Top 5 Best Ways to get Traffic from Google plus

Amazing Ways to Get Traffic from Google Plus:

So many new blogs and old blogs are unable to get Traffic from Google. It should rank in the Google in order to get Organic Traffic.Once the Organic Traffic gets started then there will be no problem of Traffic to the Blog. People who doesn’t have traffic from Google, then they should get the referral Traffic. Referral traffic means we should get the traffic by posting our post in Social media websites Like Facebook, Google Plus, Reddit, Twitter, Etc.So they are so many Social website to get traffic easily with some Tricks and Tips.
So Today i am going to tell you about the Top ways to get Traffic from the Google Plus. Another Plus point  by getting traffic is that, if your post is good and if people +1 the post. Then the Social share and Social Likes of the website increase. So as the social Shares and likes of the websites increases then it has chance to get rank in Google.

How to Drive Google Plus Traffic – 5 Ways:   

The below ways are the best and good ways to Drive a massive traffic to your blog.
1) Share Images – Not Only Post Link:
Share the Blog post URL’s or link is the most common ways to get traffic and to promote your blog. So think in a Unique way to drive Traffic. Creativeness is more important in Blogging. So creative your blog post in an attractive way. Don’t post only your blog URL’s in Google plus sharing. Follow the below pattern to get high traffic.
  • Put the Post Heading with different Format. Like Italic with Bold.
  • Write 2 lines of text which tells about the post and generate curiosity to the audience to read what you have written in the Post.
  • Place your post Link now.
  • Then attach a high quality and attention grabbing image with your post. It’ll surely help you to target audience.

2) Stylize Your Post:

During writing the post we should highlight some keyword and underline some important text. So it attracts the readers and increase their attention in the reading. Stylize your post may also increase the chances of ranking. So follow the same way in the Google Plus Sharing.
Use some tricks in the post like Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout, Bullets, etc.

Example:Suppose you are running an offer of a product. Previous offer you can easily run a line through old offer (like: 30% 50% discount)

These are the Recommendations giving by a Blogger to the Bloggers to develop themselves by the below Articles.

3) Choose the Targeted Audience to Share:
So we can’t simply target audience to share. Sharing with wrong audience may not drive to your blog. You must know who and where the audience must be targeted.So the Tricks is create one circle and add your targeted audience in that particular circle.
Suppose you are writing post on Blogging, If you share it with your friends and family may not get your goals. So create your own group and share. So many people share their post  with Public and Your Circle.
4)Tick “Send Email” for more Traffic:
Put tick to the Send Email Check box, In order to send emails to the people who are subscribed to your blog. While share your post just tick the check box to send emails.
5) Target Google Plus Communities:
There are some many active Google plus communities from where you can get easy traffic. If your are a member in G+ communities then you can easily share the post from your profile directly.
  • Click on the share button below your post.
  • Then select the community in which you want to share. 

I have a list of Active communities where you can download it and share you post in that communities.

Click the download button to download the file.


So these are the ways how to drive traffic from the Google+. So feel free to ask any doubts. Like us at all social media Networks.


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