Does A Free Phone Tracker App Fit At Business?

People don’t like to be monitored. It makes them feel icky and slimy. It raises a lot of trust issues. Or does it? In reality, we manage workers. We have set KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). We train and coach them. We use a hell load of HR practices just to amplify performance at work. So maybe, just maybe, people don’t mind being monitored? 


Do we mind being managed?

In reality, people fear you getting access to their personal data. Sally from Sales might have an affair with Billy from Marketing, and they want to keep it a secret. Susan, the secretary, may have broken the bosses favorite cup and is currently looking for a replacement. Bob from IT may have made a mess just now and is looking a way to clean up his code for the system to work again and is too ashamed to admit he did wrong.

These are the factors people don’t want you to know about while at work. They are OK with you managing and controlling their work. You are, after all, signing their paychecks for it and you have the right to control whatever you pay money for.

Let’s be honest:

Sally and Billy have an affair – that has no relation to work. If they aren’t using working hours for lovely chatter – you will never know as free phone tracker app for business only logs activities on your company’s machines and mobiles. Both Susan and Bob should admit their mistake and get help instead of wasting time crying over spilled milk. Every scenario like that has a resolution – it’s either not related to work or requires your immediate reaction.

Now, under a fresh point of view, you now know that a logger doesn’t bother anyone. And a tracker still amplifies performance because people never do anything personal – they stick to work once they know you have your eye on them. Everybody wins!

Additional benefits:

Logging software has additional benefits as well:

  • It enhances security. You know what’s going on with all of the data in your network. If a file was removed, renamed or edited you will know about it. You will also be aware of all changes and you will know who is held responsible! 


  • It improves performance. People generally tend to work better once monitored. Additionally, gathered data can be analyzed to enhance performance even further. You can set coaching and training activities to meet the demand of your workers. You will help them get better at those things that need attention without boring them with obnoxious, irrelevant, general courses. 
  • It juices up loyalty. Your team members simply won’t have the chance to communicate with recruiters from other companies. And if a person decided to leave any way you will learn of this activity ASAP meaning you will have time to set up a replacement plan without breaking a sweat. 

Do you even need more proof? Then you can simple check this here you can get everything which I explained above.


So these are the benefits of using a free phone tracker app which perfectly fits our business. So have a look at the above mentioned site for more info about the software and come to an conclusion to use it or not. Visit Basictricks for more awesome tutorials. 

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