can try to find the problematic application.

Tweaking the Shaders

To show the shades in the 3D, call of duty uses shaders. However, the shaders can result in the issue of modern warfare dev error 6068. You cannot simply disable it, as the problem with the shaders is that they’re forced by the developers. As you are unable to fix the issue till the fix arrives.

Reinstall the Shaders

This the another troubleshoot method where the installation of shaders may help you to resolve the issue. follow the below-given steps to do so.

  • Start the play by launching Call of Duty.
  • When you are in the game, start the reinstallation of the shaders.
  • Until the shaders are installing, keep playing the game. If installing the shaders is completed, then you need to restart the installation process. Till you are playing the game, keep reinstalling the shaders whenever the installation completes.


If you are encountering the issue dev error 6068 then you need to perform the above-given troubleshooting methods as they may help you to fix the issue in the Call of Duty while playing on your device. Hope you find this article helpful, if you have any doubts feel free to text us in the comment section. Stay tuned to Basictricks for more updates.

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