Fix Moto G WiFi and Signal Loss Issue – Working 100%

Fix the Moto G Common Problems Like Wifi and Signal Loss:

Moto G is the excellent phone released by Motorola in the year 2014. This phone has provided so many new features to the people at low cost. Motorola has launched a moto series phones in that the one best phone is Moto G. The popularity of the phone in the world has increased a lot and Motorola has launched Moto G2 (Moto 2 Generation). Moto G is released with some unique features with low cost. Due to this unique features at low cost, the popularity of the Moto G and Moto G2 has increased a lot. Nowadays smartphone screens are delicate. If unfortunately the phone fell then there will be damage to the screen for sure. So to prevent this screen damage problem we should use Tempered glass for our smartphones. The Best tempered glass for Moto G is Elate Tempered Glass. Use this to project the screen damages.

Moto smartphones are super for their specifications but many users are facing a problem of Wifi and Signal Loss. Then “How to Fix the Wifi and Signal Loss problems in Moto G and Moto G2 “. So in this tutorial i am going to teach you about “Fix Moto G Wifi and Signal Loss Issue“. 



You may also face this problem in your smartphone, Don’t worry it is easy to fix the problem. Read the total post and fix the wifi problem and signal loss issue. 

Complete Guide to Fix Moto G Wifi and Signal Loss Problem: 

To fix the problems, you should follow the below steps. This helps you to fix it. I will explain the steps separately to understand clearly.
Fix Moto G Wifi Issue:

  • If you are unable to connect to the wifi, then there might be a chance of weak signal range or you may not be in the range to connect the Wifi network correctly. 
  • In this case, you should check the signal bar to ensure the wifi connection.
  • First, go the network which you are connected and click on it. Then click on the forget and re-enter the password to match the wifi password.
  • In this case, you need to check the encryption and settings match on both the router and Phone.



  • There will also be a chance that the Wifi you are trying to connect is configured for the static IP addresses. You need to check with the system administrator for an IP address.
  • Try to change encryption (Password) of your WiFi router and restart your WiFi, then try to connect the same WiFi connection on your Moto G smartphone.
  • You can also try to unplug the power from the router and turn your phone off. After this wait for 1 minute and plug the power off the router and try to connect WiFi connection on your Moto G phone.


Fix Moto G Signal Loss Problem:

  • Turn Airplane Mode On and Off.



  • Restart Your Moto G device: If the above step doesn’t work then go with this step.
  • Update your Phone to the Latest Firmware: Most of the users are facing this issue and in respond to the complaints Moto G and Android has released an update that will surely fix your Signal Loss problem in Moto G.
  •  If you want to update to Latest Firmware then go to Settings >> About >> System updates this will show you the updates. If any update is available for your device or not.

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I hope that this tutorial “How to fix the Moto G Wifi and Signal loss problems“. Share the post with your friends and help them to solve the problems. If you have an doubt feel free to contact us. Like us at social networking sites.
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