The 5 Golden Rules of Writing Content for Your Website

Do you own a website? If the answer is a resounding, ‘YES’ then you must know the power of quality content. Content is king and if the content is amazing then you will surely get enough business and traffic. How about hiring content writing services from a content market? If you are going to write the content yourself, you should follow the 5 Golden Rules of Writing Content for Your Website. Read on to find out! 



  • Know the Readers:


It is important to know your audience. You are writing the content for them! There is no such thing as writing for oneself! You are posting the content for the world to view! You need to answer few questions. Who is the audience? Who will read your content? Connect with them by writing about what you know best! Are they getting the answers to their questions through your website? Think and post!

  • Stick to Short Sentences:

It is very important to avoid long sentences. Readers get bored of reading several paragraphs. Write engaging content that is short and crisp. You might want to write 4 lines instead of 8 lines. It improves readership!

  • Use Reader Friendly Sentences:

The active voice always helps to create engaging content. You should write reader-friendly sentences which are conversational. Interact with the audience! You can use, “You can find the 5 Different Ways to Mix up a Yummy Cocktail on OUR website!’’

  • Do not Use Complicated Words:

Are you able to understand what we are trying to say? The answer is a YES, right? It is because we are writing simply to understand content for you. The web is not just for technical people! It is for the entire world to view. When you join a content writing company, you will be told to write on different topics. Sometimes you need to use simple language!

  • Use bulleted points:

How about using bullet points to highlight the required information? Fashion copywriters use bulleted points to write about the USP of the clothing. They use bullet points to write about the type of material and other characteristics.


If it is being too much hard work for you to write the content yourself, you can always hire a writer from a content writing agency as that will save your time and energy. You could hire a professional writer from Contentmart. You can pay them for writing website content as they have a lot of knowledge about SEO friendly articles. In case you are a content writer, you can follow the simple golden rules to writing content for your website. All the best!

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