How To Get Rs. 10000 Free Recharge On True Balance App

Rs. 10000 Free Recharge on True Balance App: Do you want to know how to get up to Rs. 10000 free recharge on True Balance app? If you too want to earn money from mobile, then this post is for you. I have brought a unique method for you in this post with which you can get free recharge up to Rs 10000. Our country is slowly increasing its step towards technology and you can see a smartphone as proof of this with everyone in today’s time.

Due to the advent of smartphones, people have become more intelligent than before. I would like to give full credit to the Internet, which shows so much magic in our hands through a smartphone. If you want to know anything, then you can easily find out from the Internet. Slowly we and our country are going digital. Everyone wants to earn money online, but for that, you need at least a computer, which not everyone has.

free recharge on true balance

But this does not mean that you cannot do anything with your smartphone. Your smartphone is like a mini-computer that can do many things like a computer. If you are also the owner of a smartphone then you can easily get free recharge on True Balance. So let’s find out how to do this.

How To Get Rs. 10000 Free Recharge On True Balance App

Nothing gets done without hard work. It is not that you should sit and someone will come and give you free recharge. Everything takes hard work and smart work is needed more than that. Before proceeding further download the True Balance Application and register with a referral code. Without the code, you will not get the recharge of Rs.10.

This is a referral-based application that gives you Rs. 10 on every referral. There is also a Lucky Box which keeps giving you some points every time. Each point means 1 rupee. The more points you collect, the more recharge you will get. You will be able to recharge those points on your mobile as well as on the mobile of others.

Not only that but there is also an Offer section here. If you download some applications from there, then you also get its points. The biggest thing is the referral. So let’s know how you can get free recharge on True Balance.

By Referring Your Friends

For this, you have to do some hard work. After registering in True Balance, you will get 10 points, which means you can recharge Rs.10. You will get these points when you have given someone’s referral code while registering. If you do not give a referral code then you will not get those 10 points.

true balance refer and earn

After this, you will get your referral code, from which you can send it through your WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other medium. Share your code with your friends and give them 10 points as well as get 10 points yourself. Isn’t it an amazing app? Just by sharing your code, you can earn free recharge on True Balance.

You can refer up to 1000 friends. This means you will be able to collect up to 10000 points. If you refer 5 friends in the first 3 days after registering, then you will get 20 points from the 6th number referral for the next 7 days. Means double profit.

Offers Section

In the Offers section, you will find some apps, from which you have to download. From this, you can get 3 to 20 points or even more than that. It depends on the app. Like this, you can get a lot of free recharge points. But you have to follow the rules given in it.

Lucky Box

On top of the app, you will see a gift box. The more time you open it, you will get some points. It may or may not be found. It depends on your Luck. This is another way to get free recharge on True Balance.

true balance recharge


That was all about how to get free recharge on True Balance up to Rs. 10000. This is a very good application and you can also try your luck in this. If you also want to do free mobile recharge, then do not forget to use our referral code. If you have any doubt then you can comment below. Keep visiting Basictricks to get more tricks and tips.

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