50 Fun Challenges for Couples To Do At Home

If you have a partner, you can spend an entertaining time together doing challenges. Either by way of penance games or with the famous game of truth or dare.

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Fun Challenges for Couples To Do At Home

So here are some ideas to formulate some challenges for your boyfriend and have a good time while you get to know each other a little better.

1. Tell me 5 things you don’t like about me

Here your boyfriend’s honesty will be put to the test, and he will be able to confess everything that he doesn’t like about you. But yes, be careful not to get so angry, since it’s just a game.

2. Imitate me for 2 minutes

In this challenge, your boyfriend has to give his best performance and imitate you as close as possible to reality. Being a good opportunity to see you the same way he sees you.

3. Describe what the perfect person for you would be like

This can be a cheat challenge. Since it can describe things that define you, or it can do the opposite and describe someone else.

4. Mention 4 words that make your mouth water

From food, actions, or whatever comes to mind. You’ll see they get interesting.

5. Put a picture of me in your Whatsapp picture

It may seem like a fairly simple penance, but you will see what reaction it can cause in your boyfriend. From the most normal calm to a quite out-of-place refusal.

6. Wear my underwear for an hour

This challenge becomes much funnier when there is a size difference between you and your boyfriend. Like if you wear quite feminine underwear, it will cause a lot of laughter in both of you.

7. Go take out the garbage in any costume you have for 2 minutes

Take advantage of this challenge to record the moment clandestinely and keep that unique memory for life.

8. Send audio to your mom singing a song

Let’s see how baffled your mother-in-law is after hearing about her son’s talent and singing abilities.

9. Dance erotically for a minute

This can be a very sensual action or a very fun one, depending on how the guy in question does it.

10. Cover your eyes and guess what gestures I make

In this case, he must guess the faces and actions you are doing while he has his eyes covered.

11. Put on a swimsuit of mine and take a picture

Something similar to underwear, but this time with a swimsuit. So you will have a great photo of your boyfriend in a nice bikini.

12. Give me a two-minute kiss in the part you want

This is a slightly spicier challenge than the previous ones. Sure, depending on which part you choose.

13. Go to my closet and choose the clothes you want and dress with them

So you can see the fashionista skills that your boyfriend has with your same clothes. Maybe it even suits him better than you.

14. I dare you to take a portrait of me

It doesn’t matter if he’s not an artist or even failed drawing at school. Put him to the test as to his most artistic abilities.

15. Choose four clothes that you are wearing and remove them, beware, you will not be able to use them during the game

Another round of raunchy dares, but remember that he has the right to challenge you too.

16. I dare you to guess which is the most sensitive part of my body

Maybe he knows her or has to guess, in the same way, you will decide if he is right or not.

17. I dare you to eat without using your hands

Something a bit childish, but quite fun to watch, especially as a couple. They will surely have a good time of laughter.

18. Choose a part of your body to spend it with an ice cube

This challenge can also be a lot of fun, or it can take a racier turn if both of you decide.

19. Call some unknown number and sing happy anniversary

And don’t forget to put the phone on speaker to find out the reaction of the person on the other end of the speaker.

20. Let’s go out one day in very formal clothes

An opportunity to break the habit of going out everywhere in an informal way, and do something more elegant than usual.

21. Exercise for 10 minutes without stopping

If your boyfriend is a lover of exercise, maybe it’s a piece of cake for him. On the contrary, if he is quite inactive he may have a very bad time in this short time.

22. Hug the first person you meet on the street

Don’t forget to film it and record the other person’s reaction to being hugged by a street nut.

23. Let’s cosplay together

They can cosplay a series they like or a video game, or better yet you can choose the theme and they don’t have to resist.

24. Define in a sentence what you think about people who go to the gym

Again, if your boyfriend works out, he probably won’t say anything weird. Otherwise, he may have some criticism.

25. Take an embarrassing photo and post it on your social networks

Now to wait to see what his friends say and how the other people who follow him on this social network react.

