Tricks to Get Free Backlinks from .Edu & .Gov

Tricks to Get Good Quality Backlinks from .Edu and .Gov Sites:

Getting Quality Backlinks from .Edu and .Gov sites is a very difficult. So If we get a quality natural Backlink from .Edu or .Gov then the Domain for which we get the backlink will be ranking in the Google. This Backlinks are from High pr sites, So our domain ranks top place in the Google search results. Please keep in mind that “If you get 50 backlinks from pr 0 or less than pr 0 Sites is equal to getting a 1 quality backlink from pr 8, pr 9 site.”  So bloggers keep in mind build the natural backlinks to your sites. Here i will give some killer tricks to get or find high pr .edu and .gov sites backlinks. So with this trick you will Get Backlinks for free from Gov and Edu Sites.

How to create backlinks to your site for free:

So to day i am going to tell how to create backlinks for your site for free by get the natural backlinks for .Edu and .Gov sites. Or you can  buy quality backlinks from some Link Building service. 
So follow the below procedure to get the good quality backlinks to your site.
1)Backlinks from Comments: 
It is very easy to get Backlinks from Comments. Simple follow the below.
Go to Google Search Engine and Search for blogging inurl:blog “post a comment” -”you must be logged in”.
Then You will get a list of .Edu sites which are related to blogging niche, if you want to focusing on some other niche, replace the word blogging with your focused topic/niche.
To get related topic backlinks from .Gov auto approve comments, Go to Google Search engine and search for   blogging site:.Gov inurl:blog “post a comment” -”you must be logged in”. 
These are the tricks to get good quality backlinks from the best .edu and .gov sites.
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These are the Recommendations giving by a Blogger to the Bloggers to develop themselves by the below Articles.

Must See:
2) High PR Auto Approve List:


Now i will give some links where you leave your link and get a quality backlink which are also high pr websites. Don’t spam them by your links. People who are doing event niche blogs go with this links. Easily you can bring a good backlinks from this sites.





So these are links from where you can get a good links.



You have reached the right place and got the best links. So feel free to ask your doubts.



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