Top 9 Awesome Google Search Tricks

Cool Google Search Tricks:

They are some awesome and cool Google search tricks which so many users are doesn’t know. We all know well about Google search engine and so daily some millions of searches are going on daily. They are so many tricks in Google but many users doesn’t know it. So today i am here with an great article about Best 10 Google Tricks.


9 Google Search Tricks: 

Here i am going to tell you all the tricks which will be superb and funny for you. Let’s start without wasting the time.
1) Definitions:

Find out the definition of the any word by just typing define followed by the word you want definition for. Google will define the word meaning. For example type: define tricks and press enter. You will see the result of the world.

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2) Local Search Results:
Now you can easily find out the Hotels, Cakes, Restaurants, etc at your local place. Just follow according to this. 

  • Visit Google Local.
  • Now just type the area you want to search for.
  • As an example: just type Hotels in the above link .
  • The results of hotels in that place will be displayed.

3) Find Weather of any Place:
If you want to find the weather of particular place or location, then type Weather followed by the Zip code or City name and state to know the weather condition. For example: Type Weather Warangal, it will display the weather at that particular location.


4) Find Movies in a Location:
If you want to find Movies in a particular location or a place, then type Movies followed by the area or city name. For an example: Type Movies Warangal, it will displays the present movies list in that area.


5) Find PDF results only:
If you want to search results of a particular format then use Filetype: in the search query. For an example: Type Backlinks filetype:PDF, it will display the pdf files related to Backlinks.

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6) Google Translate:
If you want to translate any text then type the word followed by the language. For an example: type Great translate in Hindi and then press enter. You will see the translated result in the search results.
For easily translation use the tool called Google Translate Tool.
 7) Track the Status of Airline Flight:
If you want to track the status and time arrival of any flight, then just type the airline name and flight number. You will get the information about the flight. For an example : type Delta 1456 will display the status of the flight.


8) Google Timer:
Now you can use Google as an Timer without any difficulty. All you have to do is just type Set Timer and allocate the time which you need. For an example:  Type Set Timer 3 Hours , it will display the timer in the google search results.


9) Stocks:
You can easily get the stock quote price, chart, and related links by just typing the stock symbol in Google search tab. For example: Type stocks:msft will display the stock information of Microsoft


So these are the best top 9 Google search tricks which you make doesn’t know. SO this search tricks are very interesting to use and it will make the searching very easy.
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So today i have shared some “Top 9 Awesome Google Search Tricks” with you people. So feel free to ask any doubts. We will solve the problems regarding this tutorial. Like us and share the post with your friends. 
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