26. Tell me what you are afraid of

Something quite simple to get to know your boyfriend a little better. It can lead to a pretty deep conversation that brings you closer together.

27. Make a funny post on Facebook that involves us

Here they have to put their creativity to work. We give you the idea, but you have to think about what publication you will make.

28. Do 10 laps and try to walk in a straight line

Another quite childish challenge, but with which they will laugh for a long time. Do not forget to also film it to have this memory for posterity.

29. Tell me the most embarrassing thing about your childhood

This challenge can also have very funny results, depending on how your anecdote is, you will have several minutes of laughter with your partner.

30. Sing your favorite song (it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to sing)

Another challenge is to test your boyfriend’s musical skills. And if he feels embarrassed, don’t hesitate to accompany him in the choirs.

31. Wear your shirt inside out

A fairly simple challenge, but to increase intensity you can ask him to go out in that way.

32. Tell me your biggest regret

All people regret something and have never expressed it. And this is the time that your boyfriend can do it with you.

33. Tell me some secret of yours that no one else knows

The couple is always the resource to confess those things that were never told. And with this challenge, you can strengthen the trust they have.

34. Blindfold Kiss Challenge

In this case, both must have their eyes covered with a scarf. You will realize how difficult it is to do once you start the game.

35. Go outside and ask someone for money

Another fun challenge involves the people on the street. You can laugh a little at people’s reactions.

36. Send me a song insinuating something (a proposal maybe)

In this case, he should send you a song that has a special meaning. This is your chance to get creative and romantic.

37. Challenge to dress like the other

Both must also participate in this challenge. They should take a photo in their normal outfits, and then another in each other’s outfits.

38. Challenge to wear heels and walk around the street

Now your boyfriend can experience the torture of walking in high heels on his own.

39. I challenge you to post a photo on any of your social networks where the two of us appear

A challenge a bit similar to ones we’ve seen before. Likewise, here you have to pay attention to the reaction that your boyfriend has in front of the proposal.

40. Give me a message for 5 minutes

This is your chance to get something out of it. And nothing better than a relaxing couple’s massage.

41. I dare you to draw a giraffe on a sheet with your eyes closed or blindfolded. Lose the worst drawing

In this case, they also have to participate. As the challenge points out, they must draw an animal, but they must have their eyes covered. They then choose the loser’s penance.

42. Ticket: It is valid for you to ask me 3 questions about whatever you like

Here you give him the opportunity to ask you questions about any type of subject. And these can be at any time, better in a very unexpected one.

43. Tell your best friend that you love him

Wait for your friend’s response to have a fun time, although disconcerting for the other person.

44. I dare you to put on my clothes of the day, and take a selfie together

A challenge that involves clothes like the previous ones, but in this case, only your boyfriend will have to dress for the occasion.

45. Prepare something delicious to eat in 10 minutes

Here you can put your boyfriend’s culinary skills to the test. Although nothing guarantees that it will make you a gourmet dish exactly.

46. ​​I dare you to look us in the face for 90 seconds, without laughing

This may seem very rudimentary, but it is actually more difficult than it seems. And you can check it.

47. I dare you to lend me your cell phone for 30 minutes

In this challenge, the reaction that your boyfriend has when he hears the proposal is also valid. See if he gets upset or does it without making any claims or deleting anything from his cell phone.

48. You must let yourself make up

You can finally practice your beginner makeup artist skills on your boyfriend’s face. Take a photo of him at the end so that he will remember his great beauty forever.

49. I challenge you to Play the forces, with your hand

Check to see who is the winner of the challenge, and who gets penance. Who knows, maybe you will surprise your boyfriend with your hidden strength.

50. Wedding photo challenge on WhatsApp

Suggest that he put a photo on his status that he has proposed to you, and wait for all the answers he will get.

You already have several ideas to do with your boyfriend. This way they can spend a different moment and get to know each other a little more. In addition, he can propose challenges to you and make the situation much more fun, but ultimately live a little more with the person you love.

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