50 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends At Home

The fun challenges can be done alone, but it’s always better when you have a good team to share all these innovative and creative challenges.

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Fun Challenges To Do With Friends At Home

we propose a selection of fun challenges so you can spend your time daring to test yourself and all your friends and acquaintances.

So call your friends so that everyone can do the following challenges together.

1. #YoPatinoEnCasa

This is a challenge that must be done trying to build a skate park in a room in the house and trying to skate on all surfaces.

2. Yoga Challenge

We continue with a challenge that can be done with friends, with an instructional video to improve an impromptu yoga session together.

3. Towel race

It’s not about running around a field wearing a towel, but rather sitting on one on the ground and crawling your way to a goal to defeat your friends.

4. Target shooting with cans

Get a few cans, a rubber band, and something small that you can use as a projectile. Now you will use the rubber band as a slingshot to knock down as many cans as you can.

5. Two people call someone and try to make a long stupid conversation

A challenge to do with a friend when you are at home doing nothing. Let’s see how far they can go with meaningless conversation.

6. Go around 10 times and try to walk in a straight line

Something that can simulate drunkenness, so they can also do competitions between friends with this type of challenge, to see who can last the longest.

7. Choose three people from the group and have them choose three ingredients from the kitchen. Mix ’em up and drink it

More than a challenge, this is a kind of penance that you must do if you have lost in a competition or in the classic game of truth or dare.

8. Koala Challenge

Doing those of a koala, you must hold on to the leg of another friend and he must try to walk to a goal to win.

9. Eat a cookie

It is not about simply eating a cookie, but placing it on your forehead facing up and trying to put it in your mouth to eat it without using your hands.

10. Fly paper planes

With your friends, you can take this game to another level if you use leagues to launch the planes and see who can make theirs the farthest.

11.CapSock Challenge

Something simple that you can do with a laundry basket and a ball-shaped stocking. And what they should do is try to shoot it until someone gets the best points.

12. Shoot the Cups

Another challenge similar to the previous one, but this time you have to shoot a small ball into a series of cups. As you reach the furthest glass, the more points you will have.

13. Lemon Challenge

Something simple but quite unpleasant, which is that they must eat a lemon and hold the sour taste longer to win.

14. Flex Challenge

This challenge can only be done by those with the better physical condition because you must lie on the floor and try to get up without using your hands.

15. Take your socks off with your teeth

A challenge that can be a bit unpleasant, and that will make you want to wash your socks more often.

16. Dance the macarena

It has always been a classic challenge at children’s parties, and now they can revive as a team to have a fun time.

17. Yummy Challenge

In this case, they must dance to the rhythm of the choreography and rhythm of one of Justin Bieber’s latest songs called Yummy.

18. Act like an animal

Here your team can select what type of animal you must recreate, and you must do it in the best way you can.

19. Challenge of the 100 t-shirts

Find as many shirts as you have and put them all on at the same time. Everyone will be able to laugh at the results.

20. Do 8 push-ups

Another challenge that those more sedentary will greatly regret because they must endure 8 push-ups without being able to stop.

21. Group Bridge Challenge

Here the whole team must use a ping pong ball and each participant must have some pieces of cardboard as a bridge so that it does not fall.

22. Soccer with coins

In the classic game of soccer the fingers, but will use a coin as a ball that they must try to reach the opposite goal.

23. Nanana Challenge At Home

Here they must also dance to the rhythm of this song with the choreography indicated.

24. Learn to draw a human face with online tutorials

Lately, everything is easy with all the tutorials that are available on the web, including drawing.

25. Put your shoes on backward and keep them that way.

In other words, during the entire session of games or challenges, you will have to walk and do the other challenges with your shoes like this.

26. Couple of challenges

Any challenge with your partner can be interesting, from exercise challenges, dance challenges or totally crazy and viral challenges that they find.

27. Walk 30 minutes daily

Something to improve your daily physical activity, surely your body will thank you in the future if you maintain this daily challenge.

28. Egg Roulette

Here they must use an egg and try to crush it by pressing their forehead on it, clearly the one who breaks it will be the loser.

29. Marshmallow Challenge

In this delicious challenge, they must put as many marshmallows in their mouths as they can, without eating any. If they can try.

30. Flip the bottle

A challenge that has gone viral for a long time, in which they must try to spin a bottle in the air and make it fall upright.

31. Eat a garlic

Something that possibly those who do not tolerate garlic cannot do.

32. Teach your pet tricks

If you have a pet, this challenge is perfect to spend some time with it and teach it new things to impress all visitors.

33. Take a different photo of yourself every day

So you can see the passage of time through your own photos and the differences from day today.

34. #Home Climbing Wall

Here you can get a little extreme and make your house a climbing wall, if you have the right equipment you can put your creativity to work.

35. Watch concerts online

If you are at home bored you can see all the availability of concerts that are online. And with your friends and family too.

36. Write someone a note with what you like about him/her, every day

A challenge that may not be very difficult, but that is significant for the other person to whom you dedicate the text.

37. Say a daring complement to someone unknown

Be careful who you say this too, because they might not take it as a joke. However, there will always be someone who laughs at your jokes.

38. #Plankchallenge

Doing the famous training plank is torture for some, but with this challenge, you can improve your physical condition.

39. Jump without stopping for up to 4 minutes

Another entertaining challenge to do at home or with your friends, which may sound quite simple but is more difficult to keep up with.

40. Make a false confession to your mom

Depending on your mom’s mood and personality, it could be a funny joke or a reason for reprimand.

41. Princess Challenge

This viral makeup challenge consists of imitating as much as possible a Disney princess that you have chosen.

42. Put together a puzzle

Something simple, but that can take you a while and entertain you for a few moments.

43. #Orbea 500 Challenge

This company has taken on this challenge to improve people’s physical condition, doing 500 hours of various exercises over a period of months.

44. Order the apps on your cell phone

This may sound silly to you, but your cell phone will thank you.

45. Write 3 things that happened to you today

Keeping a journal will allow you to reflect on your day, and improve the things you need to improve.

46. ​​Getting slapped by another player

Something to do in a group as a penance, which you must endure of course.

47. Talk to a stranger every day for 12 days

You can get some stranger on those apps to make friends, and who knows? Maybe you’ll make new best friends.

48. Call some unknown number and sing happy birthday

Another challenge that will leave the person you call baffled.

49. #YoRapeoEnCasa

This is another viral challenge that you have to accomplish by doing your best freestyle imitation at home.

50. Group costume

On this occasion, all your friends must dress up as something and go out together.

All these challenges will help you get out of the routine and boring meetings with your friends. So come up with some ideas to liven up the party, because here you have something to do for a few hours.

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