Get Free Hosting from 000webhost: Knowing All About 000webhost

For the users who want to have a service that provides the comfort of free WordPress Hosting, then there are multiple options on the Internet to provide that support.

However, with those services, there are other complications such as non-stop ads that are plastered all over the website and that usually results in the slow loading time of any website.


Here, we have a solution for you in the form of the which provides you with not only a free method of website hosting but also makes sure that you have a proper and efficient way of creating a site that is going to help you build your own business.

You also have the ability to choose the ads that are going to be available on the website that you build.

What Do You Get When You have 000webhost

With 000webhost by your side, you can easily choose between having a free account with shared hosting and a premium account with numerous other benefits and returns. The free account of 000webhost does have interesting features though.

You get an amazing way to build your own website with the help of the Website Builder tool provided to you.

There are interesting options for getting a free site. You are also provided with a 1 GB disk space along with a bandwidth of 10 GB. This proves to be an amazing option for those who want to build up a small business site.


  • cPanel

With the help of the cPanel support that you get with this particular WordPress hosting service provider, you will be easily able to manage the multiple emails, databases, files, FTP accounts, and backups that are the main components of your webpage.

There is also an option for automatic backing up of the files. However, you can elect to do it all by yourself with the help of the cPanel Support of the amazing free web hosting WordPress service provider.

Users can manage their websites through cPanel. It allows management of databases, email, files, backups, and FTP accounts through a web page. Files are automatically backed up monthly, giving minimal protection, but you can initiate backups of the website and databases from cPanel to keep them more up to date.

That’s not the end of it people. With the free account, you get to have at least 5 email addresses that can be helpful in setting up for the POP3, webmail, spam filtering, auto-responding, SMTP access and a lot more.

  • Easy And Impressive Website Builder

This is one of the most common options for the newbies that have absolutely zero knowledge about the different techniques of website building. With the help of the Easy Website Builder of 000webhost, you now have a companion that will guide you through the entire process and that too, legally.

Start off easy by selecting a particular template which is not that tough. You can then proceed to select the more difficult options such as the text, images, backgrounds and many other things. The users of the premium account are also allowed to change the font type, color and other minute details for their websites as well. The templates that are provided are completely reliable and trustable.

  • MySQL and PHP

This is another one of the most impressive and interesting features of 000webhost hosting free service. With the help of these features, you will have the ability to run the files of MySQL and PHP form the free account that you have. This requires the use of WordPress. You can also choose to upload the files rather than creating the online site. To do that, you might need a little bit of experience. The free accounts come with two databases and there are no limitations to the size as well. You will be able to manage the databases in a proper way with the help of PHP.

If a user is keen on using WordPress, then there can be a few restrictions though. You will be able to choose the themes and the plugins and the widgets as well. But the space thing can become an issue then.

  • Support

Customer satisfaction and support are one of the best things about While the live chat and the phone support are not provided to the free account users, they are given a forum page where they can cite their issues and they will be solved instantly. The premium users, on the other hand, have got the luxury of live chat, phone, and email support all the time.

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What Do You Miss With 000Webhost?

When compared to the other free hosting WordPress services, this particular service provider is absolutely a better option as it is free and it has got some amazing benefits attached to it as well. However, since it is a free service, you cannot expect everything to be just alright. Like the other products, there are some omissions that can cause a bit of a trouble for some of the users.

Hosting from 000webhost

  • Absence Of SSL Support

One of the most eye-catching disadvantages in the 000webhost service is the absence of the SSL Support. This certainly makes it a bit risky. The SSL support provides the necessary protection of the information that is password protected and confidential. Data interception is one of the most common dangers nowadays with people using the Wi-Fi connections that are not secure enough. Having a secure site is important and the SSL absence clearly is a problem that the company has to deal with.

  • Paid Upgrades

When it comes to a free WordPress web hosting service, you will be reminded repeatedly of the offers that you could get after an upgrade. 000webhost clearly tells you about the limitations that can come with the free accounts. So, what do you do next? Well, you upgrade, of course. That can be a bit expensive. Plus the removal of the accounts without notice can be a loss as well.


The services provided by the 000webhost service truly make it a positive addition to the world of website creation and building. With a promising start, it can reach up to the heights in this world.

